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Chapter 6 {2} : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (5)



Sitting on the sofa, Regina looked at Arsene.

When they arrived at the lounge, she tried to take off her shoes, but she couldn't take off her shoes because he was here.

Still, she decided to be satisfied with the fact that she could sit down.

Somehow, she wiggles to ease the burden on her feet, and suddenly he approached her.

As she looked up at him walking closer and closer, her gaze fell down.

It was because he kneels in front of her.


Not expecting him to kneel, Regina was startled and raised her body from the sofa.

Arsene was not a person to bow down in front of others.

In terms of status and personality, Regina was a person who would rather kneel.

But he didn't seem to mind at all.

He reached out and rolled up the hem of her voluminous dress.

She was the only one surprised by his unhesitating behavior.

A cool hand wrapped around her ankle and took off the shoes that were tightening her swollen feet.

"You should have told me if you had a hard time."

Her feet were freed from the tight space, but she felt ashamed when she was fully exposed and breathed out.

Without realizing it, she pinched her toes and tried to pull her feet out.

"This is fine."

It was not a strong force, but Arsene let go of her ankle that was holding her gently.

But this time her other foot was caught by him.

He said calmly, taking off her shoes.

"Regina, if you're sick, you can say you're sick."

It wasn't trapped for a long time, but she felt like her feet were full of water, maybe because of the blood.

When he took off her shoes, the feeling hit her even harder.

She never said anything, but Arsene knew she was sick.

She never expressed much, but she wondered how on earth he knew about it.

Putting her shoes neatly to one side, he grabbed her feet as if he was handling a piece of glass that would break easily.

"I won't be angry if you tell me it's hard."

A cold hand wrapped around her hot feet, and she felt good.

Regina looked at his down lashes, forgetting that she had to take her feet out of his hands.

Arsene, who was examining the condition of her feet, raised her eyes and looked up at her.

When her eyes met with the shining purple eyes under the light, a tingling sensation seemed to spread from the feet he was holding.

"It's true that I proposed to use you, but I don't intend to exploit you or make you suffer.

You just have to do as much as you can."

His gentle appearance shook my heart.

Even though she knew he could take her life at any time, she wanted to forget everything and stay with him comfortably.

She wanted to rely on him.

Looking at his strangely shining eyes, she turned her eyes away to wake up from the magic.

No matter how friendly he pretended to be, the essence in it didn't change.

He was not a man of common sense.

As she averted his eyes, she looked down at the swollen feet again.

"I don't think I'll be able to put my shoes back on."

Her feet were a little swollen than the original size, so if she wanted to put them back in her shoes, she had to endure the pain.

She chose other options than for her to endure the pain and walk around the party with her shoes back on.

"I've seen His Majesty anyway, and there's no need to stay longer, so shall we go"

She nodded because she didn't intend to stay for long.

Arsene, who had been kneeling, got up and placed his arms behind her knees and back.

"Ah, wait–"

Then he hugged her as he was.

Regina suddenly stiffened with a sudden change of sight, then came to her senses and grabbed the hem of his clothes.

"Arsene, there might be someone in the hallway...."

But he went out without hesitation. His eyes bent slightly and smiled shamelessly.

"If you're a lover who can't live and die for love at first sight, this shouldn't be surprising."

Realizing that he had no intention of letting her down, Regina quickly buried her face in his arms. She mumbled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and covered only her face from any possible gaze.

"I have to tell Isota and Kai that I'm going...."

"I told you, so don't worry."

It meant that he had already expected it to go back to this way.

Regina quietly closed her mouth and was carried to the carriage in his arms.

She felt as if people had passed by, but she never raised her head.



When she returned to the mansion, she left herself in the hands of the maids to wash and even get a massage.

Her swollen feet melted like marshmallows in their hands.

She lay on the bed and covered herself with a soft blanket, but she couldn't sleep right away, because her mind is complicated.

She recalled the things she had met with Logan so far.

First a cafe, then a temple, a boat ride, then a temple again.

To say that it was a coincidence, she was suspicious, but she did not know that he was Empress Dowager person.

He didn't appear to be a person who would harm her, but she must have been misjudged.

But she had no idea what he could gain from such a deliberate approach.

Besides, the last time she saw his expression, he looked a little depressed, perhaps because of the moonlight.

It was hard to see that it was simply because the plan went wrong.

To make matters worse, Arsene's words in the lounge disturbed her.

'Do as much as you can'

She wasn't sure if she could take his word for it.

If Ruairi had said that, she could have believed it without thinking about it for a long time.

When it came out of Arsene's mouth, she had no choice but to be suspicious.

Arsene, whom she saw in person after entering Regina's body, was very kind and sweet.

However, considering that it was all acting, she had to come to her senses and catch up on her shaking heart.

'It's all because of that face!'

She didn't think he would have been able to shake this much if it wasn't for the face that looked like her taste, or chewing on her taste.

Among the 36 worlds, there was a beauty for no reason.

Regina took a deep breath and looked at the door hanging at the end of her gaze.

A door that has never been used before.

It was a door leading to Arsene's room.

After thinking for a moment, she got up and sat down.

She didn't know what kind of wind was blowing, but she suddenly wanted to open that door and see Arsene's face.

She wanted to look at that face and tell him to stop being kind to her, and that's enough.

When she got out of bed and approached the door, she felt a big shadowed door.

She didn't think much when she got up, but when she came here, she was nervous for no reason.

She raised her hand as if it was about to knock, then hesitated for a moment, then lightly tapped it like the wind brushing against the window.

Regina thought she might not be able to hear it, but the answer came back as if he had waited.


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