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Chapter 1 : I Got Caught by A Villain (6)

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Why the hell does a party exist.

Regina wanted to get rid of all kinds of parties at this moment.

During the week preparing for the banquet, she wondered how to avoid Arsene’s and survive.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she didn’t get a perfect answer.

In the novel, Arsene came out strong enough to be described as almost no human being.

So, if you’re gonna stay out of his hands, It seemed impossible.

If she went far to the other continent, he would not come after her just to catch her.

By then, her witnessing a murder would be meaningless as punishment.

However, it was not known whether the families remaining in the empire would be safe.

‘Oh, dying is the answer.

Who the hell brought me here What do you want me to do Die’

Regina finally set foot on the Imperial City, seething inside.

The palace, the first time she saw it in person, was big and colorful. Though, it seemed to her like a beast’s mouth.

As it was the emperor’s birthday, all the nobles of the capital gathered together.

People even came up from the provinces.

There were not many occasions for such high-ranking aristocrats to gather, so there were much flattery everywhere to build friendship.

Regina was standing on one side drinking wine with Isota and Kai.

There were a lot of people around them.

It was understandable that the two marquis’ children were gathered.

Besides, she could still feel the stinging gaze from Arsene’s gift to her not long ago.

But the three of them ignored everyone’s gaze and talked among themselves.

“It’s hot.”

The air was hot because there were so many people.

Or it could be because of wine after drinking continuously because of nervousness.

As she lightly fanned, Isota winked at the nearby empty terrace.

“Shall we go out for a minute”

“Let’s go together.”

They moved to the empty terrace with some wine and food.

The sun has already set and there is a cool wind outside.

She picked up a canape from the plate she brought in and put it in a bite.

Looking at Regina like that, Kai asked with a worried face. 

“Is everything really all right, Regina”

“Yes,” she nodded eagerly, chewing what was in her mouth.

Kai looked around at her as soon as he met her at the banquet hall and expressed concern.

He was worried because she went back quickly, saying she was sick or tired every time she attended a party recently.

“It’s really nothing.

I wanted to take a rest that day.

I couldn’t wait to return home today, but I had to keep my seat until the emperor came and the banquet began in earnest, But it’s delicious.” She picked up another canape to change the subject.

Kai put the glass down on the railing and lifted the plate. “I’ll bring more.”

“I’ll be right back.

I need to get something”.

As Kai tried to pull the curtain and leave, Isota pushed him slightly and went in first.

Looking at her back, she said she’d be right back and disappeared inside.

Left alone, she lowered the glass she was holding and sat on the railing.

There was a subtle feeling between the noisy inside and the quiet outside.

Sometimes, when this time came, she would have a lot of thoughts.

The moment she first entered Regina’s body, or the moment she tried to indulge in the thoughts she heard with her warm family, there was a strong wind that opened the curtains. 

“Uh”, the fluttering hair hit her face.

Thanks to that, she was pulled out of her mind.

Regina, who was brushing her black hair with her hands, suddenly felt strange.

It felt like something was pulling her hair, and then the hair decoration fell off.

Reach out reflexively, but it hit her fingertips and railed off.

“Ah..” She touched her hair, and the decorations that had been fixed fell off and her hair was loose.

Looking out of the railing, Regina looked around at the decorations that fell just below.

No one was out on the terrace in this direction.

After a moment of contemplation, she stuck her leg out of the railing.

It wasn’t that high, so she was going to cross the railing, pick up the decorations, and come back.

Completely outside and hanging on the terrace, she held the railing forward and stuttered her feet out.

Then, suddenly, the bushes rustled.

Something came back from the rustling bushes while she was mumbling.

“Uh, uh, ……”

When she looked at it carefully, and it was a cat.

Just in time for reassurance, the cat thrusts its head into the moonlight-sparkling headdress.

“Wait a minute.”

Frustrated, Regina continued to descend from the terrace and approached the cat carefully. 

“Puppy, you’re not eating that,” she whispered, and the cat looked at her, turned its head as if it hadn’t heard her, and took a step.

“Oh, yeah, that’s mine”, and Regina, who was restless, hurried behind.

“Puppy, kitty, give it back to me.

Huh” A jewel glistened on the headdress along with the wandering cat.

Regina, who was following the cat because she couldn’t force herself to do it, suddenly turned her head to think she had come too far.

The building where the banquet was held was shining in the distance.

Thinking that she should return quickly with her headdress, she looked forward again, and the cat disappeared.


She looked around in the dark bushes, relying on the moonlight, but she couldn’t see the cat.

There was no headdress to be seen.

She suddenly felt a creepy feeling.

Even though a cat just disappeared from her eyes, she doesn’t know, she thought she had to go back right away, and I turned around, and I felt like I was doing it on purpose. Surely.


Slowly turned her head at the thought.

The old sayings of the ancestors that Seolma catches people was correct.

His deep purple eyes were staring at her, so dark that he looked black in the darkness.

And next to it, when she was here, she doubted her eyes.

‘Leopard’ Knowing that, the leopard blinked his eyes and wandered around Arsene.

Her heart was beating faster and faster.

Even if she turned around and ran away from here, she could not beat the speed of the leopard’s.

“Regina Blois.”

The name uttered by his lips sounds odd.

At the sound of a simple call, her hands and feet seemed to get cold.

The sound of grass being stepped on was heard, and Arsene took a step closer.

With just one step, her presence felt like a deer being hunted.

In a corner she had nowhere else to retreat.

Regina instinctively took a step back as he came closer and raised her arms to cover herself.

She was a powerless prey, but she can’t stop him with that.

He put his hand inside his coat, what will come out of me dagger Poison sting Whatever it is, it’s certain.

‘I’m going to die.’

In the middle of a desolate garden with no one to save her. The sounds of laughter and the singing of the band surrounded her from afar.

She felt like she was falling down endlessly.

She thought she was used to it here too. Regina didn’t want to die again.

In the end, was the development of the original inevitable

No matter how hard she tries, the singularity that she came from outside the novel.

Fear of death still lay at the bottom, and resignation slowly overshadowed it.

With tears in her eyes, she closed her eyes and prepared for her death to come.

Her heart pounded and filled her head.

And in the meantime, Arsene’s soft and mellow voice resounded in her ears.

“Marry me.”


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