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Chapter 72.1

Super Useful Mascot

Translated by boilpoil

Edited by boilpoil


Perhaps expecting something like this would come to pass, Wei Zhuo’s team had clothes on board the spaceship.

Other conversation has been left to Meng Yuele.

While he hasn't a xiongzhu, neither do the rest of the team save Wei Zhuo, who is far too intimidating to be a good conversation partner for these males.

At the spaceship, there have been insectoids on standby to treat the males – including demi doctors who will stay with the males 24/7, possibly out of fear of repeating the tragedy of the males committing suicide again.

“Group Captain Wei.

I want to ask about the current situation,” says a grumbly voice.

Wei Zhuo turns around, having just handed in his situation report, to find it is Lu Nianqian, “why did you come”

“As the family member of the male sent on the mission.

I’m concerned,” the reply comes coldly, “Zhou Luoluo was hurt during the mission”

Wei Zhuo stares at Lu Nianqian, before nodding, “got it.

This way.”

Meng Yuele and Zhou Luoluo are standing off to the side.

Meng Yuele is confused, “what did Wei Zhuo get Do you know what happened”

“How should I know what he realised I thought you were his childhood friend,” Zhou Luoluo then swoons over the departing Lu Nianqian, “my cijun sure is aloof and cold all the time.”

Meng Yuele agrees, “that’s true.

He feels pretty unsympathetic.”

“That’s what I like him though,” adds Zhou Luoluo.

Meng Yuele doesn’t feel like speaking any more for a while.

Meanwhile, Wei Zhuo has taken Lu Nianqian to where the pirates are kept.

Here, it would be remiss not to mention an aspect of insectoid society that other species have always chastised them for.

Their treatment of convicts and war criminals, especially ones they deem felonious.

The technological progress of the insectoids was not exactly followed by increases in ethical standards or social empathy.

They are well developed, but also the only of the top players of the galaxy to still enforce capital punishment.

The holding cell building is quite small.

Wei Zhuo takes Lu Nianqian inside, and spots a bald shemale crouched at a corner.

He points over, “that guy slapped Zhou Luoluo.”

“Got it,” Lu Nianqian walks over, and quietly clicks the laser grid in front of the insectoid away.

He walks in, and Wei Zhuo reminds him, “no blinding, no dismemberment.

We have use for him.”

Lu Nianqian nods casually, not even looking back.

“Wei Zhuo,” Sun Wushe, who happens to be bound next to him, has been staring at Wei Zhuo since the two of them walked over.

He only speaks up after Lu Nianqian is gone, “did Mr Cheng Zhaoci make that shield”


An incomplete prototype, it was,” Wei Zhuo tells the wounded Sun Wushe, the wounds that he suffered when he was interrogated.

Then after staring at those wounds a few moments, he adds, “already amazing that it doesn’t hinder the user’s movements at all.”

“It really is,” Sun Wushe is smiling.

Who knows what he’s smiling about.

Then there is a long silence.

Lu Nianqian is still, presumably, doing his beatings.

A bored Wei Zhuo sits down on the ground, leaning his back on the wall, to level his gaze with Sun Wushe’s.

After a while, Wei Zhuo asks, “when”

“What” Sun Wushe doesn’t understand.

“When did the Black Panther take you in When did you become the second-in-command” Wei Zhuo’s tone is cold; he was the one handling the interrogation of Sun Wushe.

He didn’t hold back his rage at all.

Well, that’s a lie.

If he didn’t hold back at all, Sun Wushe wouldn’t have got away with only light wounds and bruises.

“Oh You’re asking now” Sun Wushe is smiling, “we grew up together.

Both our dads are dead.

We both disowned our family.

Wei Zhuo, do you think it’s weird I turned out like this”

Sun Wushe shows Wei Zhuo the back of his right hand, “remember this That **er gave it to me.

Like he did your eye.

Oh, I didn’t tell you yet, but he ended up presented to me.

Do you know how he died”

“I skinned him.

Then I made slices of meat off him.

Medical technology sure is fascinating.

He was alive for more than half a year.

I’m sure it hurt the entire time, as he was pretty much insane by the end,” Sun Wushe’s smile is quite in-character – sinister.

Perhaps he knows he’s never leave this place alive, “Wei Zhuo, aren’t you happy now that he’s dead”

“You really are much better at pretending to be normal than I am!” Sun Wushe never liked Wei Zhuo.

Not one bit.

Wei Zhuo is similar to him in circumstances, but different in everything else.

He didn’t seem to care one bit for his past, and looks like he would just accept whatever ** the world threw at him.

Wei Zhuo ignores the provocations, asking, “at what age did you and Black Panther get into contact”

“I don’t remember.

Early, I think,” Sun Wushe also finds it boring Wei Zhuo isn’t responding well to his taunts.

He packs his wrathfulness away, and leans back on the wall, “are you trying to convince me to do some good before I die I don’t need it.

I know exactly what I did.”

“I did bad things.

Unspeakable acts that can never be forgiven.

I know that.

I’m already a piece of **.

I’m not even insectoid.

I’m not normal; never been for a long time,” Sun Wushe points to his head, “you can’t expect me to do anything normal insectoids would in such a situation.”

“I don’t have any delusions like that,” replies an earnest Wei Zhuo, “nor did you have to tell me about it.

We are simply insectoids on different sides of a conflict, and you’ve been caught.”

“You suffer consequences for what you do, which is something all adults know,” Lu Nianqian chimes in, coming out after a beating that wasn’t short by any means.

He’s elegantly wiping the blood off his fists.

Glancing at Sun Wushe, he says, “that includes you.

Honestly, I’m impressed by your bravery.

I mean it.

Not every insectoid has the strength to go through trying to overthrow something so deeply entrenched.”

“The only issue I have with insectoids like you is because of one thing.

I have my xiongzhu,” Lu Nianqian thoroughly looks his hands over, and puts it down after confirming to his satisfaction no specks nor smell linger, “you probably won’t understand, because you need to have a male you like to understand.”

“If a male you like ended up in the pirates’ hands only because of sheer bad luck, and became the subject of such a video – that video those vile insectoids of your organisation put online, you know which one.

And, imagine you watched as he was beaten to death within,” Lu Nianqian says with a derisive tone.

“Would you still think it’s funny”

Sun Wushe is staring at Lu Nianqian.

The mood tenses gradually, when suddenly, Sun Wushe says, “the one I like is Cheng Zhaoci.”

“Fucking asshole!” Lu Nianqian almost rushes immediately to give the bastard a good pummelling.

Sun Wushe definitely didn’t mean well mentioning Cheng Zhaoci that very moment.


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