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“Run away, t-this way!”

“Run away! Where!! How do you run away from a flying dragon!”


Shwaaa hwarororok——…….

A rain of fire fell at the position Bailephus designated.

Like a stream of water, an endless stream of fire poured down on the ground.

There was no way to escape.

“Kkaaaaaak-! Save-”

It couldn’t even be said that it wasn’t a breath.

There were those who blocked it, but the corpses that had turned gray in one shot were close to a hundred or so.

Ohhhhh-! Alexander! Alexander-!

As expected, “The Great” Alexander, the Monarch! The true monarch of Minis!

Seeing the enemy’s flesh burning, Minis’ cheered eagerly.

They faced their enemies for hours before Alexander appeared.

In other words, it means that no matter how bad the situation was, their level was similar to Minis users.

And hundreds of users at the same level as them were burned to death in an instant, meaning that Minis users could die like that, but they forcibly shook off such thoughts.

Rather than think about the difference in level between themselves and Alexander, it was better to think that their side was strong enough to get rid of the enemy.



“F-Fibiel army, st-”



Minis detected- the shouting man’s movement was faster than his shout.

A person ran on top of Minis users’ heads as if flying.


The person who moved much lighter and faster than usual after receiving Fibiel elite’s buff was fourth in the ranking!

There was a golden energy in both of Pei Wu’s hands.


Pei Wu leaped into the air while stepping on the head of a Minis user’s head and had his neck broken.

Although he was still a good distance away from Alexander, he was not flustered.

“Air step!”

Because he had a skill that allowed him to step on the air for a certain amount of time.

Shook, shook, shook!

As soon as the distance narrowed, Pei Wu reached out his hand.

A dragon with a similar color to the gold dragon appeared from his fingertips.

“Interesting magic.


As Bailephus flew up again, Alexander swung his spear.

The long spear was swung over the gold dragon’s head, and it looked as if it was going to smash that golden that Pei Wu emitted, but the dragon seemed alive and avoided his attack.


[It’s just a chunk of mana.

Eliminate the caster, Alexander.]


Bailephus moved as he advised.

No, he tried to move.

If it wasn’t for the powerful energy that was shot from somewhere at that moment.


A single long shot was fired as if it would break every joint in Bailephus’ neck.

Pei Wu rushed in first to save time, and in the meantime, he quickly moved into the battlefield and charged! The one who shot was Kidd.

However, Bailephus was not shocked, except for a crunching sound effect.

Normal attacks can’t even reach his dragon scale.

It was too difficult to break the shield that always surround it.

[He made a soul pact with Luger.]

“It’s because that guy is using a pistol.”


“No, nothing.

Let’s focus in front.”


The gold dragon, which was connected to Pei Wu’s energy that was emitted from his fingertips, roared.

The battlefield suddenly became quiet.

An oriental gold dragon attacked the western gold dragon!

Although Bailephus flew toward the gold dragon, he did not miss his surrounding.

[Focus on the chunk of mana, Alexander.

I’ll take the side, Flame Strike.]

An instant cast that did not require any casting.

As soon as Bailephus finished speaking, 15 flame strikes were created next to the gold dragon.

A powerful magic that was different from human magic in speed, as well as size, was shot.

“Rush Guild! Patriot Guild! Prepare to attack! Leave the Flame strike to Byeolcho!”

Kijeong exclaimed with his shield in front.

No one asked how they would stop the fifteen magic.

As the guild master of Byeolcho took responsibility, they believed that he must have a way.

The reason Kijeong was certain, Tale and Biyemi approached him.

“Kiskis, even if it’s us, it will be hard.”

“If we do it right, we can get five.”

“But there would still be 10 left.”

“We’re here as well! Don’t worry, Biyemi-nim!”

Another Byeolcho tank user took the lead.

Just looking at their numbers, there were far more elites from Rush and Patriot.

If it was a ‘Raid’, they had the better lineup.

The mission given to Byeolcho was to protect them.

“Cooooome-! It’s so big! Even if we die, we must not let the magic get past us!”


“Strengthen, Anti-magic Shield!”

“Multiple poison resin! Ptoooo-!”

“Water Slash!”

Clang- clang- clang

Biyemi’s skill neutralization poison scattered in the air, and the flame strike, which was slightly weakened by the poison, was cut by Tale’s sword covered in water.

Kijeong blocked 3, and Tale and Biyemi destroyed 5.

And the other Byeolcho tanks blocked one each using their bodies.



Its power was enough to blur their vision even when they blocked using defensive skills.

In fact, the power of one shot out of the 15 flame strikes was that much, so it was no exaggeration to say that Byeolcho was incapacitated from defending it.

“Thank you, Byeolcho! Leave the rest to us, Rush, Patriot, charge!”


The Rush Guild, led by Byron, and the elite of another large guild Patriot ran while the staff of the Byeolcho staggered.

[It’s not even funny.]

“That gold dragon is keeping his distance.

What are they up to.”

Even a life-threatening attack was just a nuisance to Bailephus and Alexander.

There was no sense of crisis in their voice.

“Storm Bolt!”

“Guided Arrow!”

“Cruel Bash!”

“Twist Thrust!”

Ranged dealers rushed with support, and all of them were close to the semi-ranker level. 

Brilliant lights and effects filled the battlefield to the extent that ordinary users were left to stare.


Those on the top really fight differently.”

“Isn’t Alexander in trouble”

The Minis users were worried for a while, but they were underestimating Alexander.

The wind created by the gold dragon’s wings flapping nullified the attacks.

The chunk of mana was dispelled with just a look.

There were more than forty melee dealers rushing, but their attacks could not reach easily.

“They are such a nuisance.”

When Alexander moved his spear to cut them down, Pei Wu’s Hwangryong approached again.

Although it was not a real threat to the gold dragon, it was an attack that can be dangerous for Alexander.

Therefore, both Bailephus and Alexander had to move here and there.

“What prevents us from enforcing justice is-”

[This energy]

“-hmm What’s going on, Baile-”


The gold dragon suddenly roared into the sky.

A few arrows chased after him from the ground, but the gold dragon’s eyes didn’t even look.

Hwangryong on the right and a group attack on the left, even the gold dragon was startled by the energy he suddenly felt.

[Magic Swordsman! It’s Lee Jiwon!]

It was the reason why the Fibiel elites risked their lives to attack! No matter how high they were on the ranking, the gold dragon couldn’t help but get distracted by the left and right attacks! It is because all users used their ‘flashiest’ skills! 

“Kyakyakya, it’s too late to notice now that he’s here, Let’s go! You will regret keeping me alive, Soul Link!”


Blue light flashed in front of Lee Jiwon’s body.

It was a light different from Leeha’s soul mate, which was a bear The monster Lee Jiwon found after a lot of research to beat Alexander!


The thing that shot through the air looked lig a dog.

Its hind legs were so developed to such an extent that its eyes and nose were not properly formed.

The only thing on its face that looked fairly huge for a medium-sized monster was its teeth the size of a normal person.

“Take it out, Hot Cheeks!”

The teeth of the giant frog-like monster that ordinary users were not even aware of touched the gold dragon’s skin.

Dragon scale, stronger than any other shield and thicker than any other armor, covered Bailephus, but Hot Cheeks’ teeth were enough to penetrate it and damage the dragon scale.


The roar of the gold dragon spread across the battlefield.

Alexander was the most bewildered.

“What’s going on, Bailephus.”

[Mana Blending! It’s a mix of mana, you damned magic swordsman! It would have been better to kill you after all!]

The gold dragon tried to tear off Hot Cheeks that was hanging from its chest but to no avail.

Because the mana would get tangled if it was taken off carelessly.

“Mixed mana So, you can’t use magic”

Bailephus did not answer, but Alexander was aware of the situation.

Because magic started pouring out from the place where the gold dragon had been blocking with dispel just before. 

[I will get out of here first.]

He tried to quickly raise his altitude to ensure safety, but the one in front of them was the ‘magic swordsman’.



Rising to the sky, Lee Jiwon lifted his sword. 

“Kuhahaha, this is it! I have been waiting for this, isn’t it finally time Sol Blaze!”


Black flames wrapped around his black sword.

The attention of 3 million Fibiel-Minis users concentrated on the gold dragon soaring through the sky being followed by a user in black, and a gold oriental dragon chasing after them as well!

Although soaring through the air, the speed of the gold dragon, which had to fly with pure wing power, not magic, was not fast.

Its distance from the rising Lee Jiwon was gradually narrowing down.

The smile did not disappear from Lee Jiwon’s mouth.

After all, the correct answer was not to forcefully use soul link in the morning, he thought he would have a chance!

“I got you, Alexan-”

The moment Lee Jiwon swung his black sword was when the sun was going down.


Suddenly, a fanfare resounded in the minds of all users.


“What is this!”

A system message that forced a hologram to appear like an achievement window.

As Lee Jiwon’s eyes were suddenly covered, Bailephus twisted in the air.

The black flame from his sword shot into the air, barely passing under the gold dragon’s wings.

“Uwaaaak-! No! No way!!”

While Lee Jiwon struggled, Bailephus had already turned around.

[Let’s retreat, Alexander.]


Alexander nodded.

A fanfare echoed in his head.

Besides, it was just at the time when an urgent call from Chiyou, a spy whom he disliked, had just arrived.

“D-don’t go! Tsk! Are you scared Don’t go, Alexander-!”

Lee Jiwon cried out, but couldn’t chase anymore.

The attention focused on the match between Alexander and Lee Jiwon was no longer there.

‘The notification window visible to ‘all users’ had stolen their attention.

[Temporary truce between Kraven and Fibiel has been established.]

[Truce Period: 30 days]

[Agreement Signed by: 

Fibiel’s Side – Naval Commander Albert Burke, Deputy: Musketeer Ha Leeha

Kraven’s Side – Commander-in-Chief Howard Drake]

Should it be called Good Timing or Bad Timing It was because of Leeha’s performance that caused Sol Blaze, a non-targeting skill, to fail.

(To be continued…)


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