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The bell rang four times, but it was a great victory.

Has the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect won

Han Muye turned into a stream of light and ran towards the Sword Pavilion.

“Li Xixi, an inner disciple of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, killed a great demon of the Southern Wasteland.

She obtained his sword and sent it to the Sword Pavilion—”

“Song Shiyuan and Song Siyu, inner disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, killed a Southern Wasteland Great Demon.”

“The inner sect disciple of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Lu Yi,zeng, hunted a Southern Wastelands Tiger Demon and sent its bones back.”

Li Xixi, second in the inner sect.

The third in the inner sect, Song Shiyuan.

Fourth in the inner sect, Song Shiyu.

Fifth in the inner sect, Lu Yizeng.

All of them were elites among the younger generation of the Nine Mystic Mountain.

At this moment, when these names sounded, everyone realized that these young elites had already grown into pillars of the Nine Mystic Mountain!

The few experts in the inner sect already had the ability to kill Earth Realm experts!

It turned out that they had won the battle at Fengshou Mountain.

“Looks like Third Sister and the others are going to become famous in the Western Frontier,” Han Muye whispered with a smile and strode towards the Sword Pavilion.

Cultivators in the world were always fighting for the secrets of the heavens.

The experts of the younger generation would eventually surpass those seniors and dominate the world.

It was inevitable.

If one did not want to be eliminated and used as a stepping stone, then one would have to compete.

When Han Muye arrived at the entrance of the Sword Pavilion, a group of disciples in red robes were already standing there.

Yang Mingxuan and the others stood solemnly in front of the Sword Pavilion.

Han Muye walked up the stone steps and looked at the person who had delivered the sword.

Lu Ten was the first.

Fifth in the inner sect, Lu Yizeng.

“The inner sect disciple Lu Yizeng presents the sword Senior Sister Li Xixi obtained.”

Lu Ten shouted and took a step forward with his sword in both hands.

Han Muye walked down the two stone steps and reached out to take the sword.


The sword was unsheathed, showing how cold it was.

A spiritual weapon.

This was a spiritual weapon-level sword.

With the sword in his hand, Han Muye could feel the blood and violence coming from it.

This sword was refined using the Southern Wasteland Blood Sacrifice Technique.

Its resentment and baleful aura were extremely heavy.

This sword needed to be placed on the third floor to nourish its Qi and neutralize the evil in it.

“Today, I will accept a spiritual weapon sword from the disciple stationed at Fengshou Mountain.

If there are no mistakes, the sword will be ours.”

Returning the sword to its sheath, Han Muye nodded at Lu Ten, then held the sword with both hands and walked into the Sword Pavilion.

He strode forward and mounted the stairs.

His hand was on the hilt of the sword.

Sword energy poured into it.

This sword was a rare sword belonging to an expert of the Demon Race in the Southern Wasteland.

Han Muye was very curious about what he could see from this sword.

Sword qi poured into the sword, and a violent sword qi surged back.

However, this diffuse sword qi was nothing in front of Han Muyes pure sword qi.

His sword qi stirred and shattered the sword qi in the sword.

Images appeared in Han Muyes mind.

The sword was tempered with metal and refined with the blood of pure demon beasts.

Just this sword alone had been refined from several peak-level Foundation Establishment demon beasts.

An Earth Realm demon, Tuo Yuan.

Green Wolves Race.

In the images, this Earth Realm demon with green fur on its cheeks and pointed wolf ears was holding a sword and going on a killing spree.

He killed those from the same race, foreign race, and human race.

From this sword, Han Muye saw the chaos in the Southern Wasteland.

Human cultivators pursued the Great Dao and adhered to the morals of the world.

Most of the time, they focused on cultivation and did not deliberately seek to kill.

As for the demons of the Southern Wasteland, the strong preyed on the weak.

Killing was their nature.

This also made the various races of the Southern Wasteland warlike and combat-ready.

From the images in the sword, this Great Demon Tuo Yuan was at the eighth level of the Soul Awakening Realm.

His combat strength was even stronger than a third or fourth level Core Formation cultivator.

On Fengshou Mountain, this person killed several human cultivators with his sword.

No wonder Li Three killed Tuo Yuan and the Nine Mystic Sword Sect gifted her with a sword so openly.

Han Muye was comprehending the demon races sword technique, Feng Lang.

He had comprehended the demon races sword technique, Bloodlust.

Compared to human sword techniques, the demon races sword techniques were less predictable and more crazy.

Tuo Yuans sword technique was strange and extremely ferocious when used.

He was not the only one.

Many other demons were the same.

Through the images in the sword, Han Muye also understood why the Sword Sect had sent Li Three and the others to Fengshou Mountain.

The other sects were probably the same in sending their elites there.

This was because the first batch of disciples and elders sent to guard the city were not true experts.

Their combat power could not stop the demons at all.

As expected, more and more human experts appeared on Fengshou Mountain.

With a wave of his hand, ten miles of ice and wind were frozen.

Dozens of young female demons were killed.

There was an image of a young Daoist with a sword that was accompanied by wind and lightning.

There were itinerant cultivators with array formations and talismans.

There was also a scene where Li Xixi made the long sword fall to the ground.


As he walked to the third floor, a scene showed how Great Demon Tuo Yuan was killed by Li Xixi.

His sword was like a dragon, and the wind and clouds followed.

Li Xixis sword was extremely fast and agile.

This sword caused the weather within 10 miles to change.

With one strike, he killed Tuo Yuan.

Fengshou Mountain had really become the stage for the young experts of the Western Frontier!

Looking at the young experts in the images, Han Muye felt his heart burn, and the sword pill in his dantian trembled and jumped.

Who in this world isnt hot-blooded

As a sword cultivator, how could one not find killing gratifying

The sword vibrated, and one of the blood qi returned.

This blood energy flowed onto Han Muyes body and condensed into a blood-colored wolf shadow.

His entire body trembled and dispersed the wolf shadow.

Then his scattered blood and qi slowly turned into a Long-Horned Bull.

A pleasant surprise.

The blood essence in the sword could actually help him condense his body tempering power and raise his Bull Strength Technique to the second level of Qi Condensation.

I will look for more blood essence power from demon swords in the future.

Placing the sword on the wooden shelf on the third floor, Han Muye turned and went downstairs.

When they arrived downstairs, Yang Mingxuan and Jiang Ming had already put away the other swords.

“Tenth Brother, how was your harvest”

Leading Lu Ten to the side, Han Muye chuckled.

Lu Ten grinned at his words.

“Of course I killed to my hearts content.

“Let me tell you, if youre free, go to Fengshou Mountain too.

“If you dont fight a few battles with the Southern Wasteland Demon Race and dont feel the fear of being on the brink of death, youll really stagnate.”

A faint murderous aura floated on Lu Tens body, and a trace of spiritual light flashed.

“Eh, congratulations, Tenth Brother.

Your cultivation has improved again.” Han Muyes eyes lit up as he whispered.

It was obvious that Lu Tens cultivation had increased.

Lu Ten waved his hand and shook his head.

“Compared to Third Sister and the others, my improvement is nothing.”

Turning around, Lu Shiyi said with a sigh, “Third Sister is now known as Wandering Sword on Fengshou Mountain.”

“You dont know.

Those who can have a name on Fengshou Mountain are all top figures in the various sects.

“Frozen World, Luo Xiaoyu.

“All is Well, Sun Jinshi.

“Changing Hands, Chen Er.”

Lu Tens eyes flickered.

As he listened to him, Han Muye also seemed to see the appearance of those geniuses.

“What about you, Tenth Brother” Han Muye asked curiously.

“Im going to make a waistcoat out of the tiger demons skin.” Lu Ten laughed and said, “They call me the Tiger Killing Sword.”

After going out to Fengshou Mountain, Lu Ten no longer retreated like before.

His eyes were filled with ferocity as he recounted the battles he fought.

Han Muye felt that life and death training was the best way to grow.

“Nineteen, your pills are a treasure for the battlefield.

Youve helped me a lot.”

Lu Ten took a step forward and handed a mysterious paper bag to Han Muye.

“Im bringing you this gift first.

Next time I have something good, Ill definitely think of you.”

Han Muye took the paper bag and opened it curiously.


What a big tiger whip.

Lu Ten had already left with a group of disciples.

“Tenth Brother, take care.

Ask Third Sister to drink less.”

Lu Ten waved his hand and did not stop walking.

He said loudly, “Got it.

Third Sister doesnt drink anymore.”

Han Muye nodded, his expression turning solemn.

Previously, he had seen from Tuo Yuans sword that several Heaven Realm experts from the Southern Wasteland were preparing to head to Fengshou Mountain.

The demons of the Southern Wasteland had sent their true experts over.

They seemed to be set on annexing the Western Frontier.

I wonder if Elder has heard much news in the Southern Wasteland.

Theres also the Mu familys patriarch.

I wonder how hes doing.

Han Muye shook his head and walked back to the Sword Pavilion to register the swords he had just recorded.

As the battles raged at the foot of the Nine Mystic Mountain, Han Muye had more time on his hands.

Usually, Yang Mingxuan would be the one to collect the sword.

Jiang Ming was involved in the exchange of pills for spiritual rocks.

Rugao, on the other hand, made daily inquiries.

Han Muye, who had nothing to do, could only play with swords in the Sword Pavilion.

On the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, a black sheathed sword was placed horizontally on his knees.

The Mystic Sun Sword.

This Mystic Sun Sword was given to him by the inspector of the Mystic Sun Guards, Xia Yi.

The sword was standard and contained half a sword intent.

From this sword, Han Muye saw the prosperity of the Central Continent.

Just the area of Shuxi County alone was more than half of the Western Frontier.

There were no fewer cultivators than in the Western Frontier.

There were five top experts in Shuxi County.

Three of them were from the imperial court.

The general of the Red Flame Army of Shuxi County, a Heaven Realm Nascent Soul cultivator.

He was the commander of the Mystic Sun Guards in Shuxi County, a Heaven Realm expert.

Shuxi County Governor, Heaven Realm.


Looking at the image transmitted from the sword, Han Muye whispered.

There was no Confucianism in the Western Frontier.

The cultivation of the Confucian Dao was similar to the Dao Sect, but also different.

The Dao Sect cultivated itself.

Confucianism entered the world and cultivated the mind.

The Central Continent Dynastys Prime Minister was the worlds number one Confucian scholar and a Sage of the Confucian Dao.

It was said that this realm surpassed the Heaven Realm.

His word was law.

The figure that Han Muye had seen in the Mystic Sun Sword back then was the Prime Minister of the Central Continent Dynasty.

Today, he saw from the sword that the cultivation of Confucianism was the highest in Shuxi County.

Xia Yi had once held this sword and watched the Shuxi County Governor cast a spell to pray for rain.

With his Confucian cultivation as the foundation and his brush as the basis, he guided the spiritual energy of the world and traveled 3,000 miles.

Such methods were really like that of an immortal god.

No wonder the Central Continent Dynasty could stabilize the world for countless years.

Mortals were powerless, but they were the foundation of the cultivation world.

By stabilizing the hearts of the people in the world, the Confucian Dao could naturally unify the world.

However, the Central Continent was vast.

Even with the dynastys luck, it could only barely suppress the world.

There were countless sects and Heaven Realm experts in the cultivation world of the Central Continent.

There were even mighty figures that the dynasty had to be careful of.

Demons, demonic cultivators, and evil cultivators.

The Central Continent was not only a holy land for cultivators.

It was also a dangerous place for countless cultivators.


The sound of bells and drums resounded throughout the Nine Mystic Mountain.

“Sect Master and Elder are having a meeting in the hall.

Senior Brother Han Muye of the Sword Pavilion, please attend.”

A voice sounded in front of the Sword Pavilion.

What matter is the main hall discussing

Wind Spiritual Sword Sect

Fengshou Mountain

Apart from discussing these two areas, neither Huang Six nor the Abyss Valley had the right to have a meeting with the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

After straightening his clothes, Han Muye slowly went downstairs.

This was the first time he represented the Sword Pavilion and stepped into the Nine Mystic Mountains meeting hall.

Although he was present as a non voting delegate today, his attendance meant that he had the qualifications to join the higher-ups of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.


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