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Chapter 1254 Seventh in the Heaven Treasure List!

They defeated the stone statues.

The group of four moved ahead, led by Fang Qiu.

“When will we ever be able to walk out of this black fog”

Behind Fang Qiu, there came a complaint.

“I cant see anything, but things keep popping up.

Well be completely worn out if we go on like this, that is if the things inside dont beat us to death first.”

“The most terrible thing is if we cant even find the exit now!”

The two Huaxia people became more and more flustered as they talked about their present situation.

Andrew felt the same way.

Ordinary people had been dependent on their sense of sight for years.

When they had to fight in such a strange place where nothing was visible, they would inevitably feel uneasy and tense no matter how strong they were.

Anyone who had experienced long periods of tension was more likely to become agitated and angry and develop other negative emotions.

If it hadnt been for his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu would have felt the same way as them.

“All of you relax.”

Fang Qiu spoke to appease them, “We have stayed in the fog for such a long time, but were fine, arent we Besides, since weve walked for so long, we should be out soon.

Dont be too anxious!”

When the other three people heard that…

They felt slightly relieved.

The group pushed on.

As he walked, Fang Qiu released his Divine Consciousness to probe the surroundings.



Fang Qiu paused.

When he used his Divine Consciousness to scan the surroundings, he clearly sensed something unusual in the Qi of Heaven and Earth before them.

It seemed that a natural stream of energy fluctuated and spread unceasingly.

Fang Qiu felt there could be a Heaven and Earth Treasure!

“Theres something ahead.

Follow me closely.”

Fang Qiu shouted, moved aside, and quickly darted out, with the other three following close at his heels.

Fang Qius Divine Consciousness could cover a vast area.

This time, the unusual movement of Qi of Heaven and Earth he sensed was about 40 kilometers away.

As a result, they went forward for quite a long time.

“Its right ahead.”

After countless turns and straight roads, Fang Qiu felt that the fluctuation of Qi of Heaven and Earth was getting closer and closer, and he sped up.



As he leaped forward, Fang Qiu felt he had bumped into something and broken it.

In his heart, he sensed something breaking through the waters surface.

In front of him, the darkness vanished.

Instead, they entered a bright area.

“Finally, were out.”

Fang Qiu smiled.

Beside him…

For a few moments, the three people who followed him here didnt know what had happened.

Everything around glowed richly, and the thick black fog that enveloped them had disappeared entirely.

When they saw this, their eyes opened wide in wonderment.


The four of them turned their heads around as soon as they rushed out.


The moment they looked back, they were stunned.

Behind them was a very long passage.

The black fog that had trapped them for a long time was nowhere to be found.

This scene was something unexpected.

The four of them were shocked.

“Strange, where was that black fog”

“Behind us”

Confused, one of them stepped forward, ready to return to where he had just come out from, for he wanted to see if the black fog was still there.

“Watch out!”

Fang Qiu opened his mouth to stop him, “It was not easy to come out of the fog.

Dont go back.

One step backward, and you may appear somewhere else and cant get out easily.”

The man heard this.

Hurriedly, he withdrew his foot that he had stretched out.

“Lets go ahead and take a look.”

Fang Qiu turned his head and looked ahead.

When the scenery ahead came into view, the four couldnt help but widen their eyes in astonishment.

Before them…

It was an enormous palace!

Unlike the previous black fog, this palace, thickly studded with legendary luminous pearls, dazzled with brilliance and appeared extremely luxurious.

Overall, this palace was a classical tower-type Egyptt palace, glorious and majestic at first sight.

They took a closer look.

There was a pool in front of the palace.

Right now…

All four of them concentrated on the pool.

The eyes of the four, including Fang Qius, sparkled with excitement.

It was because…

There was actually a Heaven Treasure in the pool!

Right now…

The Heaven Treasure emitted a layer of seven-colored brilliance, which looked extremely dazzling.

The central part of the Heaven Treasure was a peculiar small tree, similar to a tower with seven floors.

The bottom layer was composed of four leaves, which took up an area about the size of a palm.

Above this layer were also four leaves, which took up a smaller total area.

In this way, the leaves decreased from four to three when it came to the third layer.

At the top, three leaves smaller than ants formed a tender peak.

“Seven-storey Tower!”

When Fang Qiu saw this Heaven Treasure, he couldnt help exclaiming in delight.

Its name immediately appeared in his mind: Seven-storey Tower, which ranked seventh in the Heaven Treasure List!

Besides Fang Qiu…

When they saw the Seven-storey Tower, the two Huaxia people next to Fang Qiu and Andrew started breathing quickly.

They could clearly sense the rich Qi of Heaven and Earth near the Seven-storey Tower.

Although they didnt know what it was, they could feel from the Qi of Heaven and Earth that this Heaven Treasure was definitely not ordinary!


“Boh, boh, boh…”

A series of sounds came.

Around Fang Qiu and the other three, those people trapped by the black fog like them popped up one after another.

Fang Qiu looked around.

He frowned, not because these people suddenly appeared to grab the treasure, but because he saw at a glance that a few people were missing.

It seemed that they had disappeared into the black fog.

When Fang Qiu turned around to observe them…

All these peoples eyes were focused on the Seven-storey Tower in the pool!

They looked at the Seven-storey Tower.

Everyones eyes lit up.

All of them flushed red with excitement and breathed heavily.

The few gurus were especially thrilled, for they were very aware of the value of this Heaven Treasure.

It was of great use, even for them.


In an overwhelming sense of excitement…

Everyone was very vigilant and kept an eye out for the others.


Suddenly, another man took the first step forward and approached the Seven-storey Tower, one step at a time.

Everyone was extremely careful.

No one dared to walk fast.

The black fog made them suffer a lot.

Although this place was bright, no one knew if something would appear.

Therefore, no one dared to speed up.

“Lets go.”

As the others began to gather around the Seven-storey Tower, Fang Qiu also notified the others and stepped out.

Right now…

When the team led by Luoyun took the initiative to come up to them, the two Huaxia people who followed Fang Qiu returned to them.

But Andrew followed Fang Qiu all the time.

As they walked forward…

The light of desire in everyones eyes became more intense.

It was obvious…

Everyone could see that the Seven-storey Tower was ripe!

Therefore, even in the face of unknown risks, no one was willing to stop.

On the way forward…

Fang Qiu carefully observed these people.

After a round of observation, he saw that these people were covered with blood.

Everyone seemed to have been injured.

This situation made Fang Qiu frown secretly.

If they were all wounded, that strange black substance must have entered everyones bodies.

“Why would everyone get hurt

“And we all had only minor injuries

“These minor injuries seemed to be there for this black matter”

Fang Qiu thought for a while.

His frown grew deeper.

Just then…



The person who walked at the forefront suddenly leaped up and raced toward the Seven-storey Tower, ready to grab it.

Although the person was the closest to the target, he was slower than the others.

In an instant, the other latecomers caught up with him before he reached the edge of the pool.

At that moment, he was overtaken and kicked down.

The next moment…

Several people rushed to the pool at the same time.

Without hesitation, these people reached out to take the Seven-storey Tower in the pool.

Just as they made their moves simultaneously…

Their faces sank, and they started assaulting the people beside them, as they attempted to force them away and take the Seven-storey Tower for themselves.

Unfortunately, the others were no slouches, either.

In an instant, the few people got into a ferocious battle.

While these people were fighting fiercely, successive waves of people behind them came up.

The crowd who caught up from behind ignored those engaged in the fight and threw themselves forward to take the Seven-storey Tower.


Before they could get closer, these people who were fighting fiercely with each other instantly turned around and jointly attacked them.

No matter who it was, even the few gurus could barely touch the Seven-storey Tower.

Under these circumstances…

They had been engaged in an increasingly bitter battle.

Some people fought desperately, their eyes bloodshot, to get the Seven-story Tower, but they were not strong enough to gain the upper hand.

Some people rushed up with their mouths wide open, ready to gulp it down.

However, without exception, they were all stopped.

The majority of them were locked in a tangled fight…

When he saw that the fierce battle wouldnt end in a short time, Fang Qiu had no choice but to quickly stop and quietly hide aside.

The competition at this time was a waste of physical strength.

It was better to stand at one side and wait for the last opportunity to fight.

In another place…

The few gurus who were stopped also stepped aside.

No one made a move, and they just watched the fierce battle that took place in the center of the field.

But whenever someone reached the Seven-storey Tower, they would do something to stop him.

Over there…

Fang Qiu was trying his best to hide from the few gurus and did not even step in to stop the others.

He didnt seem in the least concerned that the Seven-storey Tower would be taken away by others.

After all, he was now Well Known, not John Doe!

While Fang Qiu remained under cover…

He was always on his guard.

Judging from what had happened from the beginning to the end, he deduced that this place must have been here for at least two or three thousand years if it had been a Pharaoh relic in ancient Egyptt.

In other words, this Seven-storey Tower had also been here for two to three thousand years.

It was impossible for the Seven-storey Tower to have only matured once in the past two to three thousand years.

It must have matured many times as time passed.

Nobody knew how many times this Seven-storey Tower had ripened through the years.

In this case…

There must have been lots of batches of Seven-storey Towers that had continuously matured in the past two to three thousand years.

But where were they

From where Fang Qiu was, he could plainly see that the pool was empty, with nothing on the ground around it.

“Then, those mature Seven-storey Towers…

“Who… ate them”

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