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Chapter 102: Jiang Pan is such an old fogey.

After all, Shen Yuanye could only perform the most basic and common fortune-telling.

For something as specific as the date of death and the scene of death, Shen Yuanye has not yet reached Chang Feiqiong’s skill level, so she could only rely on Weibo to find out.

If she asked Jiang Pan herself, it would be directly exposed.

Although Jiang Pan could never see the content on her Weibo, it cannot be explained logically at all.

It would be strange for a policeman not to suspect it.

“This, I really don’t know.” Ren Lulu said.


She contemplated for a while and found that even though she didn’t seem to have ever seen Jiang Pan browsing Weibo, he knew the news on Weibo very well.

Once before, a case was first exposed by the media, and the official blog was crammed with comments.

They didn’t even know until their captain told them.

If he did not have Weibo, it should be impossible to know, right

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“Ls.” Sld Nwzw pbssj bla blye, “Rv’p dsv nsdhldkldv qsa xl vs ekpnzspl vbl elvykzp, cwv ol yal pvkzz kdhlpvktyvkdt vs pll obs oswze cl vbl pwprlnv.”

Fbld Zwydul rsdelale qsa y obkzl, “Tyhl usw twup nblnjle bla psnkyz xleky ynnswdvp”

Ren Lulu didn’t find her question abrupt.

After all, she had helped solve a case before, and Ren Lulu had a very good impression of Shen Yuanye.


Moreover, the captain had also applied for her to be a consultant.

There was no doubt about her ability.

It would be best if she could get an answer by revealing just a little bit.

“No, but we’re examining where she lived, there should be some clues.” Ren Lulu waved, “I’ll go first.”

Shen Yuanye put the case of a body being dumped into the sewer temporarily behind her mind.

The sound insulation of the apartment was very good, and Shen Yuanye couldn’t hear the movement from next door at all.

After eating, she tied the garbage bag in the kitchen and was going to head out to buy some fresh fruit, and toss out the garbage on the way.

Unexpectedly, when she went out, she ran into the few people from next door.

Li Chen was sighing with the people next to him: “I didn’t expect Feng Ying to have hundreds of thousands of Weibo fans, I really couldn’t tell.”

As a woman, Ren Lulu was obviously more able to see the problem, “Feng Ying’s Weibo was all about showing off her wealth, why don’t you read the comments, there are many keyboard warriors (TLN: someone who posts angry messages or likes to get into arguments on the internet) and some directly say that she is a sugar baby.”

Although the sugar baby part may be a fact.

When they were looking for clues in the apartment, they also saw some traces of suspicion of her being a  sugar baby, however it was not confirmed, it was all speculation.

“That’s also very powerful.” Li Chen pouted, “Our official blog fans are only a hundred thousand, which is far from her’s.”

Ren Lulu retorted, “It is necessary to remind you that these hundred thousand were only attracted by our captain’s good-looking face.”


When they were handling a case, someone had secretly taken a blurry photo of Jiang Pan’s side profile.

It became popular all of a sudden, and the official blog gained hundreds of thousands of fans.

However later on, they all went away because they didn’t post photos of Jiang Pan.

Among the hundreds of thousands of fans now, there were only a few dozen active… Of course, compared to the official police blogs in other districts, they were not bad.

“Are you all so unoccupied”

Li Chen immediately straightened, “Captain, we are also discussing Feng Ying’s social relationship.”

Jiang Pan just glanced at him and replied solemnly: “Liu Heyang has new clues, go back to summarize it and sort it out.”

The group of people entered the elevator.

Before the elevator door closed, his eyes shifted to the side for a moment, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

Shen Yuanye reopened the door after they left and took an elevator that was next to her, thinking about what she had just heard.

The deceased Feng Ying had Weibo, and she had a lot of fans, hundreds of thousands.

The name Feng Ying was only spoken casually by Ren Lulu at first, Shen Yuanye didn’t know which characters.


However, the surname should be Feng (TLN: 馮).

There should be no other surname except for this character.

As for whether she used her real name, she only needed to see if the content of her Weibo was related to showing off her wealth and then follow her to see more information.

Generally, according to her hypothesis, since she loved to flaunt her wealth, then she would take a lot of selfies.

Her Weibo should not be able to not even find a selfie. 

Shen Yuanye thought about it and finally figured it out.

The trash bins were on the other side of the apartment building, after the elevator came down, she walked over and threw it away.

As a result, when she turned her head and glanced around, she noticed a figure standing there.

Jiang Pan was right next to a car and parked on the side of the apartment building.

She didn’t notice him at first because she was thinking about something, but now she couldn’t even ignore him.

Shen Yuanye’s corner of her lips twitched: “Officer Jiang”

He wasn’t leaving, was he waiting here for her Did he want to say something about her being a consultant

Jiang Pan stepped forward and said earnestly, “Miss Shen, I apologize for the matter of me not telling you beforehand and applying for the consultant position.”

His serious appearance didn’t seem like a fake.

Shen Yuanye looked at him for a while and replied, “I accept your apology.

If there is nothing else, I will go back first.”


“But I still hope you can think about it.” Jiang Pan added: “Within your ability, I won’t force it.”

Shen Yuanye felt that Jiang Pan was quite qualified as a police officer.

He tried his best, and sometimes even stayed up late.

Seeing that his eye bags were dark and blue, even if it couldn’t conceal his good-looking appearance, she could see that he was staying up late.

All Shen Yuanye relied on was Weibo, and what she learned from Cheng Feiqiong was more of an auxiliary understanding.

Without Weibo, she was only an ordinary person.

She stated softly, “I’m just an ordinary person.”

Jiang Pan replied, “But you can tell fortunes.”

Shen Yuanye had a strange feeling that what she had used as an excuse was sent right back to her, and she couldn’t refute it even if she wanted to.

She said seriously: “Officer Jiang, you don’t have to waste your time on me.

If I happen to have a clue, I can provide it to you, but in other cases, it is impossible.”

Jiang Pan finally nodded, “Okay.”

Shen Yuanye was very satisfied with this answer.

At first, she was really angry at Jiang Pan for not telling her beforehand.

However when she heard that she didn’t actually have to accept the position at all, her anger cooled a bit.

She thought about it from another perspective.

If she was the police, and if someone could provide clues to solve the case so that the murderer could be caught and brought to justice as soon as possible, she would also be moved.

Because if it was a serial killer, one life might have been saved a day earlier.

But since the person being invited was herself, she must take her own wishes as the premise, and her own safety was the most important thing.

Jiang Pan didn’t bother her anymore and watched as she went back to the apartment.

The curtains in Shen Yuanye’s living room were always drawn because there were many Hua Yi’s stars living in this community.

The paparazzi would naturally keep watch here.

Although she was a small model, no one would probably pay attention to her.

Shen Yuanye opened a gap in the curtains and happened to see Jiang Pan get into the car, then drive away and disappear at the exit of the community.

Sitting on the sofa, she contemplated it.

Maybe the old fogy, Jiang Pan, hasn’t logged into Weibo for 800 years, and whether he did an identification check was a problem too.

Being interrupted by him like that, Shen Yuanye almost forgot about Feng Ying.

In fact, if a name has been searched many times, or there was related news, Weibo would automatically associate this person.

Shen Yuanye typed out the pinyin first.

After the name entered the search box, several search bars for Chinese characters appeared below immediately.

#Who is Feng Ying#

#Feng Ying shows off her wealth using new tricks#

#Feng Ying is a sugar baby#

#Feng Ying’s real background#

She didn’t even need to check how this person’s name was written.

Shen Yuanye sincerely thought that this function of Weibo was quite good.

She randomly clicked on one of them and Feng Ying’s Weibo appeared.

She had used her real name plus her English name on Weibo, and she had hundreds of thousands of followers.

Shen Yuanye clicked in and looked at the album, which contained many bags and shoes.

The latest Weibo post was a week ago was it was a photo of trying on shoes in a famous brand shoe store in Jianghai District, with her figure in the mirror.

However there wasn’t a front profile, only a side profile.

When scrolling down, Shen Yuanye saw half of her face in multiple selfies.

She was quite a beautiful girl, but her makeup was a little thick and the beautify function was pretty good.

Of course, who on Weibo didn’t use the beautify function these days

Even if she posted on Weibo herself, she would edit and beautify it, otherwise, she would be laughed at and scorned by keyboard warriors.

Although she could also just choose not to post selfies often.

The selfies were very different from the swollen and white corpse she had seen at the crime scene, the two really couldn’t be associated.

The impact of that scene was too great, and she still remembered it deeply.

Shen Yuanye didn’t think too much, patted her face, and chose to follow to Feng Ying anonymously.

Soon, the black screen quickly disappeared, and the death information was revealed in front of her, which completely matched the date of death.

The photo on the deceased portrait was a selfie taken by Feng Ying.

The black and white photo looked more delicate and beautiful, however the photo had no sense of vitality or life.

On the right was the date of death.

Name: Feng Ying

Date of Birth: June 18, 1995

Date of death: August 7, 2018

The date of Feng Ying’s death given on Weibo happened to be four days before the day she and Lu Yue found the body in the sewers.

Shen Yuanye continued to scroll down.

She couldn’t open the calendar, because she had already died.

Thus she couldn’t experience the week leading up to her death, so there was a lot of information missing.

But she should be able to see a lot in the death video.

Shen Yuanye slid down, and the cover of the video gave her a great impact.

It was a picture of Feng Ying lying in the sewer.

The bottom was dirty, rubbish piled up, and a little dark.

In such an environment, Feng Ying lay there lifeless, covered by the black water, only her face and chest were exposed.

The picture looked a little gloomy.

Shen Yuanye suddenly closed her eyes.

Her heartbeat was racing, and the image of Feng Ying’s body being swollen once again appeared in her mind.

Thinking of the cover of the video again, for the first time, she felt like she was watching a ghost movie.

She felt that in the next second, Feng Ying could open her eyes and stare at her.


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