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Chapter 114: Captain definitely smiled.

The reason why Shen Yuanye was so certain was because she suddenly remembered Lu Wanjie’s death video when she saw Jin Yuxuan’s nails.

She had watched it again before entering the interrogation room, but she didn’t perceive anything wrong at that time.

However, now comparing the video and interrogation, she knew where the problem was.

The person in the video who reached out to test whether Lu Wanjie was still alive was not the same person who pushed Lu Wanjie into the lake later on.

She knew because the fingernail that reached out to test his breath had a slight reflection.


However, the hand that pushed Lu Wanjie into the water did not have the same kind of reflection, and it was impossible for two completely different reflections to occur in the same situation.

Lu Wanjie died of drowning, so the blow to the back of his head only did a little damage to him, maybe causing him to enter a shock or become unconscious.

Therefore, Shen Yuanye boldly concluded that the person who attacked Lu Wanjie was not the murderer.

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She didn’t even realize that she had inadvertently admitted to what she had done at the time.


Ren Lulu immediately showed her a photo of the death scene, “He was found in the lake the next morning.

His cause of death was drowning.

If you are not the murderer, explain it as soon as possible, otherwise, you are the only suspect at present.”

Jin Yuxuan breathed a nameless sigh of relief.

This action of hers also fell into the eyes of several onlookers outside.

Liu Heyang glanced at Jiang Pan beside him, and muttered to Li Chen, “I finally know why the captain would even act first and report afterward to get her in.”

This skill was definitely enough to be a consultant.

It was true that Jin Yuxuan was the suspect, but it may take a while for them to pry things out of her mouth.

However Shen Yuanye managed to settle it with a few words.

Li Chen nodded seriously: “It’s amazing.”

They have witnessed her doing this several times in a row, but they were now very convinced of her ability.

Jiang Pan didn’t speak, but his eyes held some admiration as they looked at her.

He consciously handed this case to her, just to establish her prestige and reputation in the team.

Lest no one listens to her words later on, then his purpose had not been achieved.

He turned his face, “You guys continue watching.”

Liu Heyang and Li Chen nodded quickly.


As soon as his back disappeared at the end of the corridor, Liu Heyang winked and whispered, “Captain definitely smiled just now.”

Although it was small and short, he could see it clearly.

Hearing this, Li Chen rolled his eyes and replied, “Such a powerful consultant, if it were me, I would laugh in my dreams at night.

The captain is already reserved enough.”

They were all clear about Jiang Pan’s temper.

“How would he pursue his wife by being so reserved in the future” Liu Heyang teased.

In the interrogation room, Jin Yuxuan seemed to have lost the mountain that was pressing on her body.

Suddenly, the sun was shining brightly in front of her eyes, and there were spring flowers blooming.

She exhaled and confessed, “I hit Lu Wanjie’s head.”

Ren Lulu whispered in her heart: Sure enough.

She had already guessed that Jin Yuxuan would admit it.

The change in Jin Yuxuan’s expression just now had already explained everything.

Ren Lulu immediately began to interrogate: “Why were you there so late”

Jin Yuxuan recalled the situation at the time, and murmured, “Actually, I wasn’t there originally.

Lu Wanjie had wanted to r*pe me, and then he dragged me into there…”

It sounded like there was no anomaly with what she said, Ren Lulu asked again, “Are you boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Feng Jun Are you in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Lu Wanjie too”


Mentioning this, Jin Yuxuan’s face changed once again.

But these matters were naturally not as important as clearing her own crime.

Not to mention the police have already investigated and found out, so it was useless for her to try to conceal it.

“Yes.” Jin Yuxuan admitted, “After half a year of dating Lu Wanjie, I met Feng Jun, and then dated him in private, no one knew.”

This feeling of drifting between two men made her addicted.

So the concealing continued for more than half a year.

“Does Feng Jun know about the existence of Lu Wanjie”


But I told him that Lu Wanjie was only a colleague who had a crush on me, and he believed it, so there has been peace.

With Lu Wanjie, I said that Feng Jun was pursuing me, but Feng Jun could not enter the company anyway.”

When Jin Yuxuan said this, she was enraptured.

Shen Yuanye really couldn’t agree with this value.

She just listened to her words silently, and compared if the video and the rest of the situation could match.

Ren Lulu asked a few more simple questions, and Jin Yuxuan answered them one by one.

Then, Ren Lulu asked what happened that night.

Jin Yuxuan sat up straight and slowly described the situation at that time.


“A week ago, Lu Wanjie was on a business trip for a few days and suddenly wanted to have a video chat with me in the hotel.

I naturally agreed.” She mentioned this while being angry, “But when he was about to hang up later, he said he wanted to see me naked.

Of course I refused.”

Ren Lulu and Shen Yuanye both frowned upon hearing this.

As soon as she heard this, of course she wouldn’t agree.

Jin Yuxuan sighed, “The two of us almost quarreled, and I couldn’t convince him.

I agreed to his request and showed my body.”

Shen Yuanye heard this and immediately knew that something bad must have happened later.

If her boyfriend wanted her to do this in the future, then there would be no discussion about breaking up.

When Shen Yuanye thought of this, she thought of Jiang Pan who died in front of her tombstone.

She was embarrassed, Jiang Pan would have rather been beaten to death than do such a thing.

Ren Lulu asked, “Then what”

“Later, I forgot about it the next day, but I didn’t expect Lu Wanjie to suddenly ask me about Feng Jun when he came back from the business trip.

Of course I evaded his question.

Who would have thought that he already knew.”

Jin Yuxuan frowned and continued: “He threatened me and said he would post the screenshot of the video online and to send it to Feng Jun, and told me to tell him everything I was hiding.

I was afraid that he would really do it, so I confessed.”

That was fine, but Lu Wanjie’s behavior intensified.

He treated Jin Yuxuan as a cash machine, and used the videos and screenshots to make threats.

He took money from her, sought out ladies, and even asked Jin Yuxuan to take money from Feng Jun for him to spend.

Over time, Jin Yuxuan couldn’t take it anymore.

Lu Wanjie was a bottomless pit that cannot be filled at all.

On the night of the accident, Feng Jun invited her to go out to play, and she agreed.

It so happened that Lu Wanjie was not at home due to overtime work, so Jin Yuxuan was not afraid.

But she didn’t expect that when she went to the park, Lu Wanjie kept following her.

The two quarreled again over the video.

This time Jin Yuxuan couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to break up.

If Lu Wanjie sent out the screenshots and video, she would call the police.

Beyond distortion, Lu Wanjie kept molesting her and dragged her into the woods.

Soon Jin Yuxuan panicked, she twisted against him, then grasped a stone next to a tree, and smashed the back of his head when he wasn’t paying attention.

Afraid that it would be useless, she hit him twice more.

Lu Wanjie tried to strangle her at first, and then collapsed to the ground.

Jin Yuxuan was a little scared when she said this, “I thought he was beaten to death by me, so I reached out and felt his nose.

I found that he was really not breathing, and then I was scared and ran away.”

“Then you hid and didn’t go to the company” Ren Lulu added.

“Mhm…” Jin Yuxuan added, “How would I know that he wasn’t not dead yet, if I knew this, I wouldn’t have to hide at all, it made me feel scared for so long.”

Unexpectedly, Lu Wanjie drowned to death.

Those who generally drowned were all those who knew how to swim.

He himself was a good swimmer in college, but he didn’t expect to end up dying in the water.

Jin Yuxuan didn’t have a regretful expression on her face at all.

Ren Lulu also understood that Lu Wanjie recorded such videos and screenshots, and in turn threatened her.

Jin Yuxuan wanted to kill him, but she just didn’t have the guts.

Shen Yuanye suddenly asked, “Where did you and Feng Jun want to meet up”

Jin Yuxuan froze for a moment and replied, “At the park.”

“Qinghe Park”

Jin Yuxuan also seemed to realize something and nodded, “Because I lived with Lu Wanjie, I have never let Feng Jun know where I lived, so our meeting place was always in the park, where he waits for me.”

Compared with the ordinary Lu Wanjie, Feng Jun, who was handsome and rich, was naturally more attractive.

As for the quarrel in the park, she originally wanted to talk about marriage with Feng Jun anyway.

Marrying a rich second generation was such a fortunate thing, of course she wanted to succeed.

That’s why she put everything on the table, and unexpectedly angered Lu Wanjie.

Shen Yuanye turned her head and said to Ren Lulu, “Bring Feng Jun in again.”

If her guess was correct, it was Feng Jun who pushed Lu Wanjie into the water after Jin Yuxuan attacked him and ran.

Which is why the second hand’s nails in the video did not reflect light.

However, these all required a factual basis.

Ren Lulu also heard the implied meaning from Jin Yuxuan’s words and nodded, “I know, we have people watching him.”

Feng Jun also claimed that he didn’t know Lu Wanjie at all.

If this was all a lie, the suspicion of him being the murderer would increase greatly.


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