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Chapter 122: The second deceased.

The next day, Shen Yuanye and Sun Ai met up.

Sun Ai’s life was in dire straits.

She was asked by her family to go on blind dates, while most of the people she met were dandy, they had nothing in common at all.

It was still at the same hot pot restaurant.

This time, the owner of the hot pot restaurant played relaxing music, soothing, which could make people doze off.

Eating hot pot in an air-conditioned room in summer was an indescribably refreshing feeling.

As soon as Shen Yuanye entered the room, she smelled the spicy taste.


Sun Ai muttered: “Why don’t I go out with you instead, so that my mother doesn’t have to bother me about it every day.”

Shen Yuanye had a good relationship with her, but she had only met Mother Sun a few times without much communication.

It was because Mother Sun had a bad impression of herself.

As an orphan, getting close to Bai Fumei (TLN: A girl that is beautiful and has a good background) would provoke suspicions.

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Shen Yuanye smiled, “You think it’s such a big deal, I just wanted to ask you to investigate my assistant, Lu Yue.

You should have seen her before.”


Sun Ai repeated: “Lu Yue”

She did have a bit of an impression, because although she didn’t have much contact at the beginning, her many years of experience told her that the other party was not an ordinary assistant.

Later, she only thought that Hua Yi was rich and powerful, and didn’t take it to heart.

Sun Ai asked, “What’s wrong with Lu Yue”

Shen Yuanye didn’t say much, “I feel that Lu Yue doesn’t seem to be so simple, she has good fighting skills, but she came to be a little assistant.

Plus the previous matters, I’m afraid of problems, so I want to investigate, safety is most important.

That was her idea too, if the result is good, then that was for the best.

Sun Ai nodded, “Okay, I still have some abilities in this area.”

Her family was well-off, and she had corresponding contacts in this area, which was much more useful than Shen Yuanye finding a private detective by herself.

In fact, Sun Ai didn’t really think there would be anything out of the ordinary with Lu Yue.

However, Shen Yuanye had mentioned to her that someone was following her.

When she found out, her scalp felt numb, especially when she heard that Shen Yuanye was face to face to him in the elevator.

If it was herself, she might have been killed without even knowing it.

It was scary to think about.


Fortunately, Shen Yuanye told her two days ago that the person had been caught.

If Lu Yue was bad, she could have done anything after lurking by Shen Yuanye’s side for nearly nine months.

But nothing has happened as of yet, which meant that she was a good person.

Sun Ai left the guess at the bottom of her heart and decided to investigate it well.

After coming out of the hot pot restaurant, Shen Yuanye went directly back to the apartment.

She was worry-free leaving Lu Yue’s affairs to Sun Ai.

After all, others had more means than she, an orphan.

And she was going abroad soon as well, so it was useless for her to investigate now.

Maybe when she came back, the news would not be out of date.


Unexpectedly, the second deceased was not Shen Wei.

Shen Yuanye got news about this when it was time for her afternoon nap.

Her flight was at 5:30 PM, so she was going to make it up for sleep.

However she was woken up by Ren Lulu’s phone call within half an hour.

She didn’t have any matters at the moment, so she changed her clothes and went there with a mask on.


Ren Lulu waited for her below, and when she picked her up, they went straight to the crime scene.

She said angrily: “The murderer must have known that Shen Wei was being watched by us, so they changed the victim.

They really want to kill seven people before they stop”

This kind of disregard for human life is what the police hate the most.

Shen Yuanye waited for her to vent before she asked, “What was the reason for this person’s death”

Ren Lulu said, “Gluttony.

Died in the swill.”


“Yeah, it’s very disgusting.”

Shen Yuanye frowned, of course she knew what a swill was.

It was those machines that some restaurants poured leftover food together and mixed together, the waste oil was also extracted from it.

It was disgusting to even think about.

Ren Lulu complained: “It’s so disgusting, Who knows if the murderer is insane, gluttonous, gluttonous, is it not good to let him eat more.

They had to put him in the swill, the investigation will be so troublesome.”

Fingerprints were definitely impossible to extract.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the scene.

The crime scene had been sealed off, and there were onlookers muttering from outside the cordoned area.


The crime scene was at the back door of a fast food restaurant.

The case reporter was the boss of the restaurant.

Shen Yuanye learned from Liu Heyang’s narration that this fast food restaurant was a husband and wife business.

The boss and his wife were both chefs, and the business was usually booming.

They usually start packing up around 3pm and dump leftover food in buckets outside the back door before the buckets get pulled away by swill handlers.

Liu Heyang rubbed his temple, “You definitely don’t want to look at the photos.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t feel anything about his often tricks, “Where are the photos you took”

“Don’t vomit.” Liu Heyang showed her the photo.

At first glance, Shen Yuanye really wanted to vomit.

But because she only ate some fruit at noon, she didn’t have a particularly strong urge, and didn’t have much of a reaction after a few glances.

The man in the photo was lying upside down in the swill bucket, with his legs outside, and his entire upper body was covered with leftover food.

It was hard to see him.

The second photo was taken after police got the body out.

The surface of the deceased’s body was covered with soup, and there were all kinds of food and noodles, which looked strange and emanated a strange smell that could be imagined even through the photo.

Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but say, “This is a photo with strange smells.”

Liu Heyang nodded, “You said the truth.”

She only saw the photos.

They saw the body itself at the scene before, and they had to pull him out.

They almost vomited.

Seeing that she was done looking, Liu Heyang put the photo away.

The forensic doctor just pulled out the body that was put in a bag, and a smell floated out along with it, causing people to pinch their noses.

Shen Yuanye walked inside a bit.

Li Chen was still recording with the boss: “…I don’t know when he got in.

We were so busy all morning that we didn’t go out the back door at all.

We only discovered it in the afternoon when we were dumping things.”

At the mention of this, he waved his hand.

He opened the door with something in his hand, and as soon as he turned his head, he saw two human legs in the swill bucket.

He was frightened and immediately called the police.

After the police arrived, when he watched the corpse being pulled out, he vomited as much as he could.

His wife also vomited so much that she couldn’t take it anymore and went upstairs to rest.

Not long after Shen Yuanye came over, the boss’s wife came downstairs, her face was very pale, and she was finally able to speak.

The boss’s wife sighed: “Actually, this person is a regular customer here.

His name is Zhang Yang, and he is a delivery guy of the delivery company diagonally opposite.”

Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but get closer.

According to the boss’s wife, Zhang Yang had been a deliveryman for more than a year.

He usually settled his lunches with them at noon.

Usually, he would tell them to prepare his food in advance when he was about to go deliver food, and then ate, and then continued to deliver after eating.

The boss’s wife added: “Don’t think that Zhang Yang’s small body only allows him to eat little.

He is actually very good at eating.  As far as our restaurant’s serving amount is concerned, he can eat the amount three people would eat, and he eats very fast, he can probably participate in some big stomach competition.”

Li Chen almost laughed and didn’t tell her that the Big Stomach King could eat way more servings than Zhang Yang.

“Zhang Yang ate here at noon today, but he didn’t finish his meal because he had a bad review.

So he went back, and then the next time we saw him again, he was in there.”

The boss’s wife didn’t recognize Zhang Yang at first, and she only recognized him after the police took out the body.

She said a lot about Zhang Yang intermittently, and Shen Yuanye sat at the table behind her and heard it all clearly.

Ren Lulu sat next to her and couldn’t help muttering: “Gluttony, gluttony, who knows who is next, and there is no surveillance at the back door here.

Really… it’s better at a big restaurant.”

The basic facilities of large restaurants were more complete.

The location of the fast food restaurant was not that great either.

Beijing was very expensive, and it was already quite good for them to be able to open a store here.

They didn’t have many requirements for other things.

There was an alley behind the fast food restaurant.

There were not even a few lights to keep the alley bright.

Usually, there were no people at all during the day.

There was a nail salon next door, and the back door was basically always closed.

You would have to walk forward from the alley for ten minutes to reach the main road.

After Li Chen finished making the record, he spat: “That person really thinks of themself as a judge.

Even other  people eating too much will get in their way.

They really eat too much salt (TLN: means that he is crazy).”

Shen Yuanye walked from the kitchen to the back door.

Jiang Pan was checking next to the swill bucket.

His serious appearance and his temperament were incompatible with the environment.

At first glance, people may not think it was a dirty place at all.

Another policeman beside him was assisting him.

Shen Yuanye didn’t bother him, just walked outside and stared at the alley in a daze.

Among the current deceased, Liu Hui usually liked to take advantage of small things.

They found out the smaller details after asking colleagues in the company.

But taking advantage of small things was basically what most people do.

Liu Hui didn’t do anything bad, but he died so miserably.

If the murderer really killed just because of this, they would be completely insane.

At present, Zhang Yang in front of her now seemed even more pitiful.

According to the boss’s wife, he was a pretty good boy, but he just ate a few more servings compared to others, so he was given the name of gluttony.

These days, you even have to be careful about eating too much.


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