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Chapter 20: Tell me, how was Huang Ni murdered.

After dozens of seconds, her Weibo interface remained unchanged.

    Shen Yuanye couldn’t tell what she felt in her heart, a little relieved yet a little regretful.

    If she could see the date of her death and the picture of the death scene, and if it is a violent death, she should try her best to avoid such a thing from happening.

    But since she can’t see it now, she could only live like this.

    However, after thinking about it, the previous verification is almost done.

In other words, only when she uses her own Weibo account to follow others, she’ll be able to see a prediction. 


    But it is impossible for her to use her Weibo account to follow herself.

Shen Yuanye will probably never know when she will die.

     It’s also good for her too since she won’t have to worry about it every day.

   Being able to live a new life is already a miracle, so isn’t it easier to just continue living like this Then she’ll have no regrets when she dies again.

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    The apartment where Liu Zijie lives is not arranged by the company but rented by himself.

The community is monitored and only a few places have blind spots.


    The team was divided into three parts, one for monitoring, one for watching Liu Zijie secretly, and a few others for watching Zhang Zhiyuan and Wang Zhi in secret.

    Although their suspicion has been reduced, it does not mean that they have completely lowered their guard.

    They had seen the monitoring of Liu Zijie’s apartment earlier, as well as the inside of the corridor in the apartment building, so it came to the conclusion that Liu Zijie did not go out after entering the apartment.

    “I have observed that his apartment is at the innermost side, and there is a blind spot next to it.

It is not impossible to go down there, but no one saw it and no one knows if there even is one.” Ren Lulu pointed to the place where the surveillance was suspended.

    Liu Heyang took a closer look: “If you go down from here, it’s still possible.”

    He turned his head, “Captain Jiang, what are we going to do now There is no substantial evidence, and we definitely can’t go to his house to search.

Do we just continue looking”

    Both Zhang Zhiyuan and Wang Zhi handed over their knives when they were interrogated, so they did not have the right to search directly.

    Jiang Pan looked away from the computer, “I’ll go to the apartment to take a look.”

    Unexpectedly, when he finished speaking, the phone rang.

A young policeman called Li Chen had frantically called, and his young voice blared through the phone: “Captain Jiang! We found something in the flowerbed under the window of Liu Zijie’s apartment!! “

    After speaking such a long sentence without stopping, Li Chen on the other side began to pant.

   Jiang Pan stood with his arms folded.

Liu Heyang’s eyes were placed on him, and he couldn’t help feeling that his captain was really the most handsome in the team.

Especially his hands, they look perfect for playing the piano.


    He scratched his head, feeling strange.

    Jiang Pan replied, “Okay, I’ll go over immediately.”

    Liu Heyang and Ren Lulu also followed.

    They didn’t use the car in the team, but a humble car.

After more than ten minutes, they finally arrived at the gate of the community.

Someone had been waiting there for a while.

    “Where is Liu Zijie now” Jiang Pan asked when he got off the car.

    “In the apartment, with the curtains drawn, we were afraid of alerting someone, so we changed our clothes to the security guard uniforms and pretended to be patrolling,” said Li Chen, who is in charge.

     Jiang Pan pointed his hand to the other side, “So are the janitors”

    Li Chen was a little embarrassed and explained: “Because there are only a few security guards on duty in the community, there weren’t enough clothes.

We can only get together like this.”

    Jiang Pan nodded.

    He moved his wrists and walked straight behind the apartment building where Liu Zijie was located.

He raised his head and saw the dark curtains.

    Liu Zijie’s apartment is on the third floor, not high-end, but mid-range can still be counted.

The verdure of the community is very good.

Every apartment building has trees, and there are large clusters of foliage even in winter.

    Jiang Pan stood by the flowerbed, putting his fingers on the trunk, and said, “This tree is tall enough.”


    Its height reaches the window on the fourth floor.

    Half of Liu Zijie’s windows were blocked by the branches of this tree.

    Behind the tree is the surrounding wall of the community, and on the other side of the wall are houses being demolished, which is in sharp contrast with this side.

The surveillance there is not able to see the scene behind the tree.

    Jiang Pan retracted his hand, “What did you find”

    Li Chen quickly said: “There was a little sun today, and then the snow over there melted.

We just pretended that the cleaner went from here to clean to there, and then we saw something popping up.”

    As soon as he waved, someone came over.

    Li Chen handed it over, “This is a collected footprint.

After we go back, we will compare it with the footprints of Liu Zijie and the other three to see if it is theirs.”

    Jiang Pan put on his gloves, approached the flowerbed, and bent down.

    There was only a little bit of snow left.

The soil, the dead grass, and the branches inside had been exposed.

Looking at the tree again, a deep half-footprint appeared.

    He looked up.

    From this point of view, the branches and leaves completely obscure the scenery above.

The depth of this footprint is not what a person would leave when walking on it.

It seems that there are different depths after pressuring, and it sinks a lot.

    “There is mud on the shoes.”


    Jiang Pan remembered the several clues that Shen Yuanye had revealed.

The first was white sneakers, the second was mud on the shoes, the third was a gap in the knife.

The most important thing was that the murderer might have been wearing a ring, watch, or something similar.

     In connection with the footprints here, suspicion on Liu Zhijie has risen sharply.

    “Take it back and compare it first.” Jiang Pan straightened up and ordered: “Liu Heyang and Li Chen stay here, the others leave here first.”

    After a while, most of the people around had left.

   Jiang Pan squatted down and stretched out his hand to feel a bit of soil.

    Then he put it on his shoes.

Liu Heyang and Li Chen stared at his movements blankly, not knowing what was going on.

    The clay is very sticky.

    He stood up and stomped lightly, and the soil did not fall.

    If you don’t pay attention, and you jump down from above and your shoes get muddy, then it is indeed impossible to fall without washing or breaking the mud vigorously.

    “Captain Jiang, what are you doing Any new discoveries”

    The two young policemen leaned forward and watched his movements curiously.

    Jiang Pan gave an mhm sound.

    He used the tree’s shadow to cover the flower bed under the window.

It was normal here, with no footprints, only a few branches.

    There was a large mass of snow stuck on the arm-length dwarf tree, and only the edges had melted.

Dots of black dirt remained inside.

    When Jiang Pan was about to stand up, Yu Guang suddenly saw a strange place.

    He turned sideways, changed positions, faced the wall of the apartment building, stretched out his left hand, and leaned gently on the snow, his slender fingers close to touching the snow.

    Liu Heyang and Li Chen also felt something was wrong, and held their breath.

    Jiang Pan paused and didn’t continue to do it.

Instead, there was a hint of interest in his eyes, and he took out his gloves from his pocket and put them on.

This pushed the snow aside.

    A  bare little tree appeared.

    Jiang Pan fixed his gaze on the soil at the root of the tree, touched it with two fingers, his brows soothed, and he stood up and said loudly, “Excavate this place.”

    Liu Heyang and Li Chen stepped forward immediately.

    In the past half month, there has been heavy and light snow, and most of the snow had melted yesterday and today.

This mass of snow has been kept until now because it was in the shadow of the larger tree and the sun is not very strong.

    The sun above shone on the person, exuding a slight warmth.

    Jiang Pan stood blankly on the edge.

    Time passed by, and he stood there calmly, and finally heard the answer he wanted: “Captain Jiang! Found it!”


     It was six o’clock in the evening, and it had fallen dark.

    Everyone in the investigation team was full of energy, and they waited excitedly for the results to come out.

    Finally, someone pushed in and said the result loudly: “The result came out.

The fingerprint above matches Liu Zijie’s in the fingerprint database.

Some residual DNA has been extracted, which belongs to Huang Ni.”

    After digging out this thing from the soil, Liu Heyang took it back to the team for comparison.

With the addition of the previous footprints, the speed of the comparison was accelerated, and the result was to be produced as soon as possible.

    It’s not disappointing now.

    The whole room couldn’t help but cheer.

    This case is finally going to be solved.

No wonder they couldn’t find the murder weapon, it was buried directly in the soil and covered with snow.

It would be strange even if it was found easily.

    Liu Heyang said: “Now we are waiting for the arrest warrant.”

    Fortunately, this case has attracted attention, so the arrest warrant came down quickly, arriving at only half-past six.

    The wind outside is so strong that it hurts people’s faces.

    The lights in Liu Zijie’s apartment were on, and the light leaked out through the curtains.

The policemen staring underneath were shivering a bit with cold but not feeling lethargic at all.

    A group of police officers directly went upstairs.

   As soon as Liu Zijie’s door opened, he was controlled by a few policemen.

He turned around and attacked, but was placed directly on the wall by Jiang Pan, so he could not move.

     Seeing the house full of police, he shouted: “What are you going to do Real police or fake police, I have no crime! Your actions here, I will sue you!”

    Liu Heyang said: “If you didn’t break the law, why would we arrest you”

    Jiang Pan let go of him, and Li Chen quickly controlled Liu Zijie.

     This formation made Liu Zijie’s face full of surprise, and then retorted: “You guys must be wrong, how could I kill her Huang Ni and I bear no hatred towards each other.”

    Liu Heyang said: “You know we arrested you because of Huang Ni”

    “During this period of time, the murderer of Huang Ni has never been found.

The police are coming and going out of the company.

Of course I know that something is going on.” Liu Zijie said helplessly: “You are really wrong.”

    Liu Heyang glanced at Jiang Pan, who was observing his surroundings.

Jiang Pan showed him the bag where the footprints were collected, “Do you know whose footprints are”

    “I do not know.”

    “Don’t rush to deny it.

We have compared it.

It is the same as your footprint.

The collection location is in the flowerbed under your window.”

    The expression on Liu Zijie’s face became ugly, “I live in this apartment building, and I happened to step there when I headed out, what’s wrong with that You are framing me.

I can sue you.

Do you police handle cases so rashly like this”

    “The trash can isn’t there, so why are you going there” Liu Heyang rolled his eyes, “You can speak nonsense, but you are the one who killed Huang Ni.”

    The police-controlled Liu Zijie looked innocent and was about to speak when he was blocked by a transparent bag in front of him.

    “This thing is not unfamiliar, right, Mr.

Liu” Jiang Pan shook the bag slowly, and said coldly: “Tell me, how did you kill Huang Ni.”

    The notched fruit knife was quietly packed in the evidence bag.

    The knife coldly reflected Liu Zijie’s pale face.


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