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Chapter 3.1: The Villa Suddenly Collapsed

Just as before, the Portrait of the Deceased on the left still remained the same.

By now, Shen Yuanye was finally able to look at this picture directly.

As for the Date of Death, nothing had changed, as Li Mengran was still listed before Zhang Wentao.

Without much thought, she continued to swipe through the news before she halted abruptly.

As compared to the picture that appeared when she followed Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page, the only difference was a different picture appeared on Li Mengran’s Weibo page when Shen Yuanye followed her.

In the picture, a triangular district was situated behind Li Mengran, as she sat on the ground, leaning her back against a wall.

Pinned at her thigh area by a piece of slate, blood was gushing out from her wounds continuously, pretty much like a river.

She could not help but tilt her head as she leaned against Zhang Wentao’s shoulders.

With his eyes wide opened, anyone could see that Zhang Wentao was straining to lift and move the slate aside.

Even so, the slate in the picture had barely moved an inch.  

As tears welled up in his eyes, he exerted so much force that it seemed as if the grief in his eyes was going to spill over any time soon.

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Once more, her phone screen went black, and soon after, it reverted to normal.

Similarly, the things that appeared on Li Mengran and Zhang Wentao’s Weibo pages made their appearance on Su Ai’s Weibo page as well.

On the left were a simple black and white picture of a white-haired old granny, who had similar features to Su Ai.

Whereas, Su Ai’s information was indicated on the right side.

Name: Sun Ai

Date of Birth: 3rd November 1995

Date of Death: 18th March 2076

As she continued to read through the content, she found a picture of an elderly Sun Ai lying on a bed in a hospital ward, seemingly in a peaceful sleep. 

However, the electrocardiogram on the side was showing a flatline.

Despite her experiment coming out successfully, Shen Yuanye’s mouth was set in a hard line.

Leaving Su An’s Weibo page, she went on to try it out on several other people, pretty much getting the same results as well.

Without failing her expectations, these Portraits of the Deceased, Dates of Death, and Pictures of the Death Scene made their presence on all their Weibo pages.

It seems like everyone on her following list would only pass away, only decades after.

As for now, the situation became much simpler as Shen Yuanye felt that she somehow managed to gain an incredible skill.

It would appear that her Weibo page was able to predict the future.

Based on her experimentation results today, as long as she followed the other party on Weibo, the page would immediately refresh to show their Portrait of the Deceased, Date of Death, and Picture of the Death Scene.

As for the reason why Li Mengran and Zhang Wentao appeared in the same picture, Shen Yuanye was not entirely sure.

Nevertheless, she reckoned that it might be due to the fact that both of them were by each other’s side when the accident happened.

Not only that, but Shen Yuanye also was not sure of her predictions’ accuracy.

When she died, it was still during the evening of the 8th, yet it had long since turned into a dark wintry day.

At that time, there was not any news of the Film Emperor and Empress of Pop getting into an accident.

Hence, it was a possibility that this was fake, or they had gotten into an accident only after she died.

That way, it was very normal for her not to know anything about it.

At this thought, Shen Yuanye heaved a sigh.

For what it’s worth, even if it was for real, she feared she would be arrested and sent to the police station if she were to rush to Zheng Wentao and Li Mengran this instant to tell them that they would die on the 8th.

Who knows, she might just get sued for fabricating this rumor.


The next day, Shen Yuanye made her way to lodge a police report.

It was just that she had nothing more than a blurry picture of the other party that even his face could not be seen clearly. 

As such, the police officer in charge could only advise, “You should be more careful these days.

We’ll contact you again once we have any news.

In the meantime, please do not travel around on your own.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye nodded her head and replied, “I got it.”

Stepping out of the Public Security Bureau, she let out a warm breath.

Apart from showing the police officer earlier, her phone had been stored away in her pocket.

Suddenly, it emitted a familiar crisp sound, indicating she received a new Weibo message.

Before she had the chance to open the Weibo app on her phone, she received a call from an unidentified caller.

It was only after staring at her phone for several seconds that she answered the call cautiously.


“Hello, is this Miss Shen Yuanye” A lady spoke through the phone, her voice carrying traces of intellectuality.

Calming herself down, Shen Yuanye continued to move forward.

“I am.

May I know who’s on the line”

“I am Su Yun, the editor for Fei Shang magazine, and I sent you a private message yesterday.” The other party explained briefly before asking, “I was wondering if you are available to meet up in person”


“Anytime this week works for me.”

Shen Yu considered for a moment and then asked, “How about the day after tomorrow in the afternoon I might have something on today and tomorrow.

Would the day after tomorrow, at 3 p.m., work for you We’ll decide on the venue when the time comes.”

Soon after, Su Yun replied, “Alright.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yuanye did not return to the hotel, but rather, she made her way to a cafe that provided free wifi services and began to search for an apartment online.

It could have been her good luck, as several small apartments had actually caught her eye.

Making a comparison between her available choices, she eliminated some due to their location.

In the end, she was only left with two options——two over 50 square feet apartments located downtown. 

They were situated in an area where she would have easy access to the supermarket and gym.

Also, the apartments were within walking distance of the subway station.

Out of all the apartments, these two were ideal for her now.

Hence, Shen Yuanye contacted one of the landlords and arranged for a house viewing tomorrow morning.

If all went well, she could arrange to meet up with Su Yun around that area the day after tomorrow.

That way, she would be able to save time if she had to travel around again afterward.

By the time she returned to the hotel, it was already 6 p.m.

Once she was done washing up, Shen Yuanye laid on the bed and went on Weibo.

Just like before, she began searching for several celebrities to test out her new Weibo function.

However, she was afraid she would see something she should not.

As such, she only chose two celebrities from the most searched topics on Weibo, and the results she attained were pretty much the same.

In general, they would live up to seventy to eighty years of age.

It never occurred to Shen Yuanye that she would gain such extraordinary skill.

Now, if it were true, this skill would practically be a black technology1!

Could it be that it was due to her being killed far too miserably in her previous life

At the moment, it was just that she was unsure whether it was true.

Shaking her head, she decided not to put so much thought into this and see how things would pan out in two days, on the 8th.


Shen Yuanye finally decided on her apartment and signed the contract with the landlord on the 8th, midday.

Once that was done, she made her way to the nearest cafe and began browsing through Weibo on her phone as she waited for Su Yun.

She was now afraid to follow others casually on Weibo, so she removed all those marketing accounts recommended by Weibo previously, leaving only Sun Ai.

On second thought, she still unfollowed Sun Ai on Weibo.

Chapter 3.2: The Villa Suddenly Collapsed

When she found out, Sun Ai was so pissed that she immediately gave Shen Yuanye a call to complain.

“Why did you unfollow me on Weibo Is our friendship actually like that of frenemies”

Upon hearing Sun Ai’s accusations, Shen Yuanye lamented, “Didn’t I tell you before I may be taking up a job offer for a magazine photoshoot these days.

When the time comes, if by any chance they stumble upon something that they disapprove of, they might just head over and blacklist you.

Either way, isn’t it alright that both of us know each other”

Lucky for Shen Yuanye, Sun Ai was a sweet, naive young lady, so she forgot it after being angry for a few seconds.

After getting off the phone, a woman was seated before Shen Yuanye.

“Hello, are you Miss Shen” Su Yun asked with a smile.

Nodding her head, Shen Yuanye extended her hand.

“Hello, Editor Su.

I’m Shen Yuanye.”

Silently, Su Yun sized her up and increasingly decided that she had good taste, as Shen Yuanye was a budding model.

As such, it would not be a bad choice for her to be the cover model.

Notably, this face of hers would provide them with a good canvas, as it was suitable for all sorts of changeable styles and makeup looks.

The following parts of the text will be scrambled to prevent theft from aggregators and unauthorized epub making.

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Fw Zwd pweeldzu pvyavle zywtbkdt clqsal pbl pvyvle, “Psd’v osaau.

Wlk Fbydt byp yzoyup qsnwple xsal sd uswvb qypbksd, ps usw esd’v byhl vs es yduvbkdt pvaydtl.”

After saying so, both of them continued to talk for nearly several hours before making arrangements for the signing of a contract in a few days.

It was only then did Su Yun leave contentedly.

With that, Shen Yuanye hailed a taxi and headed towards her old apartment.

Since it was the 8th today, she was not sure whether that man would appear.

That being so, she could not inform the police that that man would kill her today, as others might assume that she was lodging a false police report.

Standing by in a building nearby, she watched her old apartment building closely.

Up until it was past 7 p.m., where it had long since passed the time when she was stabbed, not once did that man appear in her line of sight.

Hence, Shen Yuanye reckoned that he probably would be coming today.

As such, she took her chance and followed a resident out of the small neighborhood.

It was not until she arrived at a busy road that she began to feel safe.

When she checked her phone for the time, it was already half past 7 in the evening.

Looking around, she entered the nearest small diner and ordered whatever caught her eye on the menu.

Then, she logged onto her Weibo account.

After pondering over it for a moment, she went into Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page and unfollowed him before following him again.

In the lapse of two days, she had probably looked at this picture for at least ten times, trying to figure out where exactly was the location in the picture.

When she first saw the picture, she felt so alarmed, but she gradually got used to the picture and had already calmed down a lot.

Just like before, both of them were still in that same pose.

Even so, the picture appeared to have been taken in the night time.

For her to be able to see the content so clearly, she reckoned it was due to one of the functions Weibo provided——Special Shooting Mode.

Observing it carefully, the picture appeared to have been taken from an angle where Shen Yuanye was able to see parts of their surroundings, approximately an area of several square feet from the two of them.

This time, her gaze locked on the details of the fallen slates.

Similarly, the slates in the Picture of Death on Li Mengran’s Weibo page had the same patterns, and even the colors and materials used were exactly the same as that of Zhang Wentao’s.

Previously, Shen Yuanye discovered that she was not able to screenshot these slates on her phone.

Hence, she could only search for any similar patterns online through their descriptions.

Since he is a Film Emperor, the place he lived in must not be too shabby.

In that case, these slates would not be cheap, so they must be of high quality.

Whenever the death news appeared on Weibo, it would only remain there for a minute.

Each time it disappeared, she would have to unfollow and follow the Weibo page anew.

After doing this repeatedly for countless times, she finally found an important clue.

The wall of the triangular district, behind Li Mengran, was inlaid with exquisite stones.

Shen Yuanye thought they appeared to look rather similar to cobblestones, but she was not exactly sure what material it was made of.

Even so, relevant news with pictures popped up when she was searching for them online.

Clicking into the news, she realized that the stone in the pictures looked the same.

At long last, Shen Yuanye was able to find some clues online, so she could not help but heaved a sigh and looked at the headline on the website.

“Newly Designed Yujing Residence with Unique Wall Breaks the City’s Record of the Highest House Prices!”

As for Yujing Residence, Shen Yuanye naturally knew of it.

The entire area consisted of several small standalone villas.

In order to safeguard the residents’ privacy, each villa was built relatively far away from the other.

Not only that, but its residents were also provided with exceptional sound insulation.

Hence, Yujing Residence definitely satisfied all the desires celebrities would have in a house.

Specifying this as her search criteria, Shen Yuanye once again began her search online.

Soon after, she discovered that this was the only place in the entire city that had this wall design.

Also, she followed both Zhang Wentao’s and Li Mengran’s Weibo pages to reconfirm it again.

In the Picture of the Death Scene, Shen Yuanye was able to see the broken slate’s inner side.

When she compared it with her search results, the patterns matched the one on the news article, pretty much matching all the criteria.

At this juncture, Shen Yuanye took in a deep breath and no longer had the appetite for her food laid before her.

Heading back to the search engine, she began a new search for news on Yujing Residence’s collapse.

Since she was not able to find any news online, the only thing she could do was to travel there and confirm it for herself as to whether it was true.

After jotting down the address, Shen Yuanye went to purchase a shovel at a supermarket.

Weighing it in her hands, she figured that this might be of use when she had to lift the stones later.

Without further ado, she went to hail a taxi.

As soon as the taxi driver’s eyes landed on a beautiful little lady with a shovel in her hand, he could not help but widen his eyes.

By the time he was informed that the destination she wished to go to was Yujing Residence, a sense of wonderment yet again welled up in him as he sped towards her desired destination.

Approximately half an hour later, the car finally stopped.

What laid before Shen Yuanye’s eyes was a massive Yujing Residence.

However, the taxi could only park outside and was not allowed to enter.

What’s more, Shen Yuanye also did not own a resident card.

With a shovel in hand, she stood at the perimeters and gazed into the distance.

All she could see were overgrown trees that remained green in the wintry days, obstructing one’s view of what laid inside the Yujing Residence.

However, she was not sure where exactly Zhang Wentao stayed in Yujing Residence.

From the front of Yujing Residence, Shen Yuanye went round to the back, and even after walking for over ten minutes, she still could not see where Yujing Residence ended.

Exhausted, she stopped at a large rock to rest for a while.

She had no idea whether the prediction on Weibo was in any way accurate, so she could only continue walking.

However, it was not easy for her to walk to her current location with a shovel in her hands, let alone thinking of her image.

Shen Yuanye thought to herself: However……it was fine if it turned out to be fake, as nothing would happen.

At that very moment, she was deafened by a sudden exploding sound that reverberated across the area.

At the sound of that, she instantly raised her head.

Not far from the wall, she spotted an astonishing sight through the crevices of the trees——a small villa that had suddenly collapsed amid blinding dust and flying debris.

Shen Yuanye’s entire body broke out in shivers of cold.


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