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Chapter 31: People who are mentally fragile can’t do this.

Shen Yuanye disliked this type of behavior very much.

She changed the subject, “Let’s not talk about this while eating.”

Sun Ai nodded, “Yeah, let’s not talk about it.

By the way, have you received any new jobs recently It should be much better than before.

Hua Yi shouldn’t be that stingy.

Although she was not in the entertainment industry, she still knew a few things.

Shen Yuanye picked up a piece of roasted meat and put it in her mouth.

The taste of grilled meat that she hadn’t tasted in a long time instantly made her feel blissfully happy.

“I just had a shoot for the cover of “GRACE” this afternoon, for the April issue.”

“Did you really shoot for the cover of “GRACE”” Sun Ai couldn’t believe it, “Oh my God, you are so lucky, Yuanye! You are going to get popular! “

As a person who often reads magazines and browses Weibo, she was certainly not unfamiliar with this magazine.

She was actually very familiar with it.

Many of the clothes she bought were based on the models in the magazine.

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Shen Yuanye was particularly satisfied with this strict security system so that she could live here with some peace of mind.

She wouldn’t have to worry about encountering bad things at home in the future.

Her apartment was in the middle building, on the eighteenth floor.

“The interior is well decorated.

If you are not satisfied, you can replace it.” Lu Yue opened the door.

“One bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom, facing south, and the bedroom balcony that faces in the direction of Hua Yi.”

Shen Yuanye looked at the entire apartment, from the inside to the outside.

The balcony was not big, but the spatial arrangement in the apartment was very good.

There was no extra space, and the decoration was Jane European style (TLN: Check bottom for a picture.), which was in line with her preferences.

“Okay, this is good.” Shen Yuanye nodded at Lu Yue.

Lu Yue asked formulaically, “Okay, when would you like to move in”

Shen Yuanye frowned and thought for a while, “Today if that’s okay.”

The longer she stayed in her current apartment, the greater the potential danger became.

The security of this community was much higher than the one she currently rented.

She had reported the case to the police before, but there had been no clues from the past few months till now.

She didn’t know if the police had taken her report to heart.

It was safer to move here.

Lu Yue nodded, “Yes, I will arrange for movers immediately.”

Although Shen Yuanye had been thinking about moving in the afternoon, she had not expected Lu Yue to complete things so quickly.

Within an hour, she had found movers.

She completed things quickly and efficiently.

Shen Yuanye was stunned.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, everything was finally settled.

The contract she had signed with her previous landlord was not supposed to last long, so the rent and initial deposit were returned after she moved.

Lu Yue flipped through the book in her hand, “Three trainees of the company live in the 2502 apartment in this building; talent singer Chen Mo lives in the 1801 apartment in the building behind this one.

Shen Qi, a new recruit, lives in the 1503 apartment two buildings behind this one…”

Shen Yuanye thought about how they had the same surname.

Lu Yue had obviously made preparations.

She spoke her words swiftly and clearly, and all the artists and apartment numbers in this community were clearly mentioned.

Shen Yuanye couldn’t help interrupting her: “I got it.”

Lu Yue stopped, “Ms.

Shen, if there is nothing wrong, try not to contact them.

Even if the security here is good, there are still many paparazzi.

The curtains in the room should be shut when you are doing something.”

She nagged through a long list of concerns with a straight face and a serious tone.

Shen Yuanye said, “I know, don’t worry.”

The paparazzi could get in through any opening.

She knew that long ago.

Many celebrities on Weibo have been secretly photographed because their curtains were not drawn.

Even after the accident happened and the celebrity stayed at home, the netizens still harassed them.

Lu Yue handed her the contract, saying, “If there aren’t any more matters, I will go back to the company now.”

“Okay.” Shen Yuanye took the contract.

The contract is signed by the company.

She didn’t expect the apartment to be bought by the company.

She thought it was rented to them by the company.

She also never thought that there were so many artists living in this community.

Even though there were dozens of them in total, there was still clout.

There must be paparazzi around.


The criminal investigation team was very busy.

Liu Heyang looked at the posts on the computer, furious, “Look at these people.

They seem to be afraid that the world isn’t chaotic enough.

All kinds of posts have appeared, all made up of incredible stories.

From the very beginning, when the body was found and the identity was confirmed, the members of the team knew that this matter would definitely receive a lot of attention, but they didn’t expect it to blow up so much to this extent.

Not only were there live broadcasts, but there were also many people spreading rumors about how Ping An Square was strange and scary.

Now, the case had turned into a story that Cheng Qiuyib had gone to Ping’an Square at night.

There happened to be ghosts there, so she was brutally killed by them.

Not only that, but after the ghosts killed her, she was also hidden in the wall.

That was just one version of the case.

Li Chen leaned over from the side, “I received an order yesterday that the case must be solved within three days.

Now there are only two days left.

Liu Heyang nodded and said, “These rumored posts think that the case is not serious and that it is some joke.

They will cause panic among the public, so delete them.

“Captain Jiang will come back from the square soon.”

Just after saying that, Jiang Pan strode past them, entered the office, and opened the door to come out again a minute later, “Meeting.”

The people in the team immediately sorted out the files they had found in the past few days.

The meeting room already had the relationships between Cheng Qiuyi and some of the people around her, as well as the suspects posted on a board.

Cheng Qiuyi’s death was on February 19th, and the specific time was approximately between 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock at night.

The reason why the time span was so large was that the corpse had been frozen and then decayed.

It had been difficult to distinguish the time due to the circumstances, and it was only confirmed after dissection.

It was now the beginning of March.

The weather was getting warmer, but people were still wearing long sleeves.

After Cheng Qiuyi’s body was frozen, it was placed in the heat for nearly five days.

It decayed, gradually changed, and began to smell.

She was put into the wall after her face could not be recognized and she stayed there for a few days.

That was when she was found in the wall by the workers.

At this point, it had been nearly ten days since her death.

Jiang Pan sat on the left, “Liu Heyang, you go first.”

Liu Heyang immediately turned on the projector, and the content soon appeared, “The result of my investigation here is that Cheng Qiuyi met many people on the day of her death, including her family and relatives, as well as her agent and former friends in the entertainment industry.

The day before her death date happened to be her birthday.

Ren Lulu was speechless.

“She still interacts with them after she withdrew from the industry”

“Cheng Qiuyi has been in the entertainment industry for a few years.

She has many friends.

Some are not well known now, but a few are very popular.

For example, two of them are the standard flower vase (TLN Note: Flower vase refers to celebrities that are beautiful but have no skill.

They make money because of their beautiful appearance.

One of them is Li Xinjie, who often appears in the most searched topics on Weibo, and the other is a popular drama person, Hong Jing.

Jiang Pan tapped the table, “Go on.”

“According to Cheng Qiuyi’s friends and family relatives, Cheng Qiuyi has been living the life of an ordinary person after leaving the industry and has never had any disputes with others.

She lives in an apartment, and the family that lives opposite her only knows that their neighbor is a beautiful woman.

They don’t even know that she is the big star, Cheng Qiuyi.

Liu Heyang turned the page again, “Cheng Qiuyi had a boyfriend at the beginning of the year.

He was in the entertainment industry, but he was not well-known.

He was a nobody (TLN Note: He was a small actor who wasn’t well-known nor popular.) actor named Su Chen.

He had made a phone call when Cheng Qiuyi died.

According to him, he called her to ask her out on a date, but no one answered.

He thought she was angry with him, so he didn’t call again.

After talking about the current clues, he noticed that Captain Jiang, who was in front of him, had turned silent.

Ren Lulu couldn’t help asking: “Shouldn’t he call more if he knows she’s angry Is it common for Cheng Qiuyi to get angry Were the two of them in an intense argument before “

“He assumed the same thing as you did.

Cheng Qiuyi didn’t like to answer the phone when she was angry.

Su Chen had been scolded many times before.

The reason for this quarrel was that Cheng Qiuyi did not invite him to her birthday party.”

Ren Lulu understood.

His girlfriend’s family and friends celebrated her birthday, but as a boyfriend, he was not included in the invitation.

It implied that she didn’t care about him.

“The several people’s alibis are not sufficient enough.” Liu Heyang added his last sentence, “Li Chen and I went to ask the people who celebrated her birthday.

Except for these three people with an insufficient alibi, everyone else had witnesses to prove that they did not have time to commit the crime.”

“Are there any grudges between Cheng Qiuyi and these people in private” Jiang Pan asked.

“We only found some trivial things for the time being.” Liu Heyang scratched his head.

“We asked, and they said there was no big deal.

Later, after asking some other people, I learned that Li Xinjie had been scolded by Cheng Qiuyi once before.

Jiang Pan asked nonchalantly, “What about the blood test results”

Li Chen immediately showed the murder weapon he had discovered this morning.

There were bloodstains on the knife in the bag, which had dried up and become hard pieces.

“It has just been identified.

It is Cheng Qiuyi’s DNA.

In addition, there is her own fingerprint on the weapon.

The murderer didn’t leave any fingerprints, so he should have been wearing gloves.

He couldn’t help but say, “This murderer is so bold.”

The refrigerator used to freeze Cheng Qiuyi was in her apartment, which means that after killing her, the murderer calmly took everything out of her refrigerator and stuffed Cheng Qiuyi into it.

That was why Cheng Qiuyi’s body posture was very strange.

After a few days of freezing, the murderer returned to Cheng Qiuyi’s apartment.

For unknown reasons, the heating was turned on and the body had begun to decay.

It was impossible for people with a weak mentality to do this series of things.

In the end, the murderer chose a place with a large flow of people, Ping An Square, as the place to throw out the body.

Obviously, he thought that the police would never catch him.

Two days before the body was found, it rained heavily, and the monitoring system went wrong.

Not a lot of people came to Ping An Square that day either.

So far, there have been no witnesses in the case.

The murderer really chose a good time.

TLN Note:

Here’s a picture of what Jane European style looks like! It’s very classy~

(Anon) I would like to live here for a bit.

I’m not sure if Fox and Jojo would like it.

(Jojo) I would definitely like it.

It has a certain vibe to it. 

(Hu Li) The style is so pretty! I would definitely live here and admire it every day.


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