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Chapter 35: There was a car accident.

While she was in a trance, the display time was over.

Shen Yuanye had previously calculated how long the updated Weibo information could be displayed.

It lasted about five minutes, which was much longer than before.

She didn’t look at the next 360° panorama.

Anyway, Lin Huixin’s death date was decades later, so there was nothing to worry about now.

On the contrary, if she saw it now, she would worry about the future.

She turned off her phone and left the bathroom.

Perhaps Lin Huixin felt that Shen Yanyue’s asking to go to the bathroom at that time was actually her refusing since it seemed a bit sudden.

Since her return, Lin Huixin and Su Yun had not mentioned the matter again.

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Shen Yuanye glanced at Lin Huixin, who was standing aside, and said, unassumingly, “Sister Huixin, you’d better not go out the day after tomorrow.”

She just mentioned it briefly.

Lin Huixin heard clearly, wiped her hands, and turned her head, “Yuanye, what did you say What will happen to me the day after tomorrow”

Shen Yuan Ye’s expression was calm, and she was not surprised by her rhetorical question at all.

Instead, she said it again, “I see a light black air lingering around your face.

Recently, you have had bad luck.

Try not to go out.

As for the slap on the 11th, she didn’t say anything.

The cause of the slap was probably an argument, and it was not a major event.

Compared with a car accident, it was not serious at all.

The reason she didn’t say ophryon (TLN: To save y’all a bit of time from searching, ophryon is the point right in between the area of where your eyebrows are.) was because other people used this reason too much, and continuing to say it seemed as if she was a liar. 

Lin Huixin reflexively touched her face, turned her head, and asked Su Yun: “Is there anything black on my face”

Su Yun said: “No.”

“Did you see the dark circles on my face” Lin Huixin smiled and looked at Shen Yuanye, “I haven’t rested well during this period.

Maybe this is the reason.”

“Car accident, fracture.” Shen Yuanye just said, softly, “Believe it or not.”

She once said this to Jiang Pan, and in the end, he had believed it.

Maybe there was the mentality that he had where he couldn’t let the perpetrator go, so he couldn’t let go of even a little possibility by not believing.

It was up to Lin Huixin whether she believes this or not.

“Car accident” Lin Huixin repeated.

When these two words came out, she couldn’t help but laugh, but immediately thought of Su Yun’s pool incident back then, and was a little hesitant.

In all fairness, she found it difficult for her to get into a car accident.

She drove for so many years, and she was very skilled. Even Su Yun couldn’t match it.

How could there be such an unskilled thing as a car accident

“Did you just figure this out” Lin Huixin put down her hands and asked, “Will I really have a car accident that day, and will I have such a serious fracture”

Shen Yuanye nodded without speaking.

Her calm appearance made Lin Huixin feel uncertain.

Thinking of this, she smiled slightly and said, “Okay, I will pay attention.”

Although she said her words perfectly, Shen Yuanye could tell that she didn’t care.

She did not continue to persuade her.

This was not a life-threatening thing.

Besides, she still didn’t believe in her very much, so let her experience it.

What Su Yun thought was completely different.

The last time she was reminded by Shen Yuanye more directly than this, and she didn’t care at all at the time.

But later, the facts taught a person.

Shen Yuanye wasn’t a cold-blooded person who lacked feelings.

She had no obligation to help avoid risks and death for others.

 Who knows whether this was Weibo’s predictive function effect on her She still didn’t know.

Moreover, in the past, those fortune-tellers rarely said everything, and the old saying “the secrets of heaven cannot be revealed” did not come out of thin air.

The result of leaking the secrets of heaven was to be punished, although she hadn’t been punished yet.

Su Yun took the initiative to break the silence: “It’s already late, Yuanye.

Did you drive here If not, I will take you back.

Shen Yuanye shook her head and said, “My assistant will be here later.”

Lin Huixin had something else to say, but she was held by Su Yun’s hand under the table, and reminded in a low voice: “Don’t talk nonsense.

She said before that it’s your own business to believe it or not.

If you don’t believe it, don’t say it.

“Nothing.” Lin Huixin said, “I’m just surprised.”

She was surprised that she would have a car accident in the mouth of Shen Yuanye the day after tomorrow.

Whether it is true or not, she must pay attention to safety on the road when she goes out the day after tomorrow.

It is better to believe that it exists than not.

If it were true, then she’d call her, Master Shen in the future, and there’d be a good relationship.

If it was fake, then it was just a simple meal.

Lu Yue came at the right time, and they saw her walking towards the room when she came into the building.

In fact, Shen Yuanye didn’t really like Lin Huixin.

Compared to Su Yun, her attitude was strange.

She seemed to believe in her on the surface and asked her to tell her fortunes.

But when she actually said the fortune, she didn’t believe it.

Although it was not expressed in words, it could be seen in her body language.

“Miss Shen.” Lu Yue stepped forward.

Seeing her cold and indifferent face, Shen Yuanye relaxed a little, turned her head, and said, “Sister Yun, Miss Lin, I will be leaving now.”

Seeing the figure disappearing at the end of the corridor, Lin Huixin was a little bit dumbfounded.

“My name has become Miss Lin.

She must have been dissatisfied with me just now.

Su Yun glanced at her, “Who told you to have that attitude”

She was a little bit dissatisfied with her too.

For quite a while, Lin Huixin had been asking her to invite Shen Yuanye over, but she didn’t trust the other party’s ability.

Any normal person with a temper would definitely be unhappy.

Shen Yuanye had afraid to see the death date and the photos of the scene of death before, but now she had nothing to worry about.

The calendar was really interesting to her.

If she could see the good and bad for the next week, wouldn’t it be possible for her to set up a booth for fortune-telling

Shen Yuanye couldn’t help thinking of the way that Jiang Pan didn’t believe her before.

If he came again next time, he’d just get another slap in the face.

(TLN Note: Slap in the face means that their thinking was proved wrong quickly.)

She tested it the last time.

This Weibo predictive function was bound to her account.

If her phone broke, then she could just get a new one and continue logging in.

And if the account was deleted or banned, then this function might never be available again.

Shen Yuanye thought for a while, and concluded that there was no reason to ban her account.

Those who were reported to Weibo to be banned were accounts of some paparazzi that spread rumors, and the rest were keyboard guys who spread obscene, pornographic, and insulting rumors against people.

A ban was impossible, and she wouldn’t delete the account herself.

In the room, Su Yun turned her head to Lin Huixin and said, “Just don’t go out for one day.

There are no important matters, so there’s less chance of you being in an accident.”

After experiencing the electricity leakage in the swimming pool, she was very convinced by Shen Yuanye.

Since she said Lin Huixin would have an accident and Shen Yuanye and her have no hatred, there was no reason for her to curse Huixin.

She urged again: “Be extra careful the day after tomorrow.”


Shen Yuanye’s words weren’t taken seriously by Lin Huixin.

After returning home in the evening, at the dinner table, her father, Lin Hai, took the initiative to ask: “I heard you saw a model today” Lin Hai was already in his sixties, not young, but he was in good spirits. 

“Dad, why do you care about everything” Lin Huixin retorted, “Didn’t I mention it to you last time and that it was a young lady that saved me and Su Yun”

Lin Hai asked, “How was the meeting”

When his daughter came back from abroad, she told him about the leakage of electricity in the swimming pool.

He was also shocked.

He only had one daughter, and it would be devastating if she died.

With so many people in the company paying attention to him, it would be over if something happened to him as well.

He was still quite interested in the young lady in Lin Huixin’s words, but not to the point where he took the initiative to investigate.

The older generation believed in fortune-telling and also believed in geomantic omens.

This old house was visited by a geomantic omen master before, and the family had been peaceful for so many years.

Lin Huixin replied, “She said I would have a car accident the day after tomorrow.”

Shen Yuanye’s serious appearance flashed before her eyes.

It didn’t look like she was making it up, so she vaguely believed it, but then also wanted to deny it.

Lin Hai put down his chopsticks and said, “Is it that simple Nothing else “

“Nothing else.” Lin Huixin smiled and said, “Why would there be so many She just said that one sentence.

The question is if it is real or not.

Although I think she is quite magical because of Su Yun’s matters, putting it on myself is really too ridiculous.

She finally understood why Su Yun didn’t believe it at all at first.

Lin Hai frowned, “Since everything has been said, it is better to be more careful.”

“Dad, don’t worry.” Lin Huixin nodded and replied, “I know.

I will be very careful when I go out the day after tomorrow.”

Jewelry exhibitions abroad would start in a month.

Lin Huixin, as the general manager of JZ, would naturally be there to have a meeting with them.

Although Shen Yuanye was talking about the day after tomorrow, she still paid attention to safety.

At the end of the day, nothing happened except for an extra confession.

Lin Huixin forgot about it the next day.

Beijing was always congested during working hours.

No matter how rich she was, she couldn’t make all the cars on the road disappear, so she could only stop there.

After waiting for more than an hour, the traffic was finally gone.

At this moment, the company’s meeting had been going on for a short while, and Lin Huixin patted the steering wheel and honked the horn a little bit anxiously.

Seeing that there were fewer cars, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and started to speed up.

If she missed this meeting, it would be very troublesome.

No matter how much you watch the recording or the video, it was not as good as participating in it yourself.

As the car went straight ahead, Lin Huixin kept staring ahead, and the sound in the conference room came from the Bluetooth headset from time to time.

Just as she passed a green light, a tricycle suddenly came onto her lane.

Lin Huixin was caught off guard and kept on turning the steering wheel to avoid it.

The car on the other side drove forward and slammed into her car, making her head dizzy.

At that moment, Shen Yuanye’s words were all that was on her mind.

Car accident, fracture…

Lin Huixin could naturally feel the pain in her legs, and her whole body was like falling into an ice cave.


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