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Chapter 36: Master Shen.

Lin Huixin’s car accident appeared on the news.

It didn’t make sense.

After all, it was only on a small scale, but who knew it would be a series of car accidents where three cars crashed into one

Shen Yuanye still felt the situation was lamentable when she browsed Weibo.

At first glance, she knew that Lin Huixin didn’t take her warning at that time seriously, otherwise how could such a serious situation occur

She just wondered whether the fracture was serious or not.

One room in the hospital was crowded with people.

A group of people were arguing and speaking at the same time, and it gave Lin Huixin a headache.

“Can you guys stop talking and arguing It’s just a bone fracture, and there is nothing serious about it.

Go back to the company.

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“Dad, I couldn’t give up the meeting.” Lin Hui smiled bitterly.

Lin Hai snorted, “What is the difference between what you are doing now and the result”

Lin Huixin was rendered speechless with these words.

She wasn’t able to attend the meeting, and now her leg was fractured.

She had to lie in bed and couldn’t move for the next few weeks.

She was really anxious just thinking about it.

“Did that young lady say anything else” asked Lin Hai.

Lin Huixin shook her head, “She only said that I was having bad luck recently and told me not to go out for the past two days because of the car accident and fractured leg.

Nothing else was mentioned.

“Oh, she didn’t mention it, or did she not want to say it” Lin Hai asked rhetorically.

Lin Huixin didn’t know what to say again.

Thinking about her father’s question, it was really possible.

At the time, because of her attitude, even if there was something, Shen Yuanye wouldn’t have wanted to tell her.

Lin Hai looked at her, “Go and visit her once you leave the hospital.

Don’t offend others.

There are many people in this world who are more capable of certain things than you are.


“Will do,” Lin Huixin replied.

Even if Lin Hai hadn’t said anything, she would have gone.

The other party had kindly reminded her, but she didn’t believe it, and now here was the result.

The dazzling white in the room plus the white color on her legs made her eyes hurt.

Lin Hai asked again, “What’s that young lady’s name”

Lin Huixin replied, “Her name is Shen Yuanye.

I heard from Su Yun that she is an orphan.

She grew up in an orphanage and became a model in college.

Lin Hai thought more about it, wondering, “Can an orphan tell fortunes”

“I don’t know about that.” Lin Huixin patted herself, “Dad, there’s no point in not believing her.

Her fortunes both times were correct.

Look at my leg, and the last time the swimming pool leaked electricity.

Her fortunes were correct.

Fortunately, it was only a fracture this time, not death.

“Yeah.” Lin Hai didn’t say anything more.

After he left, Lin Huixin called Su Yun, and she was a little bit emotional when she said she was on a business trip and wouldn’t be back until two days later.

After that, she stayed in the hospital bed for a few more days.

It was so boring.

It had been five days since the fracture.

She just had to get out of bed.

When she first came, she had to bounce to the bathroom.

She didn’t like it when the nurse followed her.

Now she could stand on the ground for a short while.

After a week, the plaster might be able to be removed.

Lin Huixin touched her leg, breathed a sigh of relief, turned on the computer brought by the secretary, and prepared to watch videos online to relieve her boredom.

Just as she was beginning to watch a drama, the door opened.

The door banged against the wall with a jerk, making her ears sore.

Lin Huixin looked over, and a woman she didn’t know was wearing a western-style fur vest with a bag on her shoulders and walked over angrily.

She frowned slightly and reminded her: “Sorry, did you go to the wrong…”

Before she finished speaking, the woman came up directly and slapped her.

Lin Hui was caught off guard, her face tilted to the side.

There was a smell of rust in her mouth, and her face started hurting.

Lin Huixin hissed, and before she had time to ask who she was, she shouted directly: “Where is the nurse I spent money to stay here, and that’s how you treat patients “

The sound soon spread outside, with footsteps coming from far and near.

The woman in front of the hospital bed sneered when she saw this situation.

The powder on her face almost fell off, and she stretched out her hand to slap her again.

Lin Huixin was prepared and threw the computer directly at her.

Unexpectedly, the woman was pushed to the ground by the computer, screaming in pain.

Lin Huixin used her mobile phone to call the police, and asked vigilantly: “Who are you anyway”

The nurses came in and saw the woman who had just gotten up on the ground and the person with blood oozing from the corner of her mouth on the hospital bed.

Their complexions changed, and they hurried forward to stop the action.

The woman yelled and cursed: “B*tch girl, who told you to seduce my husband! Go to death! Shameless b*tch! And you look so… “

She spoke even nastier, and Lin Hui frowned.

When did she seduce her husband She had never fallen in love, and who did she seduce

In the end, all the swear words came out directly and piled directly on Lin Huixin’s body, her face becoming more and more unsightly after hearing them.

Several nurses could hardly stop her.

Fortunately, the security guard came soon, stopped her, dragged her out, and finally, the room became quiet.

Lin Huixin rubbed her ears and called the person in charge directly.

The corners of her mouth still hurt a lot.

She looked at her reflection on her phone, and it seemed to be a little ruptured.

When she pulled it, she felt pain and discomfort.

She said, in an angry tone, “I’m hospitalized here, and your hospital has such security.

Why do you let people be able to rush in directly “

The person in charge quickly apologized.

Fortunately, they asked quickly, and soon the identity of the woman came out.

When she talked about it with Lin Huixin, she simply had to sneer.

She was confessed to by a man at the company the day before the car accident.

Who knew this woman was his wife 

Who knew where she found out about her husband confessing to Lin Huixin She apparently exploded with anger and came over directly after inquiring about the room number.

Lin Huixin pursed her lips for the doctor to apply the medicine.

Her eyes were cold.

She was determined to investigate this.

 After learning about this matter, Su Yun brought snacks to her to condole with her, saying, “I asked you to be careful before.

You didn’t listen, and look at things now.

Lin Huixin didn’t dare open her mouth too hard, “I thought that nothing would be wrong in the hospital.

Who knew there was a madwoman coming over “

Su Yun said, “She said that you would have bad luck recently.”

A car accident and a slap.

Of course, it was bad luck.


On the 11th, the photos for “GRACE” also came out.

Liu Li also called, “The next time you shoot a video, you must take a good shot.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

I have seen the photos.

They are amazing.

You are awesome, Yuanye.

The following encouragement was like something an adult would tell a child, and Shen Yuanye almost blushed.

She also wanted a sample this time, and when she saw herself, she smiled slightly.

Sure enough, she didn’t choose the wrong magazine.

The standard of this company was very high, and there were very few mistakes.

This issue of photos was completely in line with her idea.

The makeup that Vincent gave her was very suitable for the clothing, and it was quite perfect to match the content of this issue, which can be said to be very satisfactory.

Compared to “Fei Shang”, “Grace” was definitely better.

Now she was just waiting for the magazine to be published next month.

When Shen Yuanye was about to admire them for a while, she received a call from Su Yun.

She stared at the two characters on her phone, guessing that it might be Lin Huixin’s business.

To pick up or not to pick up

After thinking about it, she still connected, “Sister Yun.”

“Yuanye, you should have seen the news already.

Hui Xin wants to say a few words to you.

I don’t know if it is inconvenient for you” Su Yun glanced at Lin Huixin, who was anxious.

Shen Yuanye asked, “Is there anything important”

Su Yun’s expression was full of embarrassment.

Her best friend was really unkind; she only thought of others when something happened. “It’s about the recent events, you know.”

Shen Yuanye sat back on the sofa and slowly said, “I see.”

Lin Huixin sat on the hospital bed, looked at Su Yun’s face, and leaned in to ask in a low voice: “Did she agree”

Su Yun shook her head and heard the person on the opposite side respond.

She handed her phone to Lin Huixin and said, “It’s not that I didn’t help you.

I was angry at your attitude last time.

Yuanye reminded you, but you didn’t listen.

Tell her yourself.

The rest depends on your own ability.”

Lin Huixin didn’t dare argue with her, because this matter was really a mistake she made on her own.

If she hadn’t put Shen Yuanye’s words behind her last time and felt that she was too young, how would she be embarrassed now

She answered the phone quickly and went straight to the subject, “Yuanye… I’ll call you Master Shen.

Have I really been having bad luck recently “

Shen Yuanye felt strange.

Hearing her talking was a bit weird.

Then she thought about it.

Wasn’t it exactly the 11th today The slap most likely came true.

But the name Master Shen almost made her blush.

This was probably the only time that she had been believed when she said that she could do fortune-telling.

She even became a master.

She stopped smiling and said slowly, “Miss Lin, are you not clear”

This rhetorical question made Lin Hui feel embarrassed.

She knew that there were two unlucky things in a row, so she wanted to find Shen Yuanye to ask her about other things.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know her plan, but she also guessed something.

Wasn’t it because the prediction was fulfilled that she came to her to ask

She didn’t feel angry either, but instead felt that she was not taken seriously.

Lin Huixin told Su Yun that she wanted to see her.

She went because of Su Yun, and the other party had that attitude.

Lin Huixin knew when she heard these words that she had made a mistake last time, which directly offended Shen Yuanye, and now she was obviously dissatisfied.

What she was afraid of now was that she would be even more unlucky next.

Her mouth and legs still hurt.


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