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Chapter 5: That’s Because I Predicted It

Before she had the chance to mull over this, the remaining police officer had already approached Shen Yuanye.

Being someone who should not have appeared at the scene, it was no surprise that they had taken her back to the police station.

Even though she was suspected to be the culprit, Shen Yuanye was not an actual criminal.

Hence, she had the freedom to use her phone.

Once again, she logged onto her Weibo account. 

At present, there were only Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran in her following list.

After giving it a little thought, Shen Yuanye decided to unfollow them.

Now that she had changed their dying fate, she was curious to know what sort of changes would there be on that Portrait of the Deceased in their Weibo pages.

After following Zheng Wentao on Weibo, her phone once again went black.

Patiently, Shen Yuanye waited until the black screen disappeared a minute later.

However, she, strangely enough, did not see anything new.

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Fortunately, it was not life-threatening this time. 

Otherwise, there might be a possibility for the death of both mother and unborn.

The doctor instructed, “As of right now, the patient must not in any way become agitated.

In the coming weeks, she must rest and recuperate.


Beaming at the doctor, Li Xue nodded her head.

“I got it, thanks doctor.”

It was only after the doctor left that her smile began to fade away.

Tucking the blanket for Li Mengran, Li Xue left the ward and headed straight for a nearby area.

In another area of the hospital, Zhang Wentao’s arm was currently being patched up by a doctor. 

Through this accident, he sustained some injuries——a dislocated shoulder that had been popped back into place earlier, and a large missing chunk of skin that was ripped away by a piece of slate.

Yet, he did not even feel any pain previously as all of his attention was placed elsewhere.

As soon as he saw her leave Li Mengran’s ward, Zhang Wentao immediately stood up.

“Is Mengran alright What about our child”

Li Xue answered, “She has signs of miscarriage, so she must rest and recuperate in the coming weeks.

I’m afraid we need to cancel next month’s album release.”

Initially, the child had come as a surprise for them.

Since both of them had to hide it from the world, Li Mengran also had to participate in events for her new album release.

That way, the reporters would have had nothing on them.

Who would have imagined that something like this would occur

At long last, Zhang Wentao felt a weight being lifted off his shoulders.

“What the h*ll is going on here I remember you’ve just purchased a new villa, so how could it just collapse and even crush people” asked Li Xue, frowning.

How could Yujing Residence be constructed shoddily

Upon hearing that, the look in Zhang Wentao’s eyes hardened.

As he left the doctor’s room, he whispered, “If my suspicion is correct, someone must have entered the villa and placed something similar to explosives.

That’s why it became so severe.”

“Explosives” exclaimed Li Xue, with such astonishment that she nearly cried out.

For something subjected to stringent control, like explosives, how was it possible for it to come into a regular folk’s possession They couldn’t have offended some mafia, could they

Zhang Wentao nodded his head.

“Even if it weren’t explosives, it must have been something similar.

Now that I’ve acted in so many films, I’m able to detect it.”

At that time, he heard a faint sound slide into his ear.

At the thought of that, he thumped his fist on the windowsill, causing the entire window to vibrate.

“If I knew who it was, I would never let him get away with it!”

With that, Li Xue no longer lingered on this topic anymore, but rather, she informed, “The police are currently questioning the doctors of the situation, so it’ll be your turn in a whiles’ time.

I’ve already informed them not to say a word about you and Mengran.”

When it came to two rising stars, marriage was something that was very difficult to manage, especially when they had married in secret for a year.

Not only that, but Mengran was also pregnant.

Zhang Wentao replied, “Alright, I got it.”

As Li Mengran’s agent, it was natural for her to know Zhang Wentao well and be on the same side since both celebrities had gotten together. 

After saying so, Zhang Wentao entered the ward.

Currently, Li Mengran was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed.

On a closer inspection, he could see that her pale skin finally regained some color.

However, an agonized frown marred her face even in sleep, indicating how restless she was.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he extended his hand to smoothen Li Mengran’s delicate brows.

As his eyes fell on her stomach, he could not help but heave a deep sigh.

Fortunately, both of them are safe and sound.

If it weren’t for someone getting us out in time, I’m afraid that by the time the security came, Mengran and my child would have been…… 

With this in mind, Zhang Wentao suddenly strode out of the ward, searching for Li Xue.

Upon finding her at the cashier, he inquired, “Do you know where that girl, who rescued us, is”

Even though she had no idea who that was, Li Xue recalled that Mengran mentioned this girl once before falling asleep.

Hence, she guessed, “She might have been taken away by the police.”

After all, someone irrelevant had appeared at the scene of the accident.

After some thought, Zhang Wentao stated, “Either way, we have to get her out of there first.

It has probably nothing to do with her, or else, she would not have risked her life to rescue us.”

As for collapsed houses like this, after the first collapse occurred, there would usually be the risk of a second collapse.

Hence, it was not easy for a girl like her to come over.

Regardless of what her initial motive was, she was still their savior.

With that, Li Xue nodded her head and cautioned, “Alright, I’ll follow them to the police station later.

For now, you’ll accompany Mengran in the ward and remember not to aggravate her emotions.

It’s not good for her body and baby.”

Of course, Zhang Wentao knew of this.

“Thanks, Sister Li.”

As soon as the police officer was done questioning the doctor, she then quickly located Zhang Wentao.

“……Do you happen to know the cause of this accident Do you have any relevant clues”

In response, Zhang Wentao recounted everything that he knew.

Subsequently, he speculated, “It might be possible that this person had long since entered the villa, and we had not noticed him.”

The police officers could investigate this by looking through the surveillance footage.

After asking a series of questions, the female police officer finally inquired, “What is your relationship with that lady, Shen Yuanye, found at the scene of the accident”

Receiving a call from her colleague earlier, she was finally able to get hold of the lady’s name. 

It turned out her name is Shen Yuanye.

Since Zhang Wentao is a Film Emperor, he pretty much blurted it out without giving it much thought.

“She is a friend of ours, who just happened to be there to rescue us.”

“Friend Just happened to be there to rescue both of you”

“Yes, so this has nothing to do with her.

I do hope that you will find the real perpetrator as soon as possible,” asserted Zhang Wentao, without elaborating any further.

As for this sort of lie, the more one spoke, the more mistakes might be exposed.

Even if Zhang Wentao was a Film Emperor, there were still times where his lies were exposed.

Hence, it was better for him not to speak at all and just let them speculate on their own.

Once the female police officer packed her stuff away, she stated, “Alright.

Thank you for your cooperation.”

It was only until after she left that Zhang Wentao was free to find out who exactly Shen Yuanye was.

He initially thought she was an ordinary person, but he never expected to find pictures she had previously taken when he randomly searched for her on Baidu.

Shen Yuanye turned out to be a model.

At this thought, doubts once again rose in Zhang Wentao’s calmed mind.

However, he was rather unwilling to assume the worst about someone, especially when this person had just rescued them.

Even so, it was not impossible for a situation where a thief was crying ‘thief’ to happen.

No matter how one pondered over this matter, it still seemed pretty bizarre for a model, like her, to be showing up in that area with a shovel in her hand.

Pressing his lips together, Zhang Wentao decided to head back to the villa with the police officers later to figure out what exactly was going on.

As of right now, the most viable way to do it was through the surveillance footage.


“Why were you doing there”

In the face of this question, Shen Yuanye approached it impassively.

“I just happened to pass by that area.”

“Pass by” The police officer asked in return, “Since that area is so deserted, what were you going to do there Were you indeed passing by that area”

“I brought a shovel along, intending to collect different soil samples.” Shen Yuanye continued to lie through her teeth, “I was going to raise some flowers, but the pollution in the city was far too severe……”

Watching the police officers, who sat opposite, pulled on a strange look, Shen Yuanye immediately changed the topic.

“As a matter of fact, I initially had no intention of entering Yujing Residence, but I encountered a furtive fellow.”

Upon hearing that, the police officer stopped writing instantly.

Shen Yuanye continued, “At that time, I heard a loud explosion.

Then, when I turned to look in that direction, I happened to see a dark shadow.

I thought it was rather strange, as that person was acting as a thief, sneaking around.

That was why I followed the path that he took and discovered a hole at the perimeters of Yujing Residence.” 

Apart from her motive, she spoke no word of a lie.

Since she had done nothing wrong, Shen Yuanye was not in the least guilty.

“The size of that hole probably came up to my thigh here.

After going through it, I found the collapsed area, and the rest was me trying to save them.”

The police officer questioned, “Did you see what that dark shadow looked like”

Shen Yuanye shook her head in response.

“No, it was too dark.

However, you can see the surveillance footage taken from Yujing Residence’s perimeters.

I’m sure you should be able to discover something.”

She was not afraid of being seen in the surveillance footage, as she was just a passerby at that time and had only walked around the perimeters.

Later, she had only been sitting on a boulder when the accident occurred.


By the time she left the Public Security Bureau, it was already very late at night.

It was not safe for Shen Yuanye to return there now, and she had yet to move into her new yet empty apartment.

Hence, all she could do now was to search for a nearby hotel.

Recalling all that had occurred tonight, she could not help but give a deep sigh. 

At the moment, it was already past 10 p.m.

Without the heating from the Public Security Bureau, Shen Yuanye stood outside shivering in the cold as the cold wind blew.

Out of a sudden, a car stopped before Shen Yuanye, causing her to take a step back.

With a down coat in hand, Zhang Wentao alighted from his car and handed it over to her before saying politely, “Thank you for tonight.”

Silently, Shen Yuanye took the down coat from him and immediately put it on.

It was only then did she feel slightly warmer.

Lifting her head to look straight at him, she asked, “Is this you trying to ask me why I was there” 

Huddled under the massive black down coat, half her face was hidden behind the collar.

Under the streetlamp, Zhang Wentao met her eyes, those shiny black eyes.

It was as if he was looking into a lake.

He was rendered stunned for a moment, as he was not expecting her to question herself.

Thereafter, he stated, “I just wish to know, but let’s go somewhere warmer first.

Since you’ve given your coat to Mengran, you must have been freezing all night long.”

However, Shen Yuanye shook her head.

“It’s alright.

I just wish to head back and have a good night’s sleep.”

Moving her fingers that was tucked deep in the pockets, she held the collar down and said, “Whatever happened to both of you has nothing to do with me, and I do not wish to be involved either.”

Who knows what sort of person had a Film Emperor and an Empress of Pop offended That person was even capable of doing something so terrifying, such as blowing up a house.

Not expecting this answer from her, Zhang Wentao’s brows drew together and asked, “I want to know why would a model, like you, appear there You don’t live in Yujing Residence, do you”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye blinked.

But, she had long since thought that they would be suspicious of her since the timing of her appearance was far too coincidental.

Even so, she still had to go over there.

On the one hand, she had to validate Weibo’s predictability, but on the other hand, she could never let the two of them die.

“Don’t you have any explanations” Zhang Wentao questioned closely, “If you aren’t able to give me an explanation as to why you appeared there so timely……”

As he said so, Shen Yuanye interrupted, “That’s because I predicted it.”

While he was in a daze, Shen Yuanye proclaimed bluntly, “In actual fact, I’m a fortune-teller.

Modeling is only one of my professions.”


For a Film Emperor, who believed firmly in sciences, was loyal to the country and the Party1, Zhang Wentao was literally dumbfounded.

The author has something to say:

Yuanye is so unconventional, hahaha


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