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Chapter 50: Nowhere is the worship temple comparable to Shen Yuanye.

With such an embarrassing incident, Chen Long just smiled, “Oh, so it’s actually Miss Shen.”

Of course, what he really cares about is his own matters.

As for saying the name of the person wrong, it is just a trivial matter and has no effect on him.

Chen Long looked at Cheng Feiqiong and said, “Mr.

Cheng, this is the case.

I recently considered bidding for the Linglong Bay project, but I was not sure whether it would be beneficial to me, so I just wanted to calculate it.”

There are more than a dozen bidding companies, all of which are well-known domestic real estate developers.

His advantage is still obvious.

As long as he bids, there is an 80% chance that he will win.

But the premise is that this project is worth his investment.

If Linglong Bay has no problems in the future, then he will be on a higher level.

And he will no longer have any more rivals in China.

If there is a problem, his funds will be trapped, and he will be defeated, and he may even become a pauper.

This level of risk is too great.

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“Mbl ywnvksd kp sd vbl 16vb Gal usw pwal”

The person on the other side said: “Mr.

Chen, the news has already been released over there, and the documents will be sent out immediately, starting at two o’clock in the afternoon on the 16th.”

Chen Long squinted, “Okay, I see.”

He hung up the phone, let out a sigh, and suddenly thought of the words Shen Yuanye had just said, and suddenly his eyes sharpened.

Does not going well refer to the bidding

After Chen Long came back from the outside, he asked again and again and looked at Mr.

Cheng eagerly.

Cheng Feiqiong waved his hand, “I have said everything that should be said.”

He got up and left the meeting room, leaving the others behind.

Cheng Xun said embarrassedly: “My dad has this temperament.

He is done with what he said, and you have to comprehend the rest, Mr.


Chen Long thought for a while, only the message that the 16th is not going well, what can he comprehend

As soon as Cheng Feiqiong left, Shen Yuanye felt free, and no one noticed when she took her phone.

Cheng Xun was even more unlikely to ask what she was doing.

She simply continued to read what she hadn’t read before.

Chen Long turned his gaze to Shen Yuanye over there, and suddenly came up with an idea, and asked, “Ms.

Shen, do you have anything to say”

Shen Yuanye was looking at her phone and happened to see the 16th.

She clicked directly in, and a line of words appeared in front of her eyes.

[April 16, 2018·Level 3 Danger] Won the bid.

The third level of danger means that it is not life-threatening and not particularly serious, but the impact on Chen Long may be relatively large.

Shen Yuanye just heard his voice, raised her head, and said calmly: “What I want to say is just that what I think is the opposite of what you think.”

Chen Long was stunned.

What he thinks

Cheng Xun was confused when he heard that, but he saw Chen Long suddenly smile before him, “Thank you Miss Shen for your reminder! Mr.

Xiao Cheng, I have other matters, so I will leave first!”

He soon left the Cheng house.

Cheng Xun looked at his disappearing figure and turned to Shen Yuanye, “Aren’t you afraid that what you said was wrong”

Shen Yuanye took a sip of tea calmly, “This is his own problem, no one can interfere, I have already said my thoughts.”

What Chen Long thought was that he won the bid.

She said exactly the opposite, that is, he doesn’t win the bid, smart people should know.


In the afternoon on the 16th.

The whole hall is bright and quiet, and each round table is placed with a nameplate with the names of the major bidders written on it.

It’s not too late for Chen Long to come, there are already a few people inside.

He greeted them one by one and said with a smile: “…I really don’t know about this.

This time it is a private bid.

Who knows if I will win I hope everyone will show mercy.”

The middle-aged people who heard this sneered in their hearts.

Chen Long sat back on his table, with a confident look that made the person who was secretly looking at him frustrated, wondering whether to add more.

After all, once Chen Long makes a move, they will be less likely to be able to win.

Thinking about it, no one mentioned the idea.

Until two o’clock, a young man came out from behind, standing on the stage and politely said: “Please put your bid plan in the box.”

Folders were put into the box one after another, and everyone held their breath and waited for the next key plot.

Chen Long remembered the numbers he had written, breathing heavily.


Cheng’s apprentice should be right.

He stared at the inside with scorching eyes, anyway, he just came so people knew he was there, and he didn’t know which one would win the bid.

Half an hour later, the young man appeared with a piece of paper.

Everyone in the hall was full of spirits.

“The winning bidder of Linglong Bay is…” The young man’s loud voice echoed in the space, and it was clearly audible through the speaker, “From Jincheng Real Estate in Jinjiang Province, congratulations.”

All eyes were focused on Jincheng Real Estate.

Chen Long took a sip of tea without any rush, remembering that he had filled one million casually, and shook his head slightly.

If he won with a million, then it would be strange.

Jincheng Real Estate ranks only in the second half of the top ten in the country.

No one thought it would be them in the limelight for a while since they won the bid.

“Hey, I went to the temple to worship before I came here.

I didn’t expect it to be really useful.” Jincheng Real Estate’s Ceo Jin said with a big belly.

And the he also said, “I’ve made a concession.”

Someone asked: “Which temple”

Half a month passed quietly.

Chen Long has been paying attention to the progress of the Linglong Bay project during this period.

Jincheng Real Estate took the Linglong Bay project seriously.

Everything is done at the fastest speed, and the survey and plan are quickly formed.

Until the end of April, Chen Long couldn’t help but make a fuss after hearing the news that the other party had decided to develop Linglong Bay and had brought engineers into it.

Why is there nothing wrong with this

Is Linglong Bay destined to have an accident in his hands, but it is normal when in the hands of others

He suppressed his anger, thought of the girl that day, and quickly waved: “Xiao Wang, go get the contact information of someone called Shen Yuanye.”

Xiao Wang responded immediately.

In less than an hour, he knocked on the door and came in, “Mr.

Chen, Miss Shen is a model, and she is famous on Weibo.

This is her mobile phone number.”


Chen Long became even angrier when he heard it.

The Cheng family was the co-author to lie to him, right A model is said to be Mr.

Cheng’s apprentice

Even if Mr.

Cheng is not pleasing to his eyes, there is no need to do that, right

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he had been deceived.

Chen Long dialed the phone number in his hand and decided to ask carefully.

The other side was connected very quickly.

Chen Long gave a light cough: “Miss Shen, it’s me, Chen Long.”

Shen Yuanye was a little surprised, “Mr.

Chen, are there any matters”

Could it be that something happened on his side today, or something weird happened


Shen, what you said last time, is it right” Chen Long went straight to the subject, “I was thinking about bidding.

If you asked me to do the opposite, I didn’t win the bid.

As a result, the winning bidder is about to become wealthier.

Shen Yuanye believes that Weibo can’t go wrong, and said coldly: “Mr.

Chen, whether you believe it or not is your own business, I won’t talk nonsense.”

Chen Long was angry, “You dare lie to others…”

Before he finished speaking, Xiao Wang ran in without knocking on the door.

Chen Long glared at him, covering the handset of his phone, “You have been with me for five years, why is this happening today Didn’t you see me calling someone else”


Chen!” Xiao Wang flushed with excitement, “It’s amazing, have you seen the news Linglong Bay… Linglong Bay…”

Chen Long hurriedly asked: “What happened to Linglong Bay”

“An ancient tomb was found under Linglong Bay!”(TLN: If you guys wonder why this is so important, it’s because when something historical like this is found, all construction must stop.

Once this happens, a lot of time must be used to excavate the area, or that area must be preserved.

Therefore a lot of money will be lost when construction is paused, or they might even lose the land.)

This sentence was like a stone that smashed Chen Long into a daze.

It was not after a while that he finally recovered his senses and suddenly put a smile on his face, “Hahahahaha.”

Why go to the temple to worship, how can it compare to him looking for Mr.

Cheng to tell his fortune

Remembering that Shen Yuanye, who was on the other side of the phone, was still waiting for him, Chen Long patted the table.

Why did he speak so harshly just now, what if he offended her

“Master Shen! I just said something wrong, please don’t take it to heart.” Chen Long quickly lowered his posture, “I don’t know when you have time, I will treat you!”

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect him to change so fast.

She just now vaguely heard a voice from the other side, it seems that something happened to make him believe her words.

And then it suddenly changed his attitude.

But she was not interested at all, “No thank you, Mr.

Chen, enjoy your time.”

Chen Long heard a busy tone.

He could only sigh.

Why didn’t he hold his breath just now and offend Miss Shen If he said something in front of Mr.

Cheng in the future, wouldn’t he be blacklisted

But the most important thing is Linglong Bay.

He put away his phone and searched up “Linglong Bay” on the Internet.

Soon the web page popped up, and the latest piece of news was that an ancient tomb was discovered today in the eastern area of ​​Linglong Bay.

Many archaeological experts have already rushed to the local area.

Once the ancient tomb is discovered, the Linglong Bay project will stop.

If the ancient tomb is important, the land has to be returned to the state, and the subsidy will not be much.

The Jincheng real estate just spent so much money for Linglong Bay, and it went to waste.

Fortunately, he didn’t buy it, otherwise, he would be the one who was unlucky.

Chen Long sat on the chair and laughed, his face couldn’t help but smile, “That Miss Shen can really be a Master Shen.”

What worship of the temple, how can it compare with Shen Yuanye.

Better to worship her.


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