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Chapter 58: Grandma.

“Officer Jiang.” Shen Yuanye took the initiative to speak.

Jiang Pan glanced at the man below him and asked, “Who is he”

The man was obviously going to attack her just now, and when he happened to see him, he immediately caught him.

Shen Yuanye said, “He was my former partner in an endorsement.”

Jiang Pan naturally knew that, as a model, it was normal for her to cooperate with other people, but would the cooperation partner usually reach this level

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Shen Yuanye hesitated and said, “He harassed me before.”

Jiang Pan frowned insignificantly.

Pan Chenhe wore a thick mask and cried out, “Isn’t it just a touch What kind of harassment… Ah, it hurts! “

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After a while, Liu Heyang arrived.

When he got out of the car, he saw his captain escorting a man expressionlessly, and then he looked at Shen Yuanye on the side, suddenly understanding.

Liu Heyang asked, “Captain, what crime did he commit”

Pan Chenhe was struggling abruptly at this time, but naturally, he couldn’t get out of the shackles personally placed by Jiang Pan, so he could only be taken into the car.

Jiang Pan said, “Handcuff him up first.”

After Liu Heyang tortured him, he asked curiously, “Why is this person a little familiar”

It wasn’t until the car was on the road for a long time that he finally remembered.

Wasn’t this the model from Weibo that had been popular in the past two days

He was also a boy who pursued fashion trends.

He followed the news on Weibo and never missed a big fire.

How could he not remember such an incident

Those two animated pictures were widely spread.

Liu Heyang looked at the quiet person in the rearview mirror and asked, “Miss Shen, are you injured”

Before Shen Yuanye spoke, Jiang Pan, who was sitting in the back, said coldly, “Drive your car, why is there so much nonsense”

Liu Heyang blinked.

He knew something must be going on for Captain Jiang.

Shen Yuanye recovered from the mixed memories by saying, “It’s okay, he didn’t touch me.”

Pan Chenhe had Jiang Pan beside him, with an overwhelming aura, so he didn’t dare say anything, and could only sit there with a sullen expression.

The expression in his eyes looked like they were about to stab a hole in Shen Yuanye’s back.

Soon, he arrived at the police station.

Once inside, Pan Chenhe was well-behaved.

Shen Yuanye had only been here once the last time, but she had a good memory.

This time she was familiar with the road, and the people inside were also not unfamiliar.

They had all met once.

Liu Heyang took Pan Chenhe to the interrogation room.

Standing beside Shen Yuanye, Jiang Pan asked in a low voice, “Harassment… is there evidence”

Shen Yuanye frowned slightly, “No.”

Pan Chenhe was no stranger to this type of situation.

How could the camera capture it The director and staff at the time didn’t realize it at all.

And after two or three days, it was too late for her to say it.

“Ignore this matter.

He wanted to attack me today.

He should be arrested, right ” Shen Yuanye asked instead.

Jiang Pan said, “You can press charges.

There is surveillance and witnesses on the road.

This incident had solid evidence, and Pan Chenhe had indeed grabbed her hand at the time, so this accusation could be used.

He calmly glanced at Shen Yuanye’s hand on the table.

A slight red mark was imprinted on the fine white wrist, which was not obvious, but with the skin lined with porcelain white, it was a little dazzling.

Shen Yuanye moved her wrist with her mobile phone, “Then I have to find a lawyer first.”

She had never had such an experience, but it was impossible to let Pan Chenhe go.

Even if there was nothing to be judged in court, it was okay to let him suffer a little bit.

Liu Li was also taken aback when Shen Yuanye finished speaking: “Why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing What is Pan Chenhe Just kick him directly at the time! “

This was probably the first time Shen Yuanye has seen Liu Li speak so rudely and simply.

She paused, briefly explaining how she was attacked today, as well as the follow-up report to sue Pan Chenhe.

Liu Li held her forehead, “Fortunately, there was a policeman passing by, otherwise you will be in bad shape.

Okay, I will follow up with the lawyer, so don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Sister Li.”

“Why say thank you I didn’t notice this matter.

It won’t happen next time.

If you want to do this in the future, you must tell me in advance.

Do you know” Liu Li pretended to be angry.

Shen Yuanye happily responded: “Okay, I get it.”

After hanging up, she looked at Jiang Pan in front of her and said, “The lawyer will be found soon.”

Jiang Pan calmly retracted his gaze and gave a “Mhm”.


On the other hand, the Liu family was in a mess.

Liu Xuyang has been puzzled since he got the incredible answer from Shen Yuanye.

His mother was a very traditional and pleasant woman.

There was patriarchal patriotism, but it was not serious enough to kill her granddaughter.

And when Yueyue was born, she was very happy.

He and Lin Siyu had had no children for many years, and she was the most anxious person.

She was also very happy after learning that Siyu was pregnant, and she kept sending out various supplements.

Even when she knew that it was a girl, she was not angry.

Therefore, Liu Xuyang didn’t understand why it was his mother who did it, because she was so old that it was not necessary at all.

But this matter still needed to be investigated.

Without evidence, it was impossible for the police to arrest someone, and the other party was still his own mother, so he couldn’t do it.

So Liu Xuyang and Lin Siyu decided to observe.

Liu Yue returned to normal after two days in the hospital.

Fortunately, the dose was not much, and there was no significant impact.

As for the rest, she could go home and recuperate.

Lin Siyu took her back home.

The broken camera at home was also replaced again, and some hidden blind spots were also installed for surveillance.

Liu Xuyang’s mother would come home every afternoon, and today was no exception.

Liu Xuyang was working in the study at the time.

Hearing the reminder from the servant, he quickly looked at the monitor, and he saw his mother.

Lin Siyu was taking a nap, and the child was in the room.

Mother Liu didn’t say hello, and went straight to the second floor.

She went straight to their room, and then quietly opened the door.

Seeing this action, Liu Xuyang felt cold.

He was just a little skeptical before, but now he had a conclusion in his heart.

Apart from the distress, he just wanted to know why, as a grandmother, would she not feel heartache when she wanted to act on her own granddaughter.

Lin Siyu actually didn’t sleep at all.

She opened her eyes as soon as the door to the room opened, and when it was silently closed, she sat up from the bed and looked at each other coldly.

She asked, “Mother-in-law, why did you come into my room”

Mother Lui’s heart tightened.

Her wrinkled face forced a smile.

“I heard that Yueyue is already healed, and I came to take a look.”

Lin Siyu smiled bitterly, “Really”

The door was opened and Liu Xuyang appeared behind Mother Liu, “Mom, I just saw you on the surveillance system.

What is in your pocket “

His straightforward questioning made Mother Liu panic.

“Xuyang, what are you talking about” Mother Liu turned around and blamed: “Don’t you want me to see Yueyue”

“Of course not.” Liu Xuyang stared at his mother and said for a long time, “But, I don’t want Yueyue to be killed by her grandmother.”

Mother Liu was stunned, and Liu Xuyang took out the things in her pocket without realizing it.

About a dozen brown pills were placed in a small transparent bag, which was the new type of medicine that the doctor had shown them before.

It was also the root cause of Liu Yue’s accident.

Liu Xuyang threw the things on the ground and said, “Mom, do you know what this is Yueyue was fed this, foamed, and went to the hospital.

What do you want to do with this Do you just want to feed Yueyue to death this time!”

Mother Liu’s face changed again and again, and finally she couldn’t help but mutter: “I didn’t… I didn’t mean that… I didn’t… “

Lin Siyu had already rushed off the bed, “What do you mean by that Didn’t you feed it to Yueyue personally “

She remembered clearly that when she was going to the bathroom, her mother-in-law was teasing the child, so she watched her for a while until Lin Suyu returned.

Then, something happened to Yueyue that night.

After a few hours, the monitoring had broken down again, and she didn’t even think about it.

Mother Liu glanced at her daughter-in-law and finally set her eyes on her son, and said softly, “Xuyang, I don’t mean that.

Listen to me.”

Liu Xuyang rubbed his eyes and said, “Say, I want to hear what you have to say.”

“Your sister found a fortune teller.

He is very famous.” Mother Liu felt relaxed when she mentioned this.

“The master said you should have three children, but Liu Yue can’t live.

She restrains her parents, brothers, and sisters, so you can’t keep her.

Lin Siyu blurted out, “Do you believe that too Do you believe your daughter when she lied to you “

Her mother-in-law must have been smashed in the head.

Because of the nonsense of a liar, she must brutally attack a child who was born not long ago.

How stupid was this

“What kind of sh*t fortune teller would ask someone to kill a child!” Lin Siyu’s swearing came out, “So you have to feed Yueyue poison”

Mother Liu whispered, “It’s not poison…”

The string in Lin Siyu’s head suddenly collapsed and shouted, “If it’s not poison, why does Yueyue foam up If it’s not poison, will Yueyue enter the hospital “

Mother Liu was taken aback by her and looked at Liu Xuyang.

Naturally, the most important thing in her heart is this son.

“Xuyang, I just… for your future… you can’t cut off your children just because of her… this Liu family only has you…””

Mom! Are you stupid “

Before she finished speaking, Liu Xuyang grabbed his hair and yelled to interrupt her in the room.

If the other party was not his mother, he would rush directly up to her.

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