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Chapter 62: Isn’t Lu Yuanfan his real name

Taking pictures was more troublesome than taking videos.


Because it was impossible for two people to be very far apart, they still needed to do some close-up movements to reflect the sense of ambiguity.


Fortunately, Lu Yuanfan didn’t move like Pan Chenhe.

Although Shen Yuanye was vigilant behind him, it was a lot easier to cooperate with him.


The director repeatedly asked them to do many different poses.


The staff on the sidelines all stared at them.

The handsome man and the beautiful woman stood together so seductively.

It was no wonder that when a boyfriend or girlfriend in the entertainment industry was ugly, they would be dissed.

This was really hard to see.


“Okay, take a five-minute rest!”


As soon as the director’s words came out, Shen Yuanye moved a little to the side.


Their last action was her chin resting on Lu Yuanfan’s shoulder, and then the wine glass was slightly tilted and touched his wine glass.


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Lu Yuanfan saw that she was about to walk down, thought for a while, and hurriedly said, “Sister Yuanye, didn’t you add me”


Shen Yuanye was taken aback for a moment, “Add what”


“My WeChat.” Lu Yuanfan was a little grumbling, “The mobile phone number I gave you last time is my WeChat, did you still keep it”


Of course, she didn’t throw it out.

Why would she throw it out


Shen Yuanye was afraid that it would come in handy later, or that it would be of any use in the first place, and kept it in the apartment.

As for the number, she only saved it and didn’t look at other aspects.


It turned out that Lu Yuanfan wanted her to add WeChat.


“I didn’t expect this layer.” Shen Yuanye said, which was the truth.


Lu Yuanfan didn’t expect this answer either, because now you can directly see the contact’s WeChat account when adding friends on WeChat.


Furthermore, it could be searched.


“Then I have said it now.” Lu Yuanfan said warmly.


Shen Yuanye couldn’t make the appearance of “I just don’t want to add you” in front of him, so she just nodded pretentiously.


She would not have any bad relations with Lu Yuanfan before she knew what he wanted to do.


Five minutes passed quietly.


The director had already started yelling over there, and Shen Yuanye had an excuse now, and said to him: “The director is urging, let’s go over and shoot.”


She took the lead in going out.


Lu Yuanfan fell behind, looking at her going away.

There was no expression on his face.

No one knew what he was thinking about, and he didn’t say anything.




With what happened before, Shen Yuanye called Lu Yue in advance.


Lu Yue was fine, and she took the car to the outside of the studio.

As soon as the shooting was over, she expertly delivered a glass of water that had just been opened.


It was very caring.


The second half of the shooting took dozens of minutes.

Shen Yuanye drank a few sips, but she gazed at Lu Yuanfan on her side, not knowing how to speak.


Lu Yuanfan seemed to be staring at her.


Shen Yuanye didn’t say much, and after greeting the director and staff, she left the studio with Lu Yue.


It was really hard to recover from the energy of shooting in the afternoon.


“After Suanna’s endorsement is over, next Thursday is the shooting of Lan Fu perfume.” Lu Yue drove the car smoothly.

“These two endorsements will be launched on TV in mid-May.

Sister Li asked you to be ready.

Maybe a magazine will come to interview.”


Shen Yuanye was surprised.


She only took a few photos.

It was estimated that, in the eyes of others, all these resources were wasted on them.

As for being interviewed in a magazine, she had never had such an experience.


Going to the TV station and going to the Internet were two completely different ways of life.


Shen Yuanye also knew that, so she never changed her mind at the spur of the moment, and she didn’t make a mistake choosing these two endorsements.


She asked, “Okay, I see.

What else does Sister Li say “


Lu Yue replied, “No more.”


She turned to talking about trivial things, including various things that happened in Hua Yi recently.


Since last year’s trainees have already made their debut, the allocation of resources and roles was a problem, and everyone had to compete for themselves.


While listening, Shen Yuanye turned on her phone.


She went to bed early yesterday and didn’t go to the hot search when she woke up this morning, so if there was any big news, she definitely doesn’t know.


However, she didn’t see entertainment industry news, she saw a murder case.


It was also the first time that Shen Yuanye had seen the plot that was written in a novel take place in the real world.

Someone had actually hidden the corpse in a sculpture.


The comments on Weibo had been blowing up.


“Really It was a big sculptural criminal group It kills people and then sells them as lifelike sculptures”


“Horrible, where are these sculptures going to be sent”


“The thought of someone buying a sculpture and there are corpses in it—will it break open in the middle of the night to kill people It’s scary to think about it.”


“The murderer has to be caught, or people will die in the future.”


“Will there be such a thing again in the future Sculptures must be caught and checked.

I think there is a big problem.”


Shen Yuanye first read the comments.

Her scalp was a little numb, so she clicked on the link attached to the blogger’s Weibo.


Not much content inside.


When the highway traffic police checked the highway junctions this morning, they found something was wrong.


In fact, nothing was found, and it was almost let go, but at that time, the sculpture behind the car fell from the car due to long-term driving and collision.


The entire sculpture broke on the outside, and the corpse inside showed a little bit.


After inspecting it, it turned out to be a real corpse.

There were so many sculptures on the car.

They didn’t dare relax at all.

They immediately called the criminal police in Jianghai District.


This matter had only just begun.


Shen Yuanye read the story from the beginning to the end, and the shock in her heart was vast.


Someone actually dared to walk upright on the highway while hiding the body in the sculpture.

This time, if it hadn’t fallen by itself, the highway traffic police wouldn’t be able to find it.


The picture on the Internet was the cover of a suspenseful novel, which was exactly the sculpture killing.


Shen Yuanye saw such small pieces of information.

Other specific information would not be disclosed by the police.

Naturally, the information released was the information that could be released.


When Shen Yuanye saw it, this Weibo hot search had been hanging since yesterday.


It was just that the rumors were becoming more serious, and you couldn’t predict what people were thinking.


But when it was too much, the police quickly dispelled the rumors.

Only a few sculptures contained corpses, and the others were normal.


When this clarification Weibo came out, it finally eliminated most of the people’s fear.


Originally, there were hundreds of sculptures seized by the police.

They only knew from the leaked news that there were corpses in them, and of course, they thought that all of them had corpses, which was terrifying.


Now that there was only one, it was much safer.


But soon, new news came out, and things were not that simple at all.


What was in the sculpture was not a complete corpse, but various parts of a corpse, which were divided into different sculptures.


The police were missing the most important part, the head.


With such a cruel method, one could only imagine what kind of person the murderer was.


In order to appease the people, such unthinkable things must be kept secret.

After all, it was for their good.


But in this society, the more you deleted, the more seriously you would be scolded.


Shen Yuanye clicked in from the web address given by everyone in the comments, and it had really disappeared.

As a result, there were more and more comments.


She didn’t look at it anymore and withdrew from the sculpture murder.


It happened that Lu Yuanfan sent a message, although there were only emojis in it.


Shen Yuanye stared at the unidentified emoji for a while and searched for his Weibo account on Weibo.

At first glance, his Weibo was taken care of by the company.

Western Entertainment has always liked to control the social accounts of celebrities, which was not a secret in the industry.

That is, when the celebrities had enough status, such as promotion to first-line artists, the company would return the accounts to them.

Celebrities cannot access their accounts in normal times, just in case.

Because once something ambiguous was made under impulse, the paparazzi would directly grab the fault, and even if there was nothing, there would be matters made up.

Most of Lu Yuanfan’s Weibo were photos taken.

Shen Yuanye estimated that, based on his own personality, he would not have released so many photos, but Lu Yuanfan himself would be able to verify his identity behind Weibo.

The account is Lu Yuanfan’s, and the authentication is Lu Yuanfan’s, so what she sees after following is Lu Yuanfan’s own stuff.

She hadn’t thought about following him before.


His posthumous photos were quite handsome.

The black and white photos were like the special black and white treatment of the magazine.

It seemed that the last candidate chosen was the best.


Name: Liao Yuanfan


Date of Birth: April 12, 1997


Date of death: June 25, 2018


Originally, Shen Yuanye was about to jump over at will but finally stopped suddenly, staring at the name on it in a daze.


Lu Yuanfan became Liao Yuanfan


What Weibo predicted was the true information about a person.

In other words, Lu Yuanfan was just a stage name, but his real name was Liao Yuanfan


Shen Yuanye had never seen anyone change their stage name by changing their surname.


Most of the people in the circle changed their names because their real names were ugly or they asked the master to give them a name that would be popular.

There was no reason for them to change their surnames, and they all became prosperous.


With such a shock, time was up.


This was all in Shen Yuanye’s mind, and she quickly checked his information online, but basically, none of the web pages mentioned that he used a stage name.


She went to his post again, and there was no result after searching.


Since it was a stage name, why did no one know his real name Now that the paparazzi were so powerful, other people’s ID photos could be found.

A real name was really nothing.


Shen Yuanye didn’t find what she wanted, so she turned back to Weibo.


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