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Chapter 67: She felt wronged for Jiang Pan.

Lu Yuanfan entered the village not long after he appeared at the entrance of the village.


There was a house in the middle, and Shen Yuanye found that she couldn’t see anything, only from the gap she could see him passing through the space between the houses.


After a few minutes, he stopped in front of a house.


There were only a dozen households in the village, which was really not too many.

Several old people were busy working in the fields, and Lu Yuanfan was not paying attention at all.


Shen Yuanye couldn’t see what he did, only that he entered the house soon.


She waited for more than an hour, and there was no movement inside.

The windows and doors were tightly closed, with no traces being revealed.


What were they doing inside


Shen Yuanye was a bit unclear.


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The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was possible.


“… … Arrived!”


There was a sudden movement behind her.


Shen Yuanye quickly changed the direction of the telescope, holding the camera and pretending to take pictures.


Within half a minute, two young girls walked up, grinning, carrying backpacks and looking like tourists.


Seeing her on the viewing platform, both of them smiled slightly.


This viewing platform was not big, but it could hold about twenty people.


Shen Yuanye was anxious to see what was happening, but they were really an inconvenience here, so she could only hold back.


The two little girls did not catch up with the sunrise, but fortunately, the sun was not strong and the scenery was pretty good.

After all, it was a mountain view, which was quite different from the city.


“Take a shot of me, make my legs seem longer.”


“I’ll shoot the back instead of the front, and then I’ll go back and edit, add a filter, and add a sentence of art and literature, then you can pretend to be compelling.”


“Hahahahaha, nice!”


Listening to their voices, Shen Yuanye took out her mobile phone and silently followed Lu Yuanfan to see the latest situation.

It had been a few days since she last saw it.


Nothing had changed from before.


The information on the calendar began on the 26th, and all the dates after that became white dates.

After clicking, she saw the daily, normal life.


Shen Yuanye frowned.


Although it looked good and normal, it seemed as if there was a problem, but it was good for Lu Yuanfan, and it proved that at least nothing happened.


“Cute Sister”


Shen Yuanye raised her head suddenly, and there was a little girl in front of her looking at her with a smile.


It was just that her gaze occasionally fell on her phone.


It was outside, so the brightness was adjusted very high, and it was not invisible from the girl’s direction.


Shen Yuanye put her phone away quietly, “What’s the matter”


The other party pointed to the companion next to her and said, “Could you please take a photo for us Just one is fine.


Shen Yuanye nodded, “Okay.”


Taking pictures was not a hassle.

She took a few pictures in a row, returned the camera in a few minutes, and fiddled with the binoculars on her own.


She shouldn’t have seen the information that Weibo predicted.


Just when she was about to stare at the other side of the house, the two little girls packed their things and prepared to go down the mountain and leave, talking as they walked, and the content was clear.


“…I don’t have a car to go back in.

Do we walk”


“When I first came, I saw a truck parked at the intersection.

We would ask them to give us a ride and give them some money.

Generally, they won’t refuse.


“You sure”


“I’m sure!”


The two people moved further away, and the voice of the dialogue disappeared in the wind.


Shen Yuanye was softheaded in the wind for a minute and immediately woke up.


The truck in this place was probably driven by those middle-aged people in their thirties.

Maybe there were sculptures inside.


Of course, she wouldn’t be so stupid to check it out by herself.


Maybe it was luck.

After waiting a short while, the truck drove into the village and swaggeringly drove inside, stopping in front of the house.


Several people lifted the top of the truck.


Shen Yuanye held her breath, her eyes widened.


If the things on top were not sculptures, what were they The stone sculptures occupied a small part, and the rest were amber sculptures, shining in the sun.


Shen Yuanye saw that they had moved all the sculptures into the house.


The houses in Qingshan Village were ordinary two-story small buildings, whitewashed with red tiles.

This house was no exception.


After the sculptures were moved, the door was closed and no one came out again.


Shen Yuanye took a deep breath and glanced at what she was shooting.

Although it was far away, it was roughly clear.


The stone sculptures and amber sculptures were placed together, which was very obvious.


It seemed that this was a lair.

She didn’t know if it was the main lair or not, but it must have had something to do with the sculpture murderer.


Shen Yuanye found the WeChat of Jiang Pan and succinctly sent a message: “Qingshan Village, sculpture.”


This was such a straight-forward warning that it didn’t make sense for him not to come.




Liu Heyang was reporting the progress of the case: “We discovered that this newly discovered sculpture is not Wei Minghe’s.

Except for the one with the head, there are no fingerprints on it.


The sculpture found by the children has been checked and there are no fingerprints on it.


The previous deceased had Wei Minghe’s fingerprints.


Because of the similarity, the two cases were temporarily merged together.


The identity of the second deceased was a white-collar worker.

She died a month ago, and the time she was placed in the sculpture can be estimated to be a month ago.


And she had nothing to do with the first person who had died.


As for whether she was killed indiscriminately, this still needed to be judged later.


Jiang Pan took the photo and the fragments from the ID bag, saying, “Bring Wei Minghe over and let him see who did it.”


Although Wei Minghe had gotten rid of more than half of his suspicions, he still had suspicions.


Liu Heyang put things in front of him and asked, “Is this a sculpture made by you”


Wei Minghe shook his head, “No.”


He pointed to one of the photos, “The sculpture I made will have my name engraved on the bottom where it is not obvious, just like a signature.”


There wasn’t any on it.


Liu Heyang glanced at the single-sided glass and knew that the captain was outside, and asked, “So, can you tell who it belongs to”


Wei Minghe’s eyes were complicated.


He had a faint answer in his heart, but he couldn’t say it for a long time.


Liu Heyang naturally noticed it and continued to ask the question, without relaxing for a moment.


It wasn’t until ten minutes later that Wei Minghe slowly uttered a name.


Liu Heyang felt a bit shocked and a little surprised.

He didn’t say much, but he confirmed the truth again.


Wei Minghe did not dare to tell lies.


Liu Heyang left the interrogation room and walked to Jiang Pan, “It is the work of his apprentice.

But I don’t know if it is the real person behind the scenes.


Those who were masters could naturally see through the things their apprentices did.


So he framed his master at the beginning and got him directly convicted


This kind of speculation appeared in Liu Heyang’s mind, but he couldn’t say it because everything needed evidence.


He thought for a while and said, “Wei Minghe said that his apprentice hadn’t had contact with him since a year ago, and he doesn’t know where he is now.”


Wei Minghe was a teacher at a college, but this apprentice was not yet a student; he was a student from an extracurricular interest class he had previously opened.


Jiang Pan said, “Qingshan Village.”


Liu Heyang didn’t understand, “What”


Jiang Pan turned around and left, “His apprentice should be in Qingshan Village.”



Jiang Pan:


When Shen Yuanye received this WeChat message, she was packing her binoculars and camera, and she was so angry that she didn’t want to walk.


She pondered for a while and felt that this meant something he didn’t believe.


Just thinking about it, a message from Jiang Pan came again: “Don’t worry about this case.”


Shen Yuanye thought that she didn’t want to be nosy either.


But if they took a look at her and decided to make her into a sculpture and kill her, it would be miserable, and she was thinking for the sake of other people.


She thought for a while, and then replied, “Don’t go”


Jiang Pan: “Stay home if you have no pressing concerns.


Shen Yuanye didn’t want to reply to him.


With such an interlude, Shen Yuanye stopped thinking about leaving again, ready to wait a little longer to see if there would be new situations next.


She had brought snacks, just to feed herself.


After eating a bag of toast, she took a nap.

One hour later, after waking up, there was movement in Qingshan Village.


Shen Yuanye squinted her eyes and looked through the binoculars.

There were big round dots in the lens, and she saw Jiang Pan and his young policemen.


He didn’t believe it just now and asked her to go home and stay, but now what does it mean when he came over, thinking that she couldn’t see him


There were not many houses, and the police were very efficient.

They surrounded the village first to prevent people from running away, and then went in one by one to check, and soon they found the house where Lu Yuanfan had entered.


The empty truck was still parked outside.


They found a lot of sculptures in the house and moved them out one by one.

They also put the villagers to use.

Jiang Pan’s face was not good.


Shen Yuanye watched silently for a while.


Midway, Sun Ai called, “What are you doing with the camera Do you have time to go out to play And you don’t take me, ungrateful, plastic friendship.


Shen Yuanye leaned against the railing and said, “I’m peeping at some young fresh meat.”


“Wow, that’s really weird.” Sun Ai was surprised for a moment, and resumed her usual tone, “Do you think I would believe it You don’t even dare to peep at uncles, and you’re saying “young fresh meat” (TLN: Young fresh meat means young male stars in the entertainment industry.).

You are probably looking at old bacon (TLN: Old bacon means old people.) …”


After listening to her words, Shen Yuanye felt wronged on Jiang Pan’s behalf.


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