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Chapter 71: Shen Yuanye is not dedicated.

Sun Cuiju said, “Which home are we going back to Do you have the money to go home “

Lu Jianguo looked at her and said, “What do you want to say here Talk about Yuanfan “

Sun Cuiju woke up suddenly and lowered her voice: “No, I’m just afraid that Yuan Fan knows… you know, if…”

“Okay!” Lu Jianguo interrupted her again, “What nonsense.

Do you want everyone to know about this”

There were people coming and going at the entrance of the hospital, and this noise also attracted a little attention.


Sun Cuiju glanced at the few people who came over, and did not speak any more, but left the gate of the Third Hospital with Lu Jianguo.

It was already past five o’clock at this time, and Chen Mingyue had just gotten off work.

Seeing the two old people, she looked over unconsciously, and when she heard the content of their conversation, her delicate brows also frowned.

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Unexpectedly, she saw the two old people standing in front of a middle-aged woman just now, not knowing what they were talking about.


For some reason, she remembered what she had heard.

To gossip was human nature, as was wanting to know about private matters, and she unconsciously wondered what the two of them were hiding from Mr.



Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo were arranged for a hotel by Lu Yuanfan’s agent, so even if Lu Yuanfan was temporarily in the hospital, it was fine.

Lu Yuanfan was just an ordinary person at Western Entertainment.

His agent also had several other artists, and she wasn’t very concerned about him, but she took a second look at him because of Suanna’s red wine endorsement this time.

After arranging the hotel, the agent said coldly, “You two can live here for these two days and wait for Lu Yuanfan to be discharged from the hospital.”

The two old people also noticed her attitude.

“I’m relatively busy, so don’t call me if there is nothing to do.

Just call Lu Yuanfan.

” The agent continued, “This is in Beijing.

Don’t run around.

She had just learned about two people’s money being stolen.

“If you can’t find anyone, you can call the police, and the police will help you.” She still exhorted, “There are shops for eating and drinking next to the hotel.”

Sun Cuiju said, “Okay, we know.”


The agent quickly left in high heels.

“What kind of attitude is she giving us” Sun Cuiju’s face was ugly.

“It’s like Yuanfan owes her money, she has a mean face, and she definitely can’t get married.

I have to tell Yuanfan not to get too close to her! “

She didn’t want such a daughter-in-law.

Lu Jianguo said, in a huff.

“All right, shut up.”

Only then did Sun Cuiju stop and look at the hotel.

Although the agent did not book a high level, it was considered good for them.

As soon as she sat down, she thought of the question Lu Yuanfan asked at the time.

Suddenly, asking such an irrelevant question, someone must have said something that shouldn’t have been said in front of him, but fortunately, Yuan Fan didn’t know anything.

Sun Cuiju also breathed a sigh of relief.


Many people were not clear about the life of a model, and some of that will be revealed in some interviews, but it was general.

They only knew that it was very hard because they had to control their diet and could not eat what they wanted, such as spicy snacks.

Those who ate three meals a day could be said to be a very small number.


There was a video interview on Weibo before, nearly half an hour long.

There were a total of ten models with different statuses.

In the video, the lives they presented were different, but basically, there was one thing in common: what they ate.

Either fruit or one or two slices of bread, very little food was eaten.

So after a hearty meal today, a new hot search topic appeared quietly on Weibo: models also eat meat.

In the photo, the salmon was grilled to a beautiful color, and the taste almost wafted out of the photo.

The plate was not big or small, and there were more than ten kinds of things on display.

It seemed that it was not simpler than ordinary people’s lunch.

The most important thing was that it looked very delicious!

According to the news released by the marketing account that they watched before, those models ate very little.

The same was true for the fruit they ate.

They only have one or two slices, but this one had quite a few.

Natural nutrition was enough.

“It seems that they are doing pretty well, not so painful.”

“This looks delicious.

If I follow this, will I have the figure of the blogger in the future “

“I don’t have to fast anymore Asking for the menu of my cute sister Yuanye’s three meals! I’ll follow it every day, and weight loss will definitely have an effect! “


“I always thought that models never eat meat, but I didn’t expect it to be okay.”

Most of the netizens praised Shen Yuanye for doing well and her good figure in the video, coupled with the slim dress, which was very seductive.

But there were always people that liked to raise problems, and the comments came one after another.

“This is definitely a pose.

I dare say, she will definitely get rid of the meat after the filming, and only eat the cucumbers and fruits inside.”

“Did she buy the hot search Who has never eaten meat “

“I thought it was such a big piece of meat.

Just a little bit of fish for a long time.

Of course, you can eat it.

You can eat pork fat if you have the ability! “

“Ugly people often have ugly stuff, even after editing.”

Shen Yuanye only saw things online at night, and she was very helpless.

There were related courses to be taken the next day, in the morning, so she woke up very early.

When she got there, there were already a few people.

When they saw her coming in, they all looked over, and then turned their heads back to continue talking with the people beside them.

How could they not know about the things on Weibo

Competition between models had never been less than between stars.

The company did not have many resources in terms of models.

After all, models were not the company’s mainstay.

Actors and singers were the main force.

So the distribution was some small, some large.

Like celebrities, Shen Yuanye got the endorsement.

The effect was good, and she went on the hot search again, and future resources would definitely be tilted towards her.

But everyone was not stupid, and they didn’t speak out.

Shen Yuanye sat aside by herself and took out her mobile phone to play.

She had never cared much about these things.

As long as they didn’t directly go in front of her, who cared if they talked about her behind her back

Someone beside her said, “Do you usually eat meat”

Shen Yuanye thought the other party was asking herself, and before she looked up, someone replied, “Eat, but it’s only once or twice a week.

I don’t want to suddenly get fat; it’s terrible.”

“I thought you would eat more meat.”

“Model eats meat every day.

Isn’t that funny”

The two people were right beside her, and they didn’t deliberately lower their voices when they spoke.

Shen Yuanye thought it was funny for herself.

Zhou Lu pushed the door in, and the room was quiet for a moment.

All the people who came to the class were a group of little models.

They didn’t even go through strong winds and waves.

They hadn’t even been photographed for a few small magazines, let alone catwalks.

Zhou Lu was now well-known and had gone through international shows.

She was more than just a few steps above them in terms of qualifications.

She could be said to be a senior.

When passing by, many people called out, “Sister Zhou Lu.”

Whenever they could be like her, they would be really happy.

Zhou Lu nodded, didn’t answer anything, passed them straight, and stopped next to Shen Yuanye.

“I saw the Weibo you posted.”

Shen Yuanye was surprised, “… that’s what I eat occasionally.”

She just sent out a meal and didn’t say that she ate every day, and those people put it up on their own, mockingly.

It was really boring.

Zhou Lu turned her head, “I just want to ask how to do it.”

“… ” Shen Yuanye was speechless for a moment, and still replied: “It’s not difficult, but it takes some effort with the salmon.”

She briefly discussed the manufacturing process; after all, this is what she had learned from the Internet.

Zhou Lu squinted her eyes and said, “It doesn’t sound difficult.”

Shen Yuanye was about to answer, “It’s not difficult,” when she heard the second half of her sentence: “It’s a pity that I’m a kitchen killer.”

Seeing her surprised eyes, Zhou Lu said slowly: “Why, you don’t believe it”

Shen Yuanye smiled softly.

“I just feel surprised.”

When Zhou Lu’s eyebrows moved, a special aurora appeared, making people unconsciously think that she looked good.

She asked again, “How are your steps”

Shen Yuanye said, “It should be okay.”

During this period of time, she had deliberately practiced at home, so she was much more proficient than before, but she hadn’t tried it on such occasions.

She didn’t know whether tension would bring surprises.

“Tomorrow there is a show in Shanghai.

You can go.” Zhou Lu suddenly said.

Shen Yuanye turned her head to look at her, “Shanghai”

Zhou Lu didn’t change her face, leaning lazily on the back of the chair, with her two long legs overlapping each other, “Well, a show that is not very important, it is the designer’s own.”

It was she who introduced it, so naturally, it was not very important, but it wouldn’t be too bad.

Shen Yuanye thought for a while, “I will consider it.”

Some people around them saw that they had confirmed a show in a few words, and they were all annoyed that they hadn’t sat there just now, because otherwise, it would have been them who had been spoken to.

Zhou Lu closed her eyes and had a postprandial nap.

Shen Yuanye didn’t bother her, and didn’t know the thoughts of other people.

She lowered her head and refreshed her Weibo, ready to click on those comments.

The number of comments in the past two days was still a bit high, but she was afraid that it would drop in two days.

Who knew it was during this refresh that she saw a piece of news.

The other side’s Weibo did have many likes, but it took her topic, and it didn’t take long to see it after sliding down after searching.

Shen Yuanye stared at the content and fell into deep thought.

Mammy didn’t use needles again today: “Shen Yuanye has a very poor attitude and is not dedicated to her work.

When she was not popular before, she directly knocked down the model she worked with.

Afterward, she was very arrogant and did not apologize.


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