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Chapter 79: Zhou Lu is here.

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The Criminal Investigation Team of Jianghai District.


“This is cosmetic surgery.” Liu Heyang said while looking at the ID photo on the computer and at the scene of the corpse.

“Are these two the same person Obviously, these are two different faces.”


Ren Lulu replied, “What’s wrong with plastic surgery You don’t allow it “



Liu Heyang said, “How dare I”


Nowadays, cosmetic surgery was so advanced that one out of 100 people had had a small operation, which is not obvious, but the proportion was not small.


“This dead person did pretty major surgery…”


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Liu Heyang hurriedly sent the report to the office of Jiang Pan, “Captain, the autopsy report of the deceased has come out.”



He just pushed the door and entered, and he was slightly taken aback when he saw Jiang Pan holding his cell phone in his hand.


Their Captain was the one who loved work the most.

Usually, they didn’t see him doing other things during working hours.

This time, he was actually playing on his phone openly.


Liu Heyang looked steadily forward, pretending not to see.


Jiang Pan received the report, and easily mapped the clues presented by the corpse to a person, and said, “It’s Liu Cheng.”


Liu Heyang took the report back and took a look at it himself.

It was really him.


This case was not complicated, mainly because the murderer had left the most critical evidence on the corpse and exposed himself at once.


The murderer probably didn’t even think of it.


Jiang Pan retracted his gaze and responded to Shen Yuanye’s WeChat: “What matter”


Shen Yuanye quickly replied, “Find someone.”


Jiang Pan pressed on the root of his eyebrows and replied, “Sorry, this is not under the control of our criminal investigation team.”


Shen Yuanye frowned when she saw this answer.

Naturally, the only person she knew who was a policeman was Jiang Pan.

She thought about it and said, “If you don’t find her, then you will be in charge of her case soon.”


Seeing this sentence, Jiang Pan was taken aback.



After a few seconds, he reacted and understood what she meant.

He was amused by her, and he twitched his lips, “Is it fortune-telling again”


He thought of the scenes he had seen before outside the interrogation room.


So far, he had not figured out why she had to ask for the other party’s Weibo account.

Was it possible that Weibo would reveal any key information


Sometimes social tools do play a big role in criminal investigation teams, but not in every case.

Most of the time, they are irrelevant.


Jiang Pan retracted his thoughts and asked, “Is this a threat”


Shen Yuanye couldn’t deny it: “Officer Jiang can think so if you choose.”


Jiang Pan asked, “Who are you looking for”


“Zhou Lu.”


Upon seeing this name, Jiang Pan immediately related the recent disappearance of Zhou Lu, but this type of disappearance was under the jurisdiction of the police station and was not within their scope.


Liu Heyang was bluffing all day long.

When the news came out, he had been talking about it with the team.


Seeing that he did not reply, Shen Yuanye added, “My master has calculated that she will have an accident soon, and within a few days, you can look for her toward the east.”


Seeing these last words, Jiang Pan couldn’t help but reply: “There is only one direction, but it will take a long time…”



Before he could finish his words, a new message from the opposite side jumped out: “And that person is a fat man, and he has a fan merchandise bracelet from the Soul of War drama in his hand.”


The Soul of War drama was related to the military, and so was the bracelet.


Such information was indeed clear enough.

Under the circumstances of not knowing who the matter was and gaining these clues, it was definitely helpful.


Jiang Pan couldn’t help but think that if Shen Yuanye were in the criminal investigation team, she might be able to play a major role.


Of course, this is only if.


If he mentioned it now, it was estimated that the opponent would immediately put him back on the blacklist, and he knew this routine well.


Jiang Pan replied, “We need to look at the details of the case to confirm.”


Shen Yuanye also didn’t force it: “Okay.”




The next day, Shen Yuanye was awakened by a WeChat message from Jiang Pan early in the morning.


She opened her eyes in a daze and saw the word “Yes” responded by Jiang Pan.

Her daze disappeared immediately, and her whole person was awake in an instant.


The other party asked her to follow.



Probably because of the clues she gave.


Shen Yuanye got up quickly without any time for make-up.

She just put some on randomly, and then put on a long dress, heading down to the apartment building.


Before she waited for a taxi, she saw a familiar car.


Shen Yuanye stared at it and didn’t move.

Liu Heyang in the back seat rolled down the window and said, “Miss Shen, over here, we can leave immediately.”


She wore a mask, leaving only her eyes exposed.


Even so, it was difficult to conceal her appearance, not to mention the graceful figure outlined by the dress, which made people unable to move their eyes.


Liu Heyang was woken up early in the morning and then learned that the case of Zhou Lu’s disappearance had been transferred to their criminal investigation detachment, and he was taken here before he could be surprised.


He knew immediately that it must be for Miss Shen’s sake.


Sure enough, he guessed it right.


“Miss Shen, is Zhou Lu your colleague Have you seen her before she disappeared ” Liu Heyang asked after she got in the car.


Shen Yuanye glanced at the expressionless Jiang Pan from the rearview mirror, turned to Liu Heyang, and said, “I saw her two days ago.”


The Jianghai District was located in the easternmost part of Beijing, so further east was a relatively poor place.

If you followed the expressway for about an hour, you would leave Beijing.


There was only one way to the east.


Shen Yuanye had been staring at the houses outside, and Jiang Pan was driving slowly.

When they were investigating, she followed and didn’t speak.

She looked particularly well-behaved.


Liu Heyang said: “You can only buy War Soul’s merchandise from the War Soul’s official website.

We have extracted the buyer’s information.

There are tens of thousands of them living in Beijing, of which there are more than 1,000 in Jianghai District.”


They seemed to enter other people’s homes aimlessly, but they were actually looking for someone on the list.


In fact, there were loopholes in this.

The suspect may not have bought it himself, or someone else may have gifted it to him.

Even if it was picked up, it was not impossible.


They arranged the order in the east direction.


Shen Yuanye didn’t know their investigation habits but just followed behind, looking at the figures of these people and the decorations at home.


By noon, they had reached a relatively deserted place.


Many of the houses here were in a state of waiting to be demolished.

As a result, there were not many people living in them.

Most of them were old people, and there were only a few young people.


Liu Heyang said to Jiang Pan, “Captain, here is a person who best fits the image you mentioned.”


They had all visited Zhou Lu’s room, but they didn’t get any information.


Because Zhou Lu’s privacy had been leaked by the bastard before, she basically didn’t leave anything at home, and the police naturally could only get very little information.


Shen Yuanye’s phone vibrated.


Above was a message from Liu Li: “Yuanye, why didn’t you come to class today Are you uncomfortable “


Shen Yuanye replied, “Sister Li, I have something to do today, so I didn’t go.”


Liu Li has always trusted her and said: “As long as you don’t feel sick, then you can go and work.

It’s okay here.


After hanging up the phone, Shen Yuanye found that Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang had already walked a distance.


Some of the buildings here had fallen down, and the broken stones were on the ground.

They had to pay attention to them when they went, because it was easy for their feet to hurt if they were not careful.


Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but be thankful that she was wearing flat shoes today.


Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang had quickly entered a building and rang the doorbell of one of them.


When the boy inside saw them, he was puzzled.

After seeing the police card, he let the people come in, “What’s the matter”


Jiang Pan said, “We have something to ask you.”


The boy is about eighteen years old and he is indeed very fat, but compared to the person in the video, the boy is a little thinner than the main person.


Shen Yuanye stared for half a minute before leaving.


Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang also determined from a few words that he was not the murderer.


Just when the three of them were going to leave, they suddenly caught a glimpse of the inside.


This suite has a structure of one bedroom, one living room, and one bathroom.

The total square footage is only about sixty, and the room is relatively narrow.


But this is not the reason why Shen Yuanye stopped.


Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang were both blocked by her, and they couldn’t really go in or go out.


Jiang Pan looked at her like this and asked: “What’s the matter”


Shen Yuanye recovered from the shock, pretended to be okay, and asked, “Are the buildings here all constructed in this way”


The boy replied: “Yes, this area was a community at the beginning, so the structure is basically the same.

Even if there is a difference, it is not big.”


Shen Yuanye asked, “Have you ever seen anyone here who is chubbier than you”


The boy was speechless for a while by her blunt words, and then he replied: “I think so.

I seem to have seen a person before, but I don’t know where he lives.”


The corners of Shen Yuanye’s lips were blocked by the mask otherwise, everyone would have been able to see her upward arc.


After leaving the boy’s house, the three went downstairs in silence.


Until she got out, Shen Yuanye’s heart was still beating fast.

Thinking of what she had found, she looked up at Jiang Pan and said, “Zhou Lu is here.”


Jiang Pan stared at her.


After a while, he looked away and said, “Liu Heyang, let the other people come here to investigate.

Remember not to startle anyone.”


Liu Heyang immediately responded, “Yes!”


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