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Chapter 80: Zhou Lu is right in there.

Liu Heyang turned around and called his colleagues.

He told them what Jiang Pan had ordered and told them to come over immediately.

He was speaking not far away, so Jiang Pan asked in a low voice: “Are you sure”

Of course Shen Yuanye is sure.

She looked at that house several times recently.

She could even memorize some iconic things in the room that Zhou Lu is locked in.

The fat male’s door was not closed just now.

Looking in from the door, the windows and walls are almost exactly the same.


It’s just that this male’s room is very clean, but the murderer’s room had a lot of rubbish randomly lying around.

“I’m sure.” Shen Yuanye said confidently.

Jiang Pan’s eyes are very deep and as dark as black holes.

When his eyes are looking at someone, it seemed as if he could look into that person’s heart.

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Shen Yuanye took out her mobile phone, leaned aside, and then followed Zhou Lu’s Weibo again.


Nothing has changed, and the video is still the same.

But this time she focused on the picture and the text below it.

The structure of the room is indeed no different from the fat male’s bedroom she had just seen.

It is daytime in the picture.

Although most of the light is blocked by curtains, it is still sufficient, illuminating the entire narrow room.

Shen Yuanye looked at the window.

The fat male’s bedroom she saw also had curtains, but the rays of light are not like this.

There is a high possibility that the window in the picture may be facing the south.

Houses could be sitting in the north and facing the south.

But the fat male’s house is not facing south.

At a glance, several buildings in this community had windows that faced the east.

It may be that this house is built too early and the engineers at that time did not pay much attention to whether the houses faced the same direction.

Shen Yuanye estimated that the room could be found from a building with a south-facing window.

Soon, Li Chen and the others drove into the community and brought a few new people, whom Shen Yuanye had never seen before.

None of them wore police uniforms today, so they don’t look like police officers.

They got out of the vehicle and said in unison: “Captain.”


Li Chen has sharp eyes, so he saw the tall woman wearing a mask standing behind Jiang Pan.

He reacted suddenly and said with a smile: “Miss Shen.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect him to remember her.

She nodded to him, “Hello.”

Of course Li Chen remembers her.

Nowadays there are not many girls who are as tall as she is or have eyebrows and eyes as delicate and beautiful as hers.

Jiang Pan said: “Search every house, and be careful not to startle anyone.”

Everyone responded quickly.

They do this kind of work often so it is not difficult for them.

It just takes time.

But it is for the cause to save someone’s life, so this effort is not a problem.

Shen Yuanye hurriedly said, “Look for a building with a south-facing window.”

Her voice is not quiet so everyone had heard it.

Li Chen and Liu Heyang looked at each other.

They scratched their heads and hesitated: “Miss Shen…”

Before the words came out, Jiang Pan said: “Do as she says.”

Liu Heyang blinked, “Yes!”

When everyone had dispersed and left, Jiang Pan turned around and said in a low voice: “Why didn’t you say all the details at once”


Shen Yuanye muttered: “I just did fortune-telling.”

She hadn’t noticed this problem before.

Jiang Pan nodded his head, deep in thought: “It seems that I will have to wait for you to finish your fortune-telling in one go in the future.”

Shen Yuanye glanced at him, “There will be no future.”

Jiang Pan touched his chin, and a faint smile appeared on his cold face, “You said it yourself, don’t slap your own face.” (TLN: Don’t slap your own face means that Shen Yuanye will likely be proven wrong soon.

Overall, this phrase “slapping your own face” refers to saying/doing something, but then getting proven wrong soon after)

Shen Yuanye regretted it a little after she said it.

However, she could not take back the spilled water, (TLN: This means that you can’t collect the water after it is spilled.

In this case, Shen Yuanye can’t take back her words) so she simply ignored him and walked to the opposite building.

Jiang Pan followed.


Because everyone is divided into several teams, the efficiency is high.

Liu Heyang is in charge of two buildings.

Everything is normal in the first building.

However, when they were checking the second building, there are residents on the fourth floor that did not respond to the door.

At first, he thought that no one is at home, but then he heard a sound coming from inside.

This door is very old and not soundproofed.


The sound is like an illusion.

It disappeared right after it happened.

Soon after, the silence returned as if there is no one.

Liu Heyang knew that it is not so simple.

He went down one floor and hid on the third-floor platform.

Then he said directly into the walkie-talkie: “Captain, there is something wrong with the situation I have.”

Liu Heyang did not leave.

Instead, he stayed there and kept watch.

About ten minutes later, the silhouettes of Jiang Pan and Shen Yuanye appeared in the stairwell one after another, followed by Li Chen and the others.

Liu Heyang recalled what had just happened.

Jiang Pan frowned slightly.

There is nothing wrong with the other buildings Li Chen checked.

In other words, there are no strange instances in the other buildings.

If Zhou Lu is here, then this would be the end of the search.

Jiang Pan glanced at Shen Yuanye who is silent and said, “Keep watch upstairs and downstairs.

Li Chen, go in from the window sill outside.”

Just in case someone wants to jump off the building and run away, they can block him.

After everyone was situated, Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang went upstairs together and knocked on the door again.

There is silence inside.

Liu Heyang said: “There is definitely someone inside.

I did not hear wrong.”

His hearing is not so poor that he could mistake a sound.

It is very suspicious that the owner is home but would not open the door or respond.

Li Chen’s voice came from the walkie-talkie: “I have already climbed upstairs.

There is an external air-conditioning unit here, so you can go straight up.”

Jiang Pan turned his face, “Shout.”

Liu Heyang immediately raised his voice: “Is there anyone inside We are the police of the Jianghai District.

We already know that you are inside.

We have something to ask, please open the door.”

There is still no sound from inside.

Just when Liu Heyang was about to bust open the door, Li Chen’s voice came from the walkie-talkie: “Captain, he’s going to jump out of the window! After seeing me, he retreated again!”

There are no objections now.

Jiang Pan busted the door open in one go, making Shen Yuanye’s eyelids twitch.

She didn’t expect with such a “young master” appearance, he would be so unexpectedly strong.

As soon as the door opened, everything inside came into view.

Jiang Pan looked back: “Keep up.”

Shen Yuanye hurriedly followed him, and he also covered for her intentionally and unintentionally.

The gas stove in the kitchen is still on, which confirmed that someone is at home.

Shen Yuanye set her eyes directly on the closed door of the bedroom and said, “If there is nothing wrong, Zhou Lu is inside.”

No matter how locked the door is, it could not stop Jiang Pan and the others.

As soon as the bedroom door opened, everything inside greeted the officers.

All the items are haphazardly placed and the bed is also wrinkled.

Seeing the familiar scene, Shen Yuanye did not relax and raised her senses.

She didn’t see Zhou Lu.

A wretched fat man stood by the window, panic flashing in his eyes.

“What are you people doing! Coming straight into my house like this, I can call the police to arrest you!!”

Liu Heyang grinned, “Sorry, we are the police.”

Jiang Pan did not speak.

He went straight into the room and looked around.

Then, he suddenly lifted the sagging bedsheet.

Then he met a pair of eyes.

Jiang Pan pulled the person out.

Before he came, he had seen Zhou Lu’s photo and knew her face.

Seeing her safe and sound, he couldn’t help looking at Shen Yuanye who was behind.

Zhou Lu is tied up at this moment and her mouth is sealed with tape.

Shen Yuanye hurriedly stepped forward to loosen the rope for her and gently tore off the yellow tape, “Sister Zhou Lu, are you okay”

Zhou Lu gasped.

The usual exquisite makeup and hairstyle are messed up, and the queen-like regal temperament had disappeared.

There is only endless fear in her eyes.

Jiang Pan glanced at them.

The fat man was about to escape through the window again and was kicked aside by him.

Liu Heyang stepped forward to handcuff him, “Didn’t you refuse to open the door just now”

Facing these accusations, the fat man could not say anything.

Jiang Pan opened the window and then walked around the room.

He saw the white squares on the pale yellow wall.

When he reached out and touched them, he had a general idea.

He looked down and found a large pile of photos from the gap on the back of the cabinet, all of which are photos of Zhou Lu.

The photos showed Zhou Lu in magazines, catwalks, and variety shows.

There were even airport street shots, all taped.

Li Chen stepped in from the window.

When he saw the photos in his captain’s hands, he sneered.

“Sir, it’s time for you to come with us.”

The fat man was camping there a few moments ago.

He was about to jump out of the window, but when he got blocked by Li Chen, he recoiled back in shock.

It is easy to see that there is something wrong at first glance.

Shen Yuanye walked to Jiang Pan, “Is he a fan of Sister Zhou Lu”

Otherwise, what else could be the explanation of so many photos With a closer look, the photos could be traced back to Zhou Lu’s debut.

Jiang Pan said, “Mhm, it’s very possible.”

Zhou Lu is emotionally unstable and she is very resistant to this environment.

Shen Yuanye retreated to her side and comforted her.

A few days of imprisonment had done a lot of mental damage to her.

The fat man didn’t speak and Liu Heyang had no patience left for him.

“Captain, let’s go back and interrogate him.

Let’s see how long he can remain silent.”

Jiang Pan said, “Bring the evidence.”

Zhou Lu did not speak even when they were in the car.

But once they were far away from the disgusting place, her expression relaxed a lot.

Shen Yuanye saw it in her eyes.

If she were to be entangled with wires, her mental state would completely collapse.

No one would want to experience such a terrible death.


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