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Chapter 89: Fortune-telling for Jiang Pan.

Lu Yue said, “I learned a little bit of self-defense before.”

What she said was very simple, but Shen Yuanye felt that it should be much more powerful than this because she couldn’t even see the action clearly just now.

How did Liu Li find such a secretly powerful assistant

It was impossible for her to ask Liu Li directly.

Either Lui Li was not clear, or she found Lu Yue in a normal way.

It would be strange if she could find something.

Shen Yuanye didn’t ask any more questions and got into the car with the cake.


It was past eight o’clock when she returned to the apartment building, and as soon as the elevator door opened, she found a man standing at the door.

He was wearing a courier uniform; he should have been a staff member, and there was a very tall box beside him.

When the man saw Shen Yuanye coming this way, he stepped aside.

Seeing that she opened the door, he hurriedly stepped forward: “Are you Miss Shen”

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But she hadn’t bought anything recently, and only a few people knew her apartment address. 


If they wanted to send anything to her, they would just give it to her directly, not send it in a package.

Shen Yuanye asked directly, “What’s in here”

The courier shook his head, “I don’t know, but I do know that it’s very expensive.”

Otherwise, his boss wouldn’t let him send only this one package today.

His boss would rather have him around to do things.

Shen Yuanye swayed the box.

There was no sound, so it should not be a bomb or something similar.

She didn’t give the courier a hard time.

She signed the form and entered her apartment.

Although it didn’t look dangerous, she was still quite vigilant.

Seeing that she was so nervous, Lu Yue didn’t say anything to take over the job of opening the package.

She simply stood aside and waited.

The box looked very big, but it was very light.

It was only about an arm’s width.

Shen Yuanye put it on the floor of the living room.

When unpacking, she also used a mask and gloves and stretched her arm to open the package.

As soon as the package was opened, the contents inside were exposed.

It was a burgundy-colored gift box, and there was a bow, which was quite beautiful.

Shen Yuanye didn’t understand.

As a model, she naturally knew the exquisite logo on the box.

It was a luxury clothing brand abroad called YE.


The clothes of this brand were generally custom-made.

Even well-known domestic stars can hardly afford one or two pieces of clothing.

They have to have some kind of good connection with people abroad.

Shen Yuanye felt that the gift box burned her hand.

She held her breath and opened the gift box.

There was a long dress hanging in it.

The living room was very bright.

The starlight dress’s color gradually became darker from top to bottom, as if the cosmic starry sky was right in front of her.

There were many pearls and diamonds embedded on it as well.

Although it was not large, it was a very good dress.

Who gave her this gift

Shen Yuanye thought too much at that moment.

Could it be that the company sold her to some rich person and wanted her to accompany them

Thinking of this, her goosebumps arose.

She knew more or less of the secrets in this circle.

This kind of secret was the most common.

She stared at the dress for a long time and then called Liu Li.

Liu Li had already gone home.

“What’s wrong Why are you calling so late “

“Sister Li, has the company made any arrangements for me recently” Shen Yuanye asked politely.

Liu Li pondered for a while, “Not for now, you know, the focus is on New York Fashion Week in September.

You just need to prepare for that.

Usually, the main thing is to practice stage walk and manners.

You can’t be nervous! If you make a mistake during fashion week, your modeling career will basically be ruined.

No one will hire a model with poor professional quality.

She said a lot of things in a row, not what Shen Yuanye wanted to hear.

But she also thought about it.

If it was really arranged by the company, then Liu Li would remember it somehow.

It should have nothing to do with the company.


After hanging up the phone, Shen Yuanye sighed.

Lu Yue said, “Miss Shen, I’ll go back first.”

Shen Yuanye eventually recovered and said, “All right.”

After Lu Yue left, she simply closed the box again, placed it in the corner against the wall, and opened the little cake she bought.

She was used to celebrating her birthday by herself.

It was just that she didn’t know what to wish for this year.

Shen Yuanye closed her eyes and thought for a minute, and finally opened her eyes and blew out the candle.

After leaving the apartment, Lu Yue walked steadily into the car.

After sitting for a few minutes, her fingers quickly made a call.

The person on the other end said something, and she lowered her voice: “Miss Shen looks worried.

It should be that she is afraid that the gift’s origin is unknown.”

The person on the other end said something else, and Lu Yue replied, “Yes, I know.”


The dress matter was put aside by Shen Yuanye.


The next day, she happily went to the company to attend a class.

She had already completed half of the company’s courses, and the rest was practice.

Liu Li had already made arrangements, so she didn’t need to worry about that.

Liu Li said as she walked: “One of the models from Western Entertainment was also selected.

This time there are five domestic models, and then adding on the models abroad, this fashion week is very competitive.”

Fashion weeks abroad naturally invite models from abroad.

Compared with European and African models, the advantages of Asian models were not obvious.

European models had deep facial features and fair skin, while African models had very good figures, especially their legs, which were thin and long.

Therefore, Asian models were rarely invited.

“I will try my best.” Shen Yuanye said.

When it came to fashion week, she thought of that dress.

She checked YE’s official website last night, and the price of that dress had reached hundreds of thousands.

It was a new product that had come out this year.

Shen Yuanye always had the question of who sent her the gift on her mind.

After staying at the company for the morning, she returned to the apartment.

The official Weibo page of Jianghai Police Station also announced that the murderer had been caught.

In fact, Shen Yuanye really didn’t expect that she was so lucky that she would be approached by the murderer.

If she hadn’t dodged in time, she would be in the hospital now.

The murderer probably planned to take her car and run away.

It was a pity that, after all his calculations, he didn’t expect the existence of Lu Yue.

Even Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but be surprised by the situation at that time.

When she got home, her phone vibrated.

Jiang Pan: Are you free

Shen Yuanye thought for a while.

It was probably about the matter from yesterday, so she replied.

Jiang Pan asked to meet her outside and wanted to ask her something.

It sounded like it was very important, so Shen Yuanye agreed.

Because tomorrow was not a weekend, he needed to request time off.

Liu Heyang was naturally the most aware, and he went to gossip with the people in the office, “Tomorrow, the captain will not be here.”

Ren Lulu said, “Wow.

Captain Jiang hasn’t asked for leave for a long time.”

She had only seen him ask for leave once in the past few years she had been on the team.

It was because there had been something going on at Captain Jiang’s house.

After that, he was in the bureau almost every break and holiday.

Li Chen said, “Maybe it’s for a blind date.”

Liu Heyang said, “You think everyone is like you.

With Captain Jiang’s handsome face, he definitely does not have a shortage of women who like him.

I think he is going to go see his girlfriend.

Of course, these were just jokes.

Naturally, they all knew that Jiang Pan did not have a girlfriend.

A blind date was really possible, though.

He was almost thirty, and he might be urged by his family.

Just as he was talking, Jiang Pan quietly appeared behind everyone, “Everyone is unoccupied”

“Ah, I still have a document to deal with!”

“I’m going to urge the forensic expert: why hasn’t the report come out yet”

People suddenly all scattered.

The initiator, Liu Heyang, smiled awkwardly and quickly returned to his job.


Shen Yuanye and Jiangpan met in a cafe.

It was Shen Yuanye that decided on the place.

Jiang Pan didn’t know where it was either.

The cafe played soothing music, which made people relax.

Jiang Pan went straight to the topic and asked, “Who was the person behind you last night”

Shen Yuanye guessed that he was asking about Lu Yue and replied, “Assistant.”

“Assistant” Jiang Pan repeated suspiciously.

Shen Yuanye also happened to want to know Lu Yue’s true identity, and said casually, “If you don’t believe me, you can check.

Lu Yue has been my assistant for more than half a year.”

Jiang Pan leaned back on the chair, “It’s not that I don’t believe it, it’s that I was surprised.”

For a small model, an assistant had such skills.

Although it cannot be said to be very powerful, for ordinary people, it was more than enough.

Jiang Pan added, “Are you sure that she is an assistant, not a bodyguard”

Shen Yuanye said, “I’m sure.”

If she was a bodyguard, then Liu Li would have already told her.

Why would she say that Lu Yue was an assistant when she introduced her then

“She has only learned self-defense before.” Shen Yuanye explained it in one sentence.

“Then this self-defense technique is very powerful.” A faint smile appeared on Jiang Pan’s face, “One kick that made an adult man fall and twist and dislocate his arm.”

Not only that, but there were small movements in the dark.

In front of her yesterday, he didn’t say anything, but she was obviously not a simple person.

She seemed to be a sedate person too.

Although Shen Yuanye was suspicious, she really didn’t know anything.

It was useless for Jiang Pan to ask her for information.

She took a sip of coffee and changed the subject, “Officer Jiang asked me out today just for this”

Jiang Pan glanced at her, “Of course not.”

“Then what is it” Shen Yuanye asked casually.

She thought it would be something related to the murder case, but after hearing what he said, she almost choked and looked over in surprise, “You want me to tell your fortune”

Jiang Pan stirred his coffee.

“Is there a problem”

He was leaning on the chair, half-squinting, shadowed by the light.

His delicate appearance was inexplicably attractive.

Shen Yuanye frowned.

Suddenly, he asks her to tell him his fortune What is he trying to do

Surely it doesn’t mean that she is going to ask him: Officer Jiang, please give me your Weibo


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