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“Hmph! Youre the idiot.

Your whole family is a group of idiots, and youre a trash idiot who cant even change your size!” The golden pagoda, which was despised, retorted without showing weakness and even stepped on the Taiyi Pill Furnaces sore spot.

Although the Taiyi Pill Furnace had developed intelligence on its own, it was only considered an extraordinary item and was still a long way from a spiritual object.

Therefore, it couldnt change its size on its own like a spiritual object.

“F*ck! You shameless cat, Ill fight it out with you!” Taiyi Pill Furnace, which had its sore spot trampled on, pounced at the golden pagoda angrily, as if it wanted to crush the golden pagoda into a pancake.

“Tsk, tsk, a trashy idiot like you wants to fight me Lets talk about it in a few hundred years!” The golden pagoda had a proud look on its face as it easily dodged the Taiyi Pill Furnace that pounced at it.

“Ahhh! You stupid cat, arent you just relying on your stunted body If youre so capable, try enlarging yourself!”

“F*ck! You trash, how dare you say that Im stunted Ill kick you to death, you trash!”

“You stupid cat, youre just stunted.

Ill smash you to death!”

“Oh, oh, oh! Ill show you if Im underdeveloped.

Ill crush you to death, you piece of trash!”

The enraged golden pagoda completely forgot where they were at this moment.

With a whoosh, it enlarged itself several times and became a huge black cat that terrified people.

“Hmph! A stunted cat like you wants to crush me Dream on!”

The Taiyi Pill Furnace and the golden pagoda were not to be outdone.

They both used all their strength, wanting to crush each other into pieces.

Lu Zijia, who was sitting in the front passenger seat: “…” These two idiots were getting on her nerves!

They were already fighting non-stop in the ancient space.

Now that they were out, they were still fighting.

When will they stop

She was speechless.

She was about to roll her eyes when she heard a clear bang behind her, as if something was broken.

“Oh, oh, oh! Trash idiot, I told you you were trash, but you didnt believe me.

See if I beat you up!” The golden pagoda, which had finally subdued the Taiyi Elixir Furnace, was feeling so proud that it didnt notice the broken window and the dangerous gaze of its master at all.

On the other hand, the Taiyi Pill Furnace, which was suppressed by the golden pagoda, immediately sensed that they were in trouble.

When it sensed the dangerous gaze of Lu Zijia, its master, it immediately shut its mouth and played dead.

“Hey! Trash, why arent you talking Are you subdued by my might”

“Come on, admit to me that youre trash and Ill let you go.

How about that”

The golden pagoda, which was originally smug, immediately became a bit unhappy when it didnt get a response from the Taiyi Pill Furnace.

But at this moment, a sinister voice suddenly sounded, making the golden pagoda and Taiyi Pill Furnace tremble fiercely.

“Instead of thinking about how to let others go, why dont you think about how youll be let go first”

Lu Zijia gritted her teeth and grabbed the back of the golden pagodas neck with one hand, lifting the golden pagoda that had become several times bigger easily.

The golden pagoda, which was caught off guard, struggled violently in the air with its limbs.

“Ouch! Calm down, Master! Calm down! Master, listen to me explain first.

Im innocent!”

Lu Zijia put on a fake smile.

“Oh Youre innocent Then tell me, how are you innocent”

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