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Parallel Memory Chapter 104 Fighting With Professor Mia [2]

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Chapter 104 Fighting With Professor Mia [2]

Professor Mia started off by releasing her mana aura.

I did not think that she would do that, but she released her mana aura. Would it not be over in an instant

However, I didn't have time to start thinking about that as pressure on my mind and body increased several-fold.


It is too much. The pressure on my body is so severe that I feel like I am suffocating right now.

My whole body was under pressure like a giant elephant on top of my body. It felt worse than when I was training at 10 times the gravity.

It is like the atmosphere has changed from Edolas to that of Mars or other planets. Anyway, it felt like I was in an atmosphere with unbreathable air.


I had to heavily breathe in air as I felt myself to be lacking air.


My leg could not hold it anymore and I was kneeling in front of Professor Mia with one leg holding the whole body from collapsing.

It felt like somebody was pressing on my whole body and trying to squash it on the ground.


Zero screamed as he tried to use all his power to stand up. He refused to kneel and did his best to resist Professor Mia's suppressing aura.


The sound of bones cracking can be heard in the whole gravity room. Zero bones were starting to break as they had to withstand an immense amount of pressure.


Even as his bone was breaking, Zero didn't give in. He continued to resist the pressure with his whole body.


Zero body was finally on the ground after trying his absolute best to resist Professor Mia's Rank-A aura.

Not only was it taxing on the body but also on the mind.

If you are in the presence of higher-ranked auras, your mind will feel like you are kneeling before them. Similar to a natural instinct that someone who is way above you is in front of you.

You had to have strong willpower to suppress your natural urge to kneel before the higher-ranked aura.

It is less effective when the difference in rank is not that significant. However, there was a vast difference in rank between Professor Mia and Zero.

Zero resisting against Rank-A aura was like a peasant trying to defy the power of the king by standing in front of them.

( Shit! )

I did everything to resist those urges to give up and only thought of resisting. However, before my mind collapsed, it was the body that could not stand it anymore.

I think that almost all the bones in my body have suffered major damage. My leg which supported the whole body was in the worst condition of all.

Moving my legs even a tiny bit would bring forth an intense and sharp pain almost similar to having it stabbed with a spear.

I was lying on the ground almost like I was dead.

Many people face the same end when they challenge people who are higher ranked than them.

Just with their auras, they could deal heavy damage to their opponent.

I feel that Professor Mia has not even used her full mana aura, for which I am thankful.

Imagine being on the receiving end of a full-powered Rank-A aura. It would not even take one second to flatten someone like me just with their mana aura.

Knitting her brows, Professor Mia observed Zero. It was not that he performed poorly or anything. It was actually the opposite.

It was really out of her expectation that Zero could manage to hold on for so long. It was fortunate that Zero had such strong willpower.

But she was worried. Worried because it seems like Zero's willpower is too strong for his own good.

Till the end, Zero never had any intention of succumbing to the aura. It was good that he had strong willpower, but it seems his physical strength could not keep up with his willpower.

It is impossible to find someone who is in the same rank as Zero and has the same willpower.

He could resist against Rank-A mana aura which even Rank-B might not have been able to.

However, it seems that Zero was just listening to his willpower and not to his body.

He ended up doing something that his body was not capable of.

Professor Mia came near Zero and started healing him with an artifact that she possessed. Healing using it was not as effective as high-quality potions, but it could be used on someone who is not in any condition to take a potion.

Zero was in no condition to take a potion. He could not even properly open his mouth to speak.

Professor Mia started to heal Zero's body.

While healing Zero, Professor Mia also talked about her observation to Zero.

Having strong willpower is good when dealing with bloodlust and other skills that debuff your willpower. But from what I can see, your willpower is too high which can be detrimental to you. The reason why you end up in this state is because you refused to give up even when your body can't handle it."

She paused for a moment thinking about Zero's willpower. It has always been the case of people not having appropriate willpower for their rank.

It is difficult to raise your willpower unless you are constantly fighting with someone stronger than you. Thus, those who are always risking their lives in the dungeon have a high level of willpower.

Due to that, those people are able to stand tall even when faced with situations that are extremely dangerous to them.

However, Zero's case was completely the opposite. There is no doubt that he has a very powerful will, almost comparable to Rank-B.

He might end up doing something he can't handle.

Sighing a little, Professor Mia continued.

"As a result, you overestimate the capabilities of your body and end up pushing your body beyond its limits."

Professor Mia stared at Zero and understood why Zero could train so bizarrely. He could train continuously under extreme conditions when most of his peers would have long given up.

It was because of his incredible willpower to withstand those pains and continue pursuing his objective.

"You should keep a limit for yourself. Persisting is not always wise. Sometimes giving up might be the right choice."

As was the case earlier, it would have been much better if Zero had given up and stopped struggling after his body was unable to hold on.

Due to his refusal to give up, he struggled and ended up breaking his bones.

Zero listened to Professor Mia's advice and carefully thought about it.

He didn't expect his willpower to be so great that it would cause him trouble.

He never had that much willpower when he had tested it before but unexpectedly Professor Mia has said that his willpower is very high.

He didn't think Professor Mia was wrong as she is Rank-A and something like determining willpower is easy for her.

( How did my willpower change so much )

I thought for a while and knew exactly why. I was certain that it was because of my Parallel Memory Skill.

It seems that I have not only received a memory from my alternative self but also some of his emotions, personality, and willpower.

Although having high willpower is not good in some situations, as long as I maintain some limitations to my actions, I do think it would be fine.

I once again realized the uniqueness of Parallel Memory Skill. I have never heard of any skill or Art that could increase one's willpower.

Parallel Memory Skill seems to affect a lot of things other than just memory. Or is it that willpower is essentially just a part of memory

For example, one's determination to become a doctor could be the result of one's encounter with a doctor.

If your determination to become a doctor is due to you seeing them save lives then your determination to become a doctor might be stronger than other people who are just there for the money.

But what if that memory is no longer there Would you still be determined as to when you have those memories

I don't think so.

It is just a theory but it could be true.

So, where is my determination to train coming from Because I know that the world would be in danger Because I know I will become stronger if I continue training Or because of my alternative self desire to live in such a world.

As a person who used to read many fantasy isekai novels, he did dream of transmigrating and becoming strong like some protagonists.

Could that justify my willpower to train To become stronger

Right now, I don't have a concrete answer but it seems that my Willpower has increased dramatically.

I continued to have my body healed by Professor Mia.

Professor Mia at that time was thinking about changing her training method.

Since Zero's willpower was already sky-high, she thought it unnecessary to train him in that area.

Though she still decided to include a few sessions of having him feel her mana aura to make Zero adapt to a higher-ranked mana aura.

She was considering increasing his physical training and increasing his survival skills.-

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