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Parallel Memory Chapter 105 Fighting With Professor Mia [3]

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Chapter 105 Fighting With Professor Mia [3]

Afterward, there was a series of physical training. Professor Mia didn't keep the training light and always tried to increase the intensity of the training.

After hours of training, the sun has already set and my body was screaming for some rest. But just before we left the gravity room,

"Ah! Tomorrow you have to come to Agora Town. I will have you train in the dungeon. From now on, you will spend the weekend, training in the dungeon."

"Dungeon Which dungeon"

I can't help but ask this question. After fighting with Professor Mia, I can't rule out the possibility that she will take me to a Rank-B dungeon or higher.

Though it could be a privilege to be able to get an opportunity to enter the Rank-B dungeon. Not only do you have to pay an absurd amount of money to the one who owns the dungeon but also need a certain level of authority to get permission to enter the dungeon.

But my strength was too low to be able to do anything in the Rank-B dungeon. My life could be all over if I met a Rank-B monster.

"You will know tomorrow."

Professor Mia didn't reveal the name of the dungeon which really made me feel worried.

Worried as I might be, I could not do anything other than to wait for tomorrow.

I slept as soon as I got on the bed. It was a really exhausting day. Fighting with Professor Mia was the main cause of my exhaustion rather than other exercise. Fighting with her really causes extreme stress to both body and mind.


I woke up feeling super refreshed.

I checked my time on the phone to find out that it had already been 8:40 am.

( Oh, NO! )

Professor Mia might kill me if I arrive late. It looks like yesterday, I have been more exhausted than I thought.

I would normally wake up at 6:00 am but it seems that yesterday's training has really exhausted my body.

I quickly had a light breakfast and hurried to catch a bus on its way to Agora Town.

Today was the weekend but I still had my training with Professor Mia. It looks like Professor Mia is really trying to make me into a training maniac like some protagonist from a Chinese novel.

I didn't know which dungeon she was planning to take me into but I am already prepared for any dungeon we might come across.

I always make it a point that my spatial ring has enough food to last me for at least three months.

You might never know what might happen in this world. You could be teleported to some deserted place if you happen to land on some teleportation trap, or you could be sent to another dimension through some dimensional crack.

There are many people who have lived through those things and they always say that people should always be ready to face the unexpected.

And it is always wise to prepare rations and potions when venturing into dungeons. Dungeons are things that are beyond people's understanding.

They just appear randomly and spawn monsters and that is what humans have known about it for hundreds of years.

Nobody knows how the dungeon came into being nor its purpose. People just think of them as a place where we can get resources.

Anyway, many unexpected things happen in those dungeons. Sometimes, even dungeons which are claimed as 100% explored can yield things that have never been seen before.

And this is highly likely as the rank of the dungeon increases. Higher ranked dungeons are really difficult to conquer, not only because of the rank of the monster but also because of many unpredictable things that explorers encounter in those dungeons.

Therefore, I make it a point to replenish my resources in the spatial ring whenever I get a chance.

Currently, I was getting off the bus and then I realized, why am I still using the bus I mean I am freaking rich right now. My company makes millions every month and their boss is still without a car, taking a bus

I mean I don't know how to drive but still, I could get a driver for it and it looked like I would be venturing to a dungeon more than just once a month.

It would be convenient to have a car. But those things will be discussed with Elisa at a later date. Right now, I need to quickly meet up with Professor Mia.

I was already about 10 minutes late.

Yesterday night I got a message on my phone telling me the location and time of where we were going to meet.

"If I remember correctly it was in front of the Fountain of Tyche"

The statue was built in the center of the town. It is meant to bring prosperity and good luck to the whole town.

I had a general idea of where it is because I came across that place when I was here last time.

As I was approaching the place, I could see lots of people gathered around the Fountain of Tyche.

Ranging from the common citizen to high-ranked Explorers, all kinds of people were present there and were causing some kind of commotion.

I proceeded to know what was going on, only to see Professor Mia standing there.

She was wearing white armor that was her defensive artifact. She didn't have any weapon on her right now, it is probably inside her stirage ring.

She also wore an earring in the shape of an Ice Crystal and a silver hair accessory. Both of those things are artifacts for sure because Professor Mia never donned things to enhance her beauty.

Neither did she need to wear them because she was already beautiful even without any other fancy pieces to enhance her appeal.

She was standing there amid all those people surrounding her. She seems a bit pissed right now.

( I am dead! )

The people were only watching her from a certain distance. Those people seem to instinctively know not to get too close to her.

Her looks, however, seem to counteract their desire to run away. As a result, they kept a certain distance from her while they watched her.

It was not only her look that attracted many people to Professor Mia but also because of her reputation.

She was someone who is deemed one of the most talented humans and also someone who got her title at the young age of 20.

By the age of 20, Professor Mia's fame was already on par with Rank-SS humans. Her name and face were remembered by all the people in Humulia Domain.

"Sh-She is Ice Enchantress I can't believe I would one day be fortunate to see her in person. She is even more beautiful than what she appeared on TV."

"It is also my first time seeing her. I thought the talk about her appearance was overrated, but now I know those words were not enough to describe how beautiful she is."

"What is Ice Enchantress doing here Is she waiting for someone She had been standing there for 15 minutes already."

"Which motherf**ker has the audacity to make a beauty like her wait I would kill that person if it turns out to be a man."

"I have never heard of Ice Enchantress having a boyfriend. If she had a boyfriend I would kill him myself."

"Calm down. She doesn't have a boyfriend. But if it turns out to be the man that she is waiting for, count me on your team to kill him."

It looks like people are already ready to kill me even if they don't know who I am.

( Dammit! I don't have time to waste here. )

I was already late as it is but now I had to make my way through this huge crowd.

I pushed through the crowd to make my way toward Professor Mia.

"Excuse me. Passing through. Excuse me."

Normally people would have been annoyed by someone pushing them. However, it looks like they are so busy looking at Professor Mia that they don't want to wadte their time being angry at someone.

Eventually, I made my way through the crowd, though I ended up falling down after I made it through the last line of people.



That crowd was almost as big as when the president made an appearance in front of the people.

If Professor Mia runs for the presidency, I will not be surprised to find 100% of citizen voting for her. Beauty is indeed a powerful weapon.

As I was about to stand up, a hand was offered by someone. I took his hand and stood up.

"Thank Yo…"

I stunned by the person in front of me. The person who just helped me was none other than Professor Mia.

It would normally be fine if it was Professor Mia but right now she seemed to be pissed about me coming here late.


Professor Mia said in a calm voice. You would not think she was angry if you didn't know her for long.


I straightened my back and answered like I was an army officer. It is nerve-wracking when I know that Professor Mia was the one who is angry at me.

However, I could only accept whatever punishment she would give me. It was my mistake that I came late.

I would also be angry if someone showed up late.

"Apparently someone needs to be disciplined."-

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