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Chapter 110 Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon [2]

Zero left without looking back at who those people could be. This type of people is common in the dungeon and Zero could not care less about who those people are.

"DAMMIT! He ran away."

"How did he know We have made a perfect situation to get him."

The two men who were waiting for Zero to jump in and try to save the girl were angry. They had planned


The girl, unaware of the fact that Zero had already run away from that location, kept shouting for Zero to come rescue her.

"Malty, stop shouting, he is already gone."

Annoyed, he shouted at the girl who was already making the situation more annoying.

"Huh What What happened"

Confused, the girl asked the two men. She thought the boy was already in their grasp since he appeared.

She was confident that those men who saw her in distress would not think twice before jumping in to save her.

"He has already left the area. He might have seen through your terrible acting."

The angry man blamed their failure on the girl who could not even convince a boy that she was in a terrible situation. He thought that the boy might be a veteran but who cares, their plan failed and he needed someone to blame.

" Te-Terrible acting YOU!!! You are the one who said that the boy was just a newbie Explorer. How dare you blame me for your mistake"


The angry man was indeed the one who made the mistake. He was a scout who was responsible for spotting Explorer who is naive and rich.

He saw Zero who was alone and thought he was a newbie since most veteran Explorers know that being in the team is most important when exploring the Liar of the Brutal Lion.

And by appearance, he concluded that he must be too young to have much experience in the dungeon. Additionally, the Storage ring was enough to indicate the wealth Zero possesses.

Not everyone is eligible to have a storage ring. Not to mention the various artifacts that were worn by Zero.

He thought they could easily make money from robbing Zero. Didn't expect the boy to see through their plans.

However, he didn't want to admit that it was he who told them that the boy was naive and would easily fall for their plan.

"If you had tried harder to act properly, I might be counting our treasure rather than arguing with you."

"YOU!!! I will kill you."

"Quit it both of you."

The other man remained calm as he took out a cigarette and lit it. He was also disappointed by the outcome, but he remained calm.

"Mitchell, Are you sure that kid is loaded"

He asked Mitchell who was the one who told him that they had hit a jackpot. He, himself, has not seen the boy that he mentioned.

"Dale, are you doubting me I have been doing this for 5 years. I am sure he is one of the wealthiest people I have ever met. His storage ring alone must have cost around 100,000 Ethan."


He began to think. If it was just a regular person, he might not have bothered someone who is cautious enough to not fall for their trap. However, a person who carries an artifact like some kind of decoration must be worth all the trouble he would need to go through.

"Let's call the boss. We will ambush that kid with other people when he comes back from his little hunt."

Initially, he didn't want to call the boss since most of the loots they will get will fall into their boss's pocket but they also can't afford failures.

Considering how the trap failed, it was impossible to try to trap him using similar strategies. And fighting with him was not a wise idea with only three of them.

According to Mitchell, it was a very young boy, however, who knows what kind of abilities he possesses to be able to traverse this part of the dungeon alone.

If they want to rob them directly, they will need superior fighting power.

Asking their boss was a clear way to reduce risk while also getting a percentage of the loot.


I continued to move forward through the dungeon after I had left the area where the girl was screaming for help.

I had not a shred of guilt since I knew that the girl asking for help was just acting.

I would have helped if it was someone who was in real trouble under the condition that my life was not at risk. It would be stupid if I tried to save someone when I could not even guarantee my own life.

Only those foolish protagonists like Hiro would do it. Though I would argue that the reason why he is alive after those stupid decisions is because of plot armor.

If some extra like me tried to do it, I would die before I could blink.


As I delved deeper into the territory of the Brutal Lions, lots of bones of monsters and humans could be seen.

I became alert as it was a clear indication of the presence of the Brutal Lion. I carefully moved amid all the bones and grass.

Soon after, I saw the first pack of Brutal Lions.

Good thing it was me who noticed them first instead of the other way around.

I slowly sneaked away and observed what they were doing.

Right now, the Brutal Lion was resting while some Brutal Lion was keeping guard.

Their number was easily over 15.

"15 Rank-D monsters."

It might seem insane for one Rank-D - to challenge a group of Rank-D monsters, and they were also elite monsters who could fight one-on-one with talented humans.

However, what my Cryomancy Art excelled at was taking out a large number of enemies which is not too powerful.

At full power, I was able to take out Rank-C Devil Contractor when I was just Rank-E . Even though the Rank-C Devil Contractors were exhausted and severely underestimated me, it was proof that as long as I caught them off guard, I could easily take out multiple strong enemies at once.

[ "Ice Embodiment" ]-

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