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Chapter 117 Gate


"Ahh… Ouch!"

Landing on my butt, I involuntarily let out a sound. The thing that just happened was similar to how portals work. However, the force that pulled me inside was several times stronger than a portal.

I didn't feel that I could resist such force even if I rank up several times.

Even Professor Mia who is in Rank-A could not resist that force and I think she also has been sucked into this place.


I thought for a while about the event that just occurred.

This place was definitely inside a Gate.

Gate is similar to a Dungeon but the time in the Gate is much slower than outside unlike a dungeon where one minute inside the dungeon is equivalent to one minute outside the dungeon.

In Gates, one month could mean 1 day or even only one second outside. Other than that, another difference between dungeons and Gates was that Gate would appearance would be followed by an intense suction pull that pulls in every living being in its vicinity.

Another difference is that once the Gate is conquered, it will disappear after some time like it never existed at all. A dungeon, even if one does defeat the boss, would still exist and spawn another boss after a period of time.

After its appearance, Gates will function as a normal dungeon. Other people could enter it and conquer it.

However, with the time difference, it might be months and years before reinforcement from outside arrives inside a Gate. It might take only hours outside but a year might have already passed inside the gates.

I stood up and surveyed my area. All I could see was an empty white space. Though of course, it was not a room with a white wall, it was a place covered in heavy snow.

All the things within my sight were covered in snow with no other color in sight. The Gate's environment was a snowy and cold place similar to the north pole.

The environment was easy to survive for me since I have high resistance to cold temperatures. It is also true for Professor Mia.

Even if she (which is likely) is sucked into this Gate, she would easily survive in this place. Other people might not be able to deal with such low temperatures but it was normal for an Ice mage like us.

Always dealing with Ice energy, it would be weird if we could not withstand a low temperature such as this. Ice energy we use is many times colder than this.

Anyway, the environment was no problem for me. I could survive here as long as I don't encounter dangerous monsters.

I don't know the Rank of this gate though.

However, I assume that this is not a low-level Gate. Judging from the aura and density of mana it released when it appeared in Agora Town.

Additionally, the worried expression on Professor Mia's face, I expect this Gate to be at least Rank-B. She would not have reacted so strongly if the Gate that appeared was of low rank.

If it were below that, Professor Mia could easily conquer the Gate. She might be able to conquer this Gate even if it is Rank-B but not Rank-A.

One more thing that Gate differed from the dungeon is that, unlike its dungeon rank, the Boss rank is sometimes higher than what Gate rank is.

It happened at several Gates, where the Gate were judged to be Rank-B but the boss monster was at Rank-A.

Even in Rank-A Gate, Professor Mia might survive with her strength until reinforcement arrives but with my strength, it would be near impossible for me to survive for months if the Gate rank turns out to be A.


Shit! I think I am really in big trouble now. It might have been a good choice if I never left that evacuation center. No use regretting now.

I need to think of a plan to survive here. Conquering this Gate is out of the question with my current strength. Even a Gate of Rank-D might give me a run for the money.

And I am sure that this Gate is a high-ranking one.

"What happened to my Rank-B luck Is it taking a **"

Most of the time, I would thank my luck but it seems to turn into a **ty one. I might have used all my luck to survive Solomon's attack, maybe

To get into Gate, not to mention that there is a high possibility of Gate rank being high.

Anyway, I need to decide what I need to do fast. Without any plan, I could very well turn into the food for the monsters.


I had many options to choose from; one I can just wait here, hiding until the reinforcement arrive. My second option was to rank up quickly and defeat the boss. If I train here for at least 2 years, I might get strong enough to defeat a Rank-B Gate boss.

My third option was to try and defeat the Gate boss in my current state though it might be impossible if the dungeon rank is high, however, there is also a possibility of the Gate rank being low though it is very unlikely

However, the plan that could ensure my survivability and was more realistic to execute was finding Professor Mia. I know for sure that she is in this place. There has been no incident of any person escaping from the Gate suction force.

Even Rank-S heroes get into low-rank Gate because they can't escape from it.

However, even if she didn't get sucked into the Gate, there is a high chance that she entered right after she saw me get sucked into the Gate.

If she waited for help from others, it would be already weeks and months in the Gate and I could be dead by that time. From my understanding of Professor Mia, she would definitely jump in to save me.

With her by my side, my chance of survival would increase several-fold. No amount of plan and method could ensure my life as much as being with Professor Mia.

Before starting to search for Professor Mia, I would first need to know my own position. Right now all I could see was white snow with no other thing in sight.

I decided to head North which seem to be high ground. With a higher place, I would be able to see the place more clearly, leading to finding Professor Mia more easily.


The sound of my heart beating was so loud that people 10 meters might actually hear it.

However, calm I tried to be, I was scared and anxious to quickly find Professor Mia.


Zero, which is an unknown place, was afraid that he might encounter something he can't handle. He felt a pressing sense of urgency to quickly find Professor Mia.

He hurriedly sped up as he continued to run at a pace that will not exhaust him.

There was currently 2 months' worth of food in his spatial ring, so he was not worried about food for the time being.

In a blick of an eye, Zero has already run over 50 km distance, but he still could not find anything except the white snow and a little bit of green grass.

Though it was a good thing that he also didn't encounter monsters. With the dungeon and Gate being a place for monsters, it was quite lucky for him to not meet any monsters.

He continued to move at high speed.


Suddenly, he heard a roar carrying a terrifying aura. Zero shuddered for he sensed a very terrifying aura coming from the roar.

He quickly buried himself beneath the snow and held his breath. He didn't dare to move even an inch until he was sure that the monster outside is not there.

From the aura that terrifying roar contained, Zero was sure that the monster was at least Rank-B. He previously fought with lots of Rank-C monsters and he knows that terrifying aura does not belong to a rank-C monster.

Luckily it didn't seem that the roar was aimed at him. If that monster had seen and was planning to attack him, he knew he had only a little chance of being alive.

After being sure that the monster was not coming in his direction, he came out of the snow he buried himself in.

Zero immediately changed the course of his direction. While he was curious to see what type of monster that was, however, if he encounter that monster, there was a huge chance that he'd meet a calamity that could kill him easily.

Now, he was certain that the Gate was of very high rank. Even the monster met for the first time in the Gate was of Rank-B. It is estimated that the Boss monster who is the apex predator in the gate should be at least Rank-A.

The situation was not looking good for Zero.-

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