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Parallel Memory Chapter 12 I Am Zero

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Chapter 12 I Am Zero

The Sylvia Mavis team remained silent. They were waiting for the professor or another team of the student to show up. They had encountered five Devil Contractor assassins who were all Rank E.

Sylvia's team was going back when suddenly they got hit by a Magic Attack. Two of her teammates were knocked out and others were as bad as wounded as her. They were in no shape to fight with enemies who outnumbered and outranked them.

At first, they thought of escaping but with their Mage attacking and two of their teammates knock out, they had no chance of escaping.

Sylvia used a teleportation scroll, an A-Rank item to take her team out of the desperate situation but the space seem to be blocked. So, she had no choice but to teleport them to the forest.

She wanted to run deeper in the forest to avoid the assassin but she had to stay close to see the professor or another team coming. Another team could also be ambushed by the assassin, so she had to look out for other students. And it's not like she could run away leaving two of her teammates behind.

[ "Dammit. When is the professor going to come We will soon be discovered. I can't just die here." ]

He never thought that his first school test will lead to his death. He was scared by the power of that Magic attack. Even with his armor, he was wounded badly.

[ "Carl, calm down. They won't find us easily." ]

Misha tried to calm down Carl who seem to lose his mind due to fear.

[ "Misha, we may need to fight sooner. I don't think the professor will come to help. Our best bet is to team up with other teams and defeat them." ]

Sylvia said to Misha. She didn't mention Carl as she can tell that he will be of no use, he will just get killed if he goes to fight.

She nodded. Sylvia smiled seeing that Misha was resolute.

At that moment…

[ "Found you!" ]

[ "Kuaaaaak!" ]

The silence was broken by the sudden scream from Carl. Both girls turn around to see that a person came out of Carl's body.

( Parasitic Art)

Parasitic Art was mostly popular among Devil Contractors. It allowed them to attach themselves to others' bodies and feed on their mana. It was also possible to make their host body strong by supplying them with their mana. A perfect Art for support and assassin.

Carl's body was like a mummy. Seems like the assassin took all his mana. He will be dead if not treated immediately.

[ "KeKe. Let's have fun, little kittens." ]

[ "Misha, stall him." ]

Misha was at Rank E - and ranked 35 in student ranking. Though not as strong as Sylvia, she was also one of the best fighters in Ace Academy.

Misha took her battle position.

[ "Shattering Flower Style: Rose Blossom" ]

The attacker defended the attack with his claw weapon. Misha continued to attack intensely. But the man was defending the attack like it was child play.

[ "Misha, Get down" ]

Misha quickly jumped to the side.

[ "Phoenix Flame Shot" ]

The arrow was coated with fire that was as intense as the Vice-leader Mage attack.

[ "Fury Slice" ]

The Assassin countered with his attack. His attack continuously hit the Arrow until the arrow was destroyed in mid-air. The remaining attack hit Sylvia.

[ "Kya!" ]

The already wounded body was bleeding more profusely.

[ " Kekekee. Not bad. Not bad at all. You two are good. As Vice-Leader I invite you two to join our group or else I will kill you." ]

[ [ "Humph" ] ]

[ "Multiple Shot: Dazzling Light" ]

They ignored him and started attacking him again.

[ "Shattering Flower Style: Withered Petal" ]

[ "KEKEKE! So, you decided to ignore my kindness." ]

[ "Illusion Body" ]

The assassin's body was hit but it was only the image of his body. His actual body was safe.

[ "Poison Claw" ]

He immediately attack Misha who was exhausted. Misha was knocked back with her arm poisoned. She lost strength in her hand and dropped her sword.

[ "Hah ha. Sylvia, I don't think we can win. I will buy you some time, you need to get out of here and inform a professor." ]

[ "NO! You will die if I leave." ]

[ "We will both die even if you stay. It is better if at least one of us survives." ]

[ "…" ]

( I also wanted to live and explore this vast world. Maybe become a hero and defend humanity against an external threat but looks like this is it for me. Then let me, Misha do her last duty. )

[ "KeKeKe. Do you think you can escape Even if you escape from me, do you think you can escape from them" ]

He pointed in the direction of the entrance of BloodyWolf Forest. Those five people that was wearing black-robed were approaching the battle area.

[ "Vice-Leader, you didn't finish killing them. Are they strong" ]

[ "KeKeKe. Don't you know me, I was just playing around." ]

Both the girls were despairing. There was no hope for them. To run was not an option and to fight when they can't even defeat a single enemy was more hopeless.

[ "Haaa. Let's kill them quickly. We have other students to hunt." ]

[ "Fire Bomb" ]

They both resigned to their fate. The same attack which almost annihilated their whole team when they were ambushed was fired at them.

[ "Ice Wall" ]

When all hope seem lost, a wall of Ice blocked the attack.


Our team was running toward the entrance after defeating the enemies. We were fortunate to encounter only two enemies.

We continued running for 5 minutes when we heard the sound of an explosion.

[ "What is that sound" ]

Kale asked. Daniel turned around to look in the direction of the sound.

[ "One enemy detected. He is currently fighting with Sylvia and one another girl." ]

We stood still.

[ "What shall we do Help them or go bring professor." ]

Isabel asked. We were currently near the entrance of BloodyWolf Forest. We run at full speed, we go and bring back the professor in 5 minutes. But can they survive for 5 minutes

[ "Let's help them. We don't know whether we will encounter another group of Devil Contractors or not. Surely, someone must be guarding near the entrance. If we go, they will die." ]

I said. From what I remember, in the novel Rank D- Devil Contractor will be there before the entrance. The hope of the student is crushed by him. They couldn't escape and even MC takes a good beating before professors appeared.

[ "5 more enemies detected. They will soon reach the battleground. They seem to have noticed them too." ]

(Sh*t 5 more enemies. )

We could have handled three enemies with the help of Sylvia and others but 6 enemies are currently impossible for our group. The rank of Devil Contractor are all Rank E, one sub rank higher than us and there is no advantage in number like before.

I gritted my teeth. What is happening, Isn't Sylvia suppose to be with Hiro Ernest and fight with the Devil Contractor leader. Why is she about to die I don't think I have interfered that much. Is it my fau…

[ "ZERO!" ]

[ "Huh." ]

Kale's voice pulled me out of my thought.

[ "Zero, What are you thinking" ]

Lizbeth asked me.

[ "N-nothing…" ]

[ " As I was saying, We have to bring the professor. We can't defeat them by ourselves." ]

Kale said. With the appearance of six more enemies, we couldn't survive if we go to help them.

[ "No. There must be someone strong preventing us from leaving. They will die if we leave." ]

[ "…." ]

[ "How about we divide the group. One can go rescue them while others go bring back the professor." ]

Lizbeth said.

Two groups, one to help Sylvia's team and the other to bring back the professor.

[ "Okay, let's do it this way. Me and Kale will go help them. You three go bring the professor." ]

[ [ [ "Okay" ] ] ]

[ "Be careful. There must be a strong Devil Contractor protecting the entrance. You should avoid going from the straight path, go from other routes. Let's Go" ]

We went separately. Honestly, I am worried about those three encountering the leader but if they go from another path then they may not meet him at all. And I had my own things to worry about.

Not only are we outranked but outnumbered. It is honestly a suicide mission now.

[ "Zero, I must apologize to you." ]

[ "Huh" ]

That came out of nowhere.

[ "I am sorry about before. You know when I try to fight you and also for looking down on you." ]

Kale looks resolute like he is saying his final word. Though I can understand where he comes from, we are going to encounter powerful enemies who are hell-bent on killing us.

[ "Ohh... Heh. No need to apologize. I already forgot those things."]

I truly meant those words. He didn't beat me and the only reason he looked down on me was that I was always making a fool in front of Lisa. So, there was no reason to blame Kale. And we were comrades who fought together against Devil Contractor.


After 2 minutes, we were close to the battle place. But those 5 Devil Contractor has already reached the place. One of them fired Fire Bomb at Sylvia and other girl.

[ "Ice Wall" ]

I quickly used Ice Wall to block the attack though the skill was weaker without my Magic Wand. But the enemy Mage was Rank E which was weaker than the Mage that I fought previously.

[ [ "Zero!" ] ]

Both girls shouted my name. I checked whether they were both okay. Sylvia was badly wounded and Misha who seems to be the other girl was also wounded with her hand swollen and purple in color.

[ "Get back" ]

I assumed my battle position, focusing on the enemies in front of me.

[ "Huh. Who are you" ]

The Devil Contractor with claw weapon asked me. He was wearing the same silver badge indicating he was vice-leader and Rank E Devil Contractor.

[ "DO IT!" ]

[ " Gigantic Fist: Overflowing Power Strike" ]

While the enemies were focused on me, Kale sneakily attacked the group of enemies.

[ "Huh. Another person." ]

[ "Defend." ]

[ "Wind Swirl" ]

Before Kale even hit the enemy, he was pushed in mid-air. But this is exactly what I needed.

[ "Shadow Style: Peerless Strike " ]

I beheaded the Mage who used the Wind Swirl skill. Mage is most vulnerable when they are using their skill. I took the opportunity when they had let down their guard.

I coldly looked at the dead body.

[ [ "What" ] ]

[ "How" ]

[ "Be careful! He is strong." ]

[ "Just who are you." ]

The Vice-Leader asked again.

[ "I am Zero." ]-

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