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Chapter 120 Zero Is Dead [2]

Like someone who has lost their way, Professor Mia didn't know what to do. She stood there for a while.


She thought the Yeti had eaten Zero. Even so, she could still feel the mana of Zero being emitted.

"Zero's mana aura He is alive"

Like someone who suddenly got their life back, she jumped from her depressed mood to serious mode. She thought the mana aura she felt previously was a combination of Zero mana aura with the murderous intent from the Yeti, but it seems that she misunderstood the situation.

Although the blood definitely belonged to Zero, it didn't seem like he was dead. Otherwise, she would not be able to sense his mana aura at all.

His mana aura was still strange with dangerous killing intent mixed in with it but it was certainly the mana aura of Zero.


Professor Mia quickly dashed in the direction of where the mana aura was. She didn't want her earlier misunderstanding to come to pass by getting delayed.

Even though she wasted too much mana on Yeti, she was able to recover her mana quickly due to the high Ice energy in the Gate.

"Please be safe!"

She, who believed only in hard work, prayed for the first time for something. She, even with her strength, could not protect her student. She could only pray and hope that Zero was alright.

Sometimes, something is beyond one's strength. Even when one gain enough strength to turn the whole world into rummbles, some things are always impossible.

[ "..por Sword: Extermination Blast" ]

( That Voice! It is definitely Zero.)

When she got closer to where the mana aura was emitting, she heard the voice of Zero. She was truly relieved to know that he was still alive.


She quickly increased her speed and reached where the voice was.


The way was full of leaves and grass, unlike other places in the Gate. After passing through those obstacles, she finally saw the shadow of the person she was looking for ever since she came into the gate.


She was about to happily call his name out when she felt a sense of danger. She sensed a significant amount of danger coming from Zero.

The one who she believed was Zero noticed her and glared at her. He emitted an intense killing intent, showing his full hostility towards her.

( That is… He is Zero, right )

Zero's appearance was the same as that of the Zero she remembered, but the killing intent directed at her says otherwise.

It was so intense that Professor Mia even thought that he was an entirely different person.

"Zero! Don't you know who I am I am Mia Frostine, your instructor."

Trying to make him remember her, she said. His killing intent was still strong and aimed at her. He seemed to want to fight her even after telling him who she was.

Initially, she thought Zero was emitting such killing intent because he was on alert, but it continued even after he noticed her.

"WHO I don't know someone like you. If you don't want to be killed, leave this place immediately."

He said in a voice full of conifdence and threat.

Professor Mia was dumbfounded.

( What happened to him)

****Few days before Professor Mia met Zero***

Waking up in the morning, I did my usual routine. Exploring the area while collecting the mana herbs. As it had been quite a while since I was here, It felt normal to do those things.

It was better to profit from this place rather than live in fear. The area I was currently in had only Rank-C monsters, so I felt quite safe here.

After staying here for quite a while, I had an objective. I was determined to conquer this whole area by exterminating the White Fox.

I don't hold any grudge against them but since they were trying to kill me, I think I should also do the same to them. They also want the mana herb. I also don't want some enemy waiting to ambush me when I am collecting mana herbs.

I also had the perfect equipment that could help me with this new objective. Taking the item from the spatial ring, I smiled.

"Time to test this new product!"

It was the Drones powered by Mana stone. It was a prototype that the company had given me for testing.

I found them when I was checking for items in the spatial ring, and it was helpful for surveying the area without worrying about encountering high-rank monsters.

I was intending to use this device to find where those White Foxes live.

I already had a general idea of where they could be since they often appear from the same direction. I didn't explore those places for the fear that I might be ambushed by them.

But this time, it was different. With drones, I will be able to confirm their place and number. With that, I was going to decide my course of action.

If their number were in the hundreds, I would naturally give up but if it was something that I could handle, I would do it.


The drone flew and the monitor showed me all the things that it saw on the ground. With the drone, I spotted two to three White Fox running through the snow.

It seems like a group that is heading outside to collect the food specifically mana herbs. While they could also eat other monsters, however, the energy that is gotten from consuming mana herbs was much more beneficial than meat.

The drone flew deeper into that area and soon enough I could see a whole tribe of White Foxes.

They were 15 in number. Their numbers dwindled quite a bit, must be because I killed at least 10 White Foxes.

15 White Foxes who were in Rank-C - with Rank-C White Fox leader. I would not be able to kill them, at least not for now.

I decided to try again after I rank up. The reason why I decided to fight with White Foxes despite having seen their number is because of the mana herb.

From the monitors, I noticed that White Foxes were protecting some kind of mana herb. I tried to recall what that Mana herb was, and I remembered.

It was a mana herb called Claxettle. The effect was similar to that of Silver lavender, so after consuming it, my stat might increase. But Claxettle has a better effect than Silver Lavender.

There was even a possibility of getting two of your stats higher, though the chance was very slim, slimmer than winning a lottery.

However, the chance of getting one of the stats higher was a lot higher than Silver Lavender. It was one of the epic-grade mana herbs.

There was no chance that I would give up on that opportunity.

But I didn't let my greed get into my head. I know that right now, I stood no chance against those numbers of White Foxes.

I decided to do that after I ranked up. It would only take me a few days before I was ready to advance to Rank-D .

I went to prepare for the breakthrough. With the mana herbs I have, I didn't need other things to help me break through.

After a few days of channeling the mana from the mana herb into my body, I felt the bottleneck of Rank-D slowly being broken.

"It's time!"


My body was filled with mana and I could feel it rising throughout. It began to rumble violently throughout my body.

After a few minutes, the mana in my body calmed down and stabilized.

"Phew. Looks like I have successfully broken through."

With me eating so many high-quality mana herbs, my breakthrough was almost guaranteed, but almost and certain were completely different things.

I was relieved once I had successfully broken through.

I excitedly clenched my fist. Gate has benefited him quite a lot. I might even be grateful to the Gate as long as I escape from the Gate alive.

"Now, let's see how much the stat has increased."

[ "Status"]


Name: Zero Elea

Rank: D

Strength: C -

Speed: C -

Stamina: D

Mana: C

Luck: B

Charm: A

- - > Skill:

[ Rank SS: Parallel Memory ]

A skill that enables the user to get memories of their alternative self from another world.

Side Effect: The user may sometimes be overwhelmed by the emotion and personality of the alternative self.

- - > Art:

[ LVL 3: Shadow Style proficiency: Proficient ]

Art that enables the user to use the sword as if the sword is a shadow. The sword slash will be faster and stronger than a normal swing. After mastering the Shadow Style, the user will be able to move and attack using the shadow.

[ LVL 9: Cryomancy: Proficient ]

Magic Art is said to have been made by the strongest Ice mage in history after fighting the Ice dragon. The user will be able to use ice magic to freeze the enemy to death. The Ice related skill will be twice effective and the user will gain tolerance to Cold. After mastering the Cryomancy, the user may be able to freeze the world.

[LVL 6: Dual Art: Practitioner]

A unique Art created by Zero. The Art combines two Art into one. The power and effect depend on the Art that has been combined.

= = = = = = = =

With this increase in power, I knew that I could take on those White Foxes. Though it will still not be easy to defeat them all.

I need to tread carefully while dealing with those White Foxes even though I have broken through. They were still one rank higher than me after all.

However, the reward for those difficulties will be quite good as well. Claxettle is not something that you could buy even if you have millions of Ethan.

With the addition of stats after consuming Claxettle, my stats might even surpass some of the Rank-C.

My mana stats were already on par with a Rank-B mage.

My mana could probably last quite a while even after utilizing Dual Art for a long time. When you used Dual Art, it was like draining water from a large pipe. All your mana would be used up instantly, but I believe with Rank-C Mana, I could last at least 10 minutes.

I can't imagine how much stronger I will be before going out of the Gate.-

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