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Parallel Memory Chapter 122 Kill Zero

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Chapter 122 Kill Zero

Since the White Foxes were in the most vulnerable state right now, I decided to use all my power to take all of them out.

[ "Shadow Cryo Bomb" ]

[ "Glacier Shadow Slash" ]

Using my skills one after another, I did all that I could to eliminate all of them.

Since they had their mana exhausted, White Foxes could not deploy their barrier to block my attack.

They could only watch in horror as a barrage of attacks made its way to them.


As expected, first the Shadow Cryo Bomb froze some part of their body and Glacier Shadow Slash cut all their body into pieces. The body that was frozen was shattered into pieces while the unfroze part oozed out blood.


"OH! You really are tough."

Despite all his comrades falling, the one who was still standing was their leader. I guess he is not a Rank-C for nothing.

He managed to stay alive after withstanding my attacks just his bare body.

However, he was still going to die in my hands. The leader seemed to know that he couldn't escape his fate, but instead of running, he charged at me.

Whether it was to avenge his comrades or to show his last pride, I admired his action.


The last of White Fox has also fallen down.

I stored their body in the spatial ring and moved to collect the Claxettle flower.

However, before I could go to get the Claxettle flower, I sensed a very strong mana aura coming from the direction that I have come.

( Is it because of the battle )

Whether it was from the scent of blood or from all the mana fluctuation that my battle with White Foxes caused, but I fear that some strong monsters were making their way in this direction.

I looked carefully in the direction that the monsters were coming enhancing my vision with my mana.

"Th-Tha is Ice Bear!!"

Ice Bear, appearance is similar to polar bears but the fact that they can use Ice skills and could bring down a building with their arm is what makes them scarier than any polar bear.

They are Rank-B monsters that are found in dungeons with an extremely cold places such as this Gate.

Unlike the size of their body, the speed at which they were approaching was astonishing. They were not a fast creature compared to other monsters at Rank-B but considering I am at just Rank-D, they looked extremely fast.

I thought I should use the tactic that I used when I first came to this Gate. HIde under the snow.


However, before I could execute that plan, I felt a strong headache. Like someone is inserting something into my head forcefully. I unintentionally let out a big scream.


Surely, the Ice Bears have also heard my scream and were making their way toward me. I could still get away but I still can't get over the headache.


( Wh-What is happening )

I don't know the reason but I felt a strong urge to kill and destroy everything.


ada ol. The feeling of anger, resentment, and hatred was so strong that it could turn any sane man into insane in a second. I don't why but I was definitely possessing this feeling.

( I, Who, Where )

What Is it Parallel Memory I could vaguely see some of the memories of my other-self. But unlike when I inherited the memories from Earth, this guy's memories and emotions seem to have overtaken my body like they were of some other entities.

( Argh! My head is becoming blank. I can't think of anything else. )

Zero stood there without moving a muscle. During that time, two Ice Bears have also made their way toward Zero.


The two Ice Bears showed their hostility and their intent to kill Zero. But Zero just stood still even when Ice Bears released their Rank-B mana aura.


Ice Bears seemingly had their pride hurt when a bug dared to ignore their presence. They growled angrily at Zero.


"Why are these lowly beasts growling"

Zero said annoyingly as he stared at the Ice Bears with eyes full of killing intent. Unlike everyday Zero, the current Zero seems to view the Ice Bears as mere bugs.

The two Ice Bears, though they can't understand human language, they could somewhat feel that Zero was looking down at them. This caused them to be extremely furious.

But what caused them to be angrier was the fact that they felt threatened by the killing intent of the human presence in front of them.

The two Ice Bears charged at Zero with their claws having become Ice. This was one of the famous moves of Ice Bear known as "Polar Ice Claw".

Zero stood there showing no intention of dodging the incoming attack. Zero brandished his sword and pointed it at the incoming two Ice Bears.

"Looks like you beasts want to die."

[ "Demon Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast." ]

The attack was akin to a wave of destruction. The snowy ground that the attack touched instantly disintegrated and showed the rock underneath.


The two Ice Bear who were charging at Zero didn't have the time to dodge as they were already close to the attack, they used their Ice Claw and their mana barrier to defend against the attack.


The two Ice Bear tried their best to resist the attack but the power was not something that they could block. They could already see that they were going to be killed.

They growled but unlike the fierce and threatening one, it was more like a dying breath.

"Humph! Two lowly beasts trying to attack this Emperor Know your place."

Zero said as his eyes were full of hatred and disdain.

Right after he finished killing the two Ice Bears, he felt the presence of another human coming toward him.


It was then that Professor Mia found Zero and appeared before him.


He didn't know who it was but he could feel a great amount of power from the woman that had just entered his view.

He started to release all of his killing intent and positioned himself to fight. Professor Mia also felt the killing intent of Zero and didn't move carelessly.

"Zero! Don't you know who I am I am Mia Frostine, your instructor."

Professor Mia tried to calm Zero down.

However, the current Zero seems to have no memory of such person and was alerted even more after she tried to make him remember her.

He believed the woman was trying to trick him into believing her.

"WHO I don't know someone like you. If you don't want to be killed, leave this place immediately."

He said in a voice full of confidence and threat.

Professor Mia was dumbfounded.

( What happened to him)

Professor Mia would whip his ass whenever they fought, now it seems that Zero had forgotten those teachings.

Professor Mia ignored the warning and came closer to check on Zero. She thought that Zero might have hit his head somewhere to forget her.

"Women, I have already warned you. Don't make me draw unnecessary blood."

"Let me see how you can do that."

Professor Mia tried to provoke him. She has already seen that there was something wrong with Zero but she needs to check his body to know the problem.

Since it didn't seem like Zero would willingly let her check his body, she decided to do it after knocking out Zero.


Zero instantly disappeared from her line of sight.


( Is this Zero's speed )

She didn't know what to say about the speed displayed by Zero right now. Whether it was his new skill or his real speed, the speed Zero had shown was enough to be at Rank-B or Rank-A.

She had already seen two dead bodies of Ice Bear near Zero. Initially she thought Zero might have stumbled upon the corpse of those monsters.

But it looks like they were killed by Zero.

( Rank-B monsters killed by Zero Thats impossible. )

Yes, it was indeed impossible even after using all the skill he have, it would be impossible for Zero that she knows to kill them.

But the Zero that she found did seem to possess the power to kill them.

Zero reappeared behind Professor Mia.

[ "Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast" ]


The attack surprised Professor Mia. Not only did she sensed a great amount of power behind the attack but the mana was akin to that of Devil Contractor.

"Zero… Zero … is a Devil Contractor"

She didn't know what to do with this new information. Every Devil Contractor was the enemy of humanity.

She as a human, as well as the Professor of Ace Academy detate her to kill anyone who possesses Dark energy of the Devil.

She tightly held her staff and readied herself. Even if she didn't want to, she had to kill anyone who is a threat to humanity.

She needs to kill Zero.-

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