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Parallel Memory Chapter 123 Emperor Of Destruction

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Chapter 123 Emperor Of Destruction

Sadness, Resentment, Anger, Destruction!

That is what my life was all about. I, who was the son of two honest citizens, was accused of collaborating with the demon and was to be executed along with my family.

My father, my mother, and my loving little sister. This...This DAMN WORLD had taken everything away from me.

The actual conspirators were the son of the Duke who wanted to use demon power to become king and had me become his scapegoat.

The king could not let the person who worked for the demon go. With enough evidence forged by the duke's son, I was found guilty.

Lauded as the demon's spy, I was to be tortured while my family was killed.

I could not even see their last moment. The other stupid humans, guards, and king mocked my family.

Having nails stabbed into each and every part of my body, beating me every day, talking about my dead family, feeding me only trash that was served only once a week, they had me tortured both physically and mentally. I could not forgive myself for the death of my family.

They threw me into the Forest of Death, where high-level monsters roam. They tried to get rid of me after torturing me for 1 year straight.

I was just 10 years old at that time.

I refuse to die until I take my revenge against that goddamn world. My hatred was what kept me alive even though I wanted to kill myself millions of times.

Every time I was on the verge of dying, I always reminded myself of the mockery smile that the people had when my family was dragged to be executed.

Learning to survive in the forest of death, drinking poisonous water, and even eating the rotten flesh of monsters, I did whatever it took for me to live in this forbidden jungle.

After staying in the forest of death for 3 years, I became stronger and stronger and even got a Martial Art manual from a deceased Dark Martial Artist.

I learned the Martial Art manual to its perfection and became the master of the forest of death. The prey of yesterday was the predator of every being.

Once I was out of the forest, I decided to take everything from this world.

Killing each and every person who was the cause of my family's death was my mission.

But turns out every being is guilty of my family's death. Humans who feared demons, that is why they killed me and my family after being accused.

The demons who were the reason for my accusation were equally guilty. Even the god himself was on top of my kill list.

Innocent people Good people There was no one like that. Every person in this goddamn world was guilty of taking my beloved from me.

Killing one, two, thousand, millions, I started to massacre every person in this world starting from the kingdom I was born in.

However, no matter who I kill, the emptiness in my chest could not be filled. Even when I had killed every person in Duke's mansion, my heart was not at peace.

Even when I heard the duke's son who is the cause of my misery was begging and bowing his head to the ground, I didn't feel my heart at peace.

Even when I smashed his head into the ground, I didn't feel even the slightest happiness.

When I finally arrived before the King, they gave me the excuse for their sins.

The king and government just wanted to ensure the safety of the country but why does it matter to me

Your fault had taken away what kept me sane. Your foolish decision would mark the destruction of this country and the whole world.

There was no opponent who could survive after taking one attack from my sword. Even the strongest swordsmen in the kingdom whom I admired when I was young were killed in one attack.

I had the king's head hanging on the wall of his castle. No joy or sadness was felt even after causing this much destruction. I know that no matter what I do in this world, I would not feel anything other than anger.

So I continued to kill humans, demons, and monsters, no living species were excluded from my killing list.

Even Angel themselves groveled before my feet. Messenger of God What nonsense!

Appearing before me, telling me to go on the right path, to atone for my sins. Telling me it's still not late.

Sins YOUR SIN of taking my family away from me will never be forgiven.

Where were you when I was wrongly accused When my parents were killed

No happiness will be achieved even if I destroy the world

I already know that damn well. Even killing God himself will not appease this anger of mine.

Don't try to preach to me when this world is already messed up.

To stop me, God helped various nations by giving them 'Heroes'.

Heroes F**K YOU!!!

You are just a puppet sent by gods to get more followers.

No one is capable of taking my life, not even God himself.

I was the god of this goddamn world. Hero would tremble in the mere presence of me.

They were nothing more than a mere teenager who had not suffered anything. Until they met me, they must not have faced any difficulties.

Crying, Begging, and Regretting are what those heroes do when they try to confront me.

The world became a wasteland that I created. I was just waiting for the day when someone would finally be able to stab a knife in my heart and free me from my misery.


That was who the Emperor of destruction was. He even forgot the name given by his parents.

The only feeling that he got was from the memory of his family and even those started to blur as he started his conquest to destroy the world.

Now, all that he possessed was the urge to destroy and kill. The only memory he had also faded with the blood that flowed with each new victim.

At the age of 15, he was already feared by every being in that world.

That same person was in front of Professor Mia.

A person who had been through a much worse and more dangerous situation than Professor Mia could think of.

Professor Mia could tell that Zero was using Dark energy that is specially used by only the Devil Contractors.

She was hesitant to kill Zero even if she had already steeled herself to do so.

She quickly dodged the powerful blast attack.

"Zero, we could talk about this. Don't do this! Don't you care what might happen to your family"

Professor Mia once again tried to talk to Zero. She didn't want to give up on someone she believes in.

As long as she could calm Zero down, she hoped that she could find a better solution than killing him.

She wanted to remind him that there was something more important than power. She thinks that Zero was hasty to achieve greater power and that is why he signed a contract with a Devil.

"...Woman, what did you just say"

Professor Mia who had no idea about the current Zero said that without any intention other than to calm Zero down.

"Say it again. What did you just say now Family"

Even after washing his hand daily with blood, he knows that his pain originated from his family. The family that his weak self could not protect.

The greatest regret, his greatest pain, and his ultimate treasure. When he was strong, they were no longer there.

It is funny how one thing could give as much happiness as sadness. All his happiness comes from his family and his greatest sadness was also from his family.

"HOW DARE- you utter that nonsense in front of me"

The Emperor of Death shouted angrily at Professor Mia. His family was already gone and now the person in front of him was trying to deceive him so blatantly.

( Think about my family THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD!!! )

2 years after he had avenged his family, nobody has managed to ignite his anger as much as Professor Mia.

He quickly disappeared and reappeared in front of Professor Mia. He didn't use any skill and just threw a punch whose strength has been pushed to its limit.

His punch strength was at Rank-B. However, the one he was currently facing was Rank-A , the Ice Enchantress.


Professor Mia swiftly reacted to Zero's punch and caught it with her hands. She was surprised after sensing the strength behind Zero's punch.

( How could his strength increase this much )

Professor Mia thought confusingly.

It seems impossible even if Zero signed a contract with a strong Devil. If people could become so strong just by signing contracts, the majority of the human population would have happily agreed to sign contracts with the Devils.

"Huh You blocked my punch"

The Emperor of Death was surprised that a mortal was able to block his punch. It had been many years since there was someone who could withstand his attack.

An ominous aura filled the surroundings as Zero began to release his mana.

He was going to fight seriously for the first time.-

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