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Parallel Memory Chapter 124 Emperor Of Destruction [2]

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Chapter 124 Emperor Of Destruction [2]

A disturbing aura flowed from the body of the Emperor of destruction who had taken Professor Mia seriously.

Professor Mia slowly retreated a few meters back. The aura that The Emperor of destruction released possessed danger to even someone like her.

Professor Mia's face distorted sadly as she looked at her student who had lost his sanity.

( A way to help Zero… )

She bit her lip until it bled. Just looking at the Dark energy that was being released by Zero, she knows that it was more than anything she had ever faced. Even some of the Elite demons she killed didn't possess such Dark energy.

( Don't tell me… Zero signed a contract with Demon King. )

Only those Demons whose rank was Duke and above could produce such intimidating Dark energy. For a human to get it to similar quality, the contractors need to be a prince or Demon King rank.

The Emperor of destruction used his skill right after he finished releasing his Dark Energy.

[ "Demonic Emperor Sword: Demonic Force Manipulation" ]

Strong demonic energy covered the sword.

"Looks like you are really serious about doing this."

Professor Mia said as Ice energy sprang up from her body. She knew that the power that Zero currently possessed was something that she can't withstand unless she uses all her power.

The surrounding mana was overflowing with Dark and Ice energy. Both mana auras collided with each other fiercely.

[ "Primordial Ice Palace" ]

One of the strongest skills she is currently in possession of. Primordial Ice Palace creates something like a domain where every move Professor Mia makes is enhanced while the ability of the opponent is greatly decreased.

The only flaw of this skill was the mana consumption. She could only maintain this barely for 10 minutes in her prime condition, however, right now what the mana she has was less than half as she has been fighting and exhausting herself to find Zero quicker.

She has to subdue Zero before 5 minutes.

Ice Energy started getting gathered in the surroundings as Professor Mia's control of surrounding mana increased dramatically. She could also see everything that was happening inside her domain.

She was the queen of this place. Everything in this place was under her control.

Zero launched himself at Professor Mia. Normally, his abilities would be decreased due to the effect of the Primordial Ice Palace but since it was Zero who practiced Cryomancy Art, he was immune to that effect.

Zero swung his sword whose Dark energy that was covering the sword changed into a large sword and struck Professor Mia. With Demonic Force Manipulation, Zero could control Dark Energy to its very limit.

The strike could injure even Professor Mia if it hit. The surrounding area was getting destroyed just by the force it was emitting.

Professor Mia didn't move and just waved her hand. Two big pillars of Ice appeared before the Dark energy.


The destructive dark energy dissipated after hitting the Two Ice Pillar. The Dark energy that Zero extended was frozen into Ice upon contact.

Zero became more violent as he rampaged and destroyed everything in his surroundings.

Professor Mia used her Ice Block to protect herself from the incoming attacks.

Zero physical abilities were higher than mere mage and he was overwhelming Professor Mia with his speed.

"...Is this really the Zero I know"

Professor Mia could not believe how much power Zero has. Even with her own abilities enhanced by Primordial Ice Palace, Zero was overpowering her, giving her no chance to attack.

She started to freeze Zero and his nearby surroundings. However, while Zero's Dark energy could be frozen for some time, Zero himself would not freeze from the Ice energy.

Even with the Emperor of Destruction currently taking over Zero, the body belonged to the one who practiced Cryomancy Art, so he was immune to freezing.

Professor Mia also noticed that it was impossible to try to immobilize Zero with her Ice energy.

Professor Mia shot Big Chunks of Ice onto Zero. While he might be immune to Ice energy, the force of such a heavy object was sure to hurt Zero.

Zero nonchalantly clenched his fist, which is now embedded in Dark energy, and punched the incoming Ice Blocks.


Zero was crushing the 10 meters of Ice like it was some kind of fragile glass.

After destroying all the Ice Blocks, Zero swung his sword toward Professor Mia. Professor Mia used two pillars of Ice to block the attacks again.

The exchange continued for a few minutes. While only a little time has passed, with Professor Mia's and Zero's speed, hundreds of exchanges have already been done.

Both Zero and Professor Mia started to accumulate damage throughout the exchange. Some internal organs were injured by both Zero and Professor Mia and there were lots of broken bones.

Blood was oozing out of both their bodies.

But the situation was turning disadvantageous for Professor Mia since her mana was being drained. Even with Primordial Ice Palace, she is barely able to keep up with Zero, if she didn't boost her abilities with it, she knew she would not have a chance against Zero.

"This might be my last attack."

She knew that with her current mana capacity, she could only execute this final skill.

She never thought she was contemplating whether to kill Zero or not when it was she who was in danger.

She didn't know whether she should be happy or sad. Happy to see that her disciple was this strong or sad that he will become humanity's greatest enemy.

[ "Icy Meteor" ]

A big Ice contain massive amount of Ice energy emerged in the sky and fell towards Zero. Even with Zero's high cold resistance, the Ice energy contained in that skill was sure to freeze Zero even if it was for amount of time.

But the real danger was from the force of the Icy Meteor. It will kill a person rather than freeze them. Those who are not directly hit by the Icy Meteor but were nearby would not be spared as the Ice energy from the Icy Meteor would freeze everything in its vicinity.

The Emperor of Destruction didn't have thoughts about dodging and ran towards Professor Mia without stopping. As the Emperor of Destruction, he has never ever tried to dodge anything and would face it directly.

[ "Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast" ]

He responded to Professor Mia's attack with his own attack. However, the Emperor of Destruction was currently with Zero's body and could not display his true power.

His power was not enough to stop Icy Meteor and was hit directly.


"Did I do it"

It was funny how Rank-A human was worried about whether she has taken care of Rank-D student. However, with the power Zero had displayed, many would naturally formed this doubt.

She was already half exhausted from all the fighting she did before coming here and now she had no more mana to use her big moves.

It would be game over for her if Zero was still unhurt and wants to kill her.

She was not afraid of death but she could not die in the hand of Zero.


Zero was bleeding profusely but he didn't stop. He seem to be determined that he will kill her today. With killing intent oozing out of every part of his body, there was no doubt that he was going for the kill.


Professor Mia immediately became alerted by Zero suddenly appearing from the dust. She immediately tried to deploy her shield but since most of her mana was already used, she could not.

"... Is this it"

She could do anything to stop Zero now and could only take the attack that Zero was about to launch.

[ "Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Bl.."]

Suddenly in the middle of executing the skill, Zero collapsed on the ground.


Zero vomiited bucketful of blood. It seem that Zero had used strength beyond what his body could handle. Blood was oozing out and soon covered his whole body.

"Th…This …"

The Emperor of Destrcution could not believe that he collapsed as his mind drifted off and became unconscious. Everything the Emperor of Destruction used has put Zero's body under tremendous pressure.

If he continued to do so, he could have very well turned into a cripple.

Professor Mia immediately moved towards Zero. She carefully examined Zero.

Zero has really became unconscious and his body was damaged to the point that without high level healing spell, his life could be in danger.

She stood still for a while.

She didn't know what decision to take.

Help Zero and heal him. However, the consqeunce of healing Zero was too big. From what she can see Zero could dominate this world if he continue to grow at this rate.

He might turn out to be the reason for humanity's destruction.

On other hand, she wanted to help Zero. According to her understanding of Zero, she knows that he is not someone who would do evil. Even after seeing Zero rampage, she believed there must be a reason for it.

"What shall I do now"-

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