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Parallel Memory Chapter 127 I Believe You!

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Chapter 127 I Believe You!

[Mia Frostine's POV]

Zero collapsed in front of her for whatever reason it may be. Judging from the injuries, Professor Mia thought it might be because Zero was not used to his own power.

There were lots of skills that could make one go beyond their limit, however, the side effects associated with the power increase were tremendous.

The side effect differs from one skill to another but most of the time the side effect severity is as per how much the person's strength increased. The higher the increase in strength, the higher the side effect would be.

Since Zero showed the power of Rank-B despite being only Rank-D, he must be suffering much more than most people. There were not many skills that could increase strength equivalent to two major ranks.

There were rare skills that could increase one's strength by one major rank but two It was unheard of. At least Professor Mia has never met someone who could do it.

No matter what, Professor Mia has survived the situation. It was strange that her student was about to take her own life despite being Rank-D.

"This monster-"

She could only say that with complicated emotions. Zero was a monster even in the eyes of someone as talented as Professor Mia.

She understood a little about the emotion of others when they described her as a monster.

It was because from their perspective, the strength she displayed was able to make them feel disbelieved just as Zero did to her.

Even when she was the one to directly face Zero, she still could not believe how Zero could have such immense strength.

She stood still for a minute after taking some potions. She looked down at the person that was on the verge of dying.

Now, she had a major decision to make. Whether to help Zero or leave him like that.

If she decided to leave him, looking at the injury, there was a 100% chance of him dying.

There were lots of cuts on his body and many bones were broken. More than that his internal organs seem to have suffered from a great shock.

She could leave him and he would die. He was a Devil Contractor who had tried to kill her. He as Devil Contractor is someone she had to kill.

Otherwise, he would become an enemy of humanity who could wipe out every human from Edolas.

If Zero was indeed Devil Contractor, with his talent, Professor Mia didn't doubt her thoughts. He could become capable of that in a few years.

If she saved him, she would be compromising the life of every human on Edolas.

However, despite all the consequences that she could think of, she ended up saving Zero.

Whether it was because Zero was her student, or because she became close to him during the training, either way, she felt that she would deeply regret it if she didn't help Zero.

She tried to come up with all kinds of reasons why she was helping Zero, like she had promised to help Zero until he became very strong.

Or like Zero, he could have a reason for being in contract with the Devil. He could have a good and unknown reason for being in contract with the Devil.

However, it was all an excuse she gave herself to help Zero. No matter the reason, how could it compare to humanity's crisis, but she still chose to help Zero.

Whether she will regret that choice remains to be seen but she at least thought that she made the right decision when she saw Zero eating the food hilariously.

"Why did you save me"

Right now, zero is asking her a question. She looked at Zero's face and she could feel that Zero seemed to worry about something.


However, even she didn't know the exact answer to that question. Why did she save him even knowing the possibility of danger to not only her but to the world

"Because you are my student."

Whatever the reason she had for saving Zero, one fact that could not change was that she knows Zero because she is his teacher.

Whatever the reason may be, it would be directly or indirectly due to her knowing Zero as her student.


Zero remained silent. He didn't believe that him being a student could only be the reason or maybe because of him knowing about her through the novel, he could not believe that reasoning.

"Whatever you do, I will take responsibility for it. If you turn out to be a Devil Contractor who threatens life then, I will personally kill you. I am at least willing to take that responsibility."

Professor Mia said resolutely. It was something she decided when she saved Zero.

It doesn't matter how much she ignores the fact that Zero is a Devil Contractor, if he ever kills someone or becomes a threat to humanity, she will kill Zero anyway, even if it means sacrificing herself.

"I had my doubts about how you can use Dark energy. Only Devil Contractors and Demons can use them. However, Zero, you did many things that were not done before."

She was referring to his use of Dual Art, and also his growth speed, both of which were not achieved before.

"I believe you don't need to be in a contract with the Devil to become strong."

She continued.

She has already checked his willpower which was more powerful than even Rank-B. It is impossible for a Devil to entice a person with such strong willpower.

And like she said, Zero already possesses an incredible potential and can become stronger even without relying on the Devil.

A devil could only deceive people who desperately need strength and have weak willpower which is opposite to what Zero possesses.

He has both remarkable strength and extremely strong willpower. It is almost impossible to get Zero to make a contract with the Devil unless Devil promised Zero something other than strength.

"Zero, I believe you."-

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