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Parallel Memory Chapter 132 Ice Griffin [3]

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Chapter 132 Ice Griffin [3]


With a loud bang, the Ice Griffins' skill hit Professor Mia.

At the same time, the Ice Griffin was just flying in the sky without showing any sign of attacking again.

Ice Griffin has used his strongest skill, Icy Wind Storm. He was confident that Professor Mia is dead, there was no opponent in the Gate that could survive this skill of his.

Ice Griffin was a prideful creature after all. They were powerful, which was something that they were very proud of.

Similar to how Professor William and some other people believe that their blood is noble and superior to others, Ice Griffin too thinks in a similar manner.

They despise other monsters and view themselves as superior species which was to a certain extent true. Be it normal Griffin or Ice Griffin, they were top of the food chain.

The skill continued to surround the area where Professor Mia was. The mana barrier which was protecting Professor Mia started to crack as the skill continued to hit her.

After a minute, the skill disappeared.

Everything in the area was destroyed and shattered into pieces, except one person.

Professor Mia was still standing, though there were substantial injuries on her body.

To be able to survive against Ice Griffin's strongest skill was very difficult, even for Rank-S. The fact that she is an Ice Mage must have helped her to withstand Ice Griffin's Icy Wind Storm.

The dangerous thing about Icy Wind Storm was not the destructive Wind but the freezing energy it contained.

Even the strongest shield will easily shatter after it has been frozen. Not even Rank-A artifacts were spared from that Ice energy.

The moment your body touches the attack, it'll be game over for you. However, it was not the case for Professor Mia who has high resistance to Ice energy.

Still, the attack was not something she could come out of unscathed. There were no life-threatening injuries, but she still suffered some serious injuries.


The Ice Griffin howled at Professor Mia, clearly showing his anger toward her. Never did he think that someone would survive after getting hit by his strongest skill.

His pride had taken a big hit after he saw someone he saw as an ant survive his greatest skill. Ice Griffin had turned mad from having been humiliated.

He immediately dived down towards Professor Mia showing his sharp claws.


The already razor-sharp claw of Ice Griffin was further enhanced by imbuing it with Ice energy. The claws of Ice Griffins were extremely strong and sharp, with the capability to cut orichalcum like butter.

Ice Griffin was not like a low-level monster who was incapable of thinking. Though not as intelligent as humans.

Ice Griffin had observed Professor Mia and was able to know that she was capable of resisting his Ice Skills. Therefore, he opted to use his claw.


Ice Griffin rushed to the injured Professor Mia. She didn't have time to rest until she defeated the calamity in front of her.

Right after taking a hit from Icy Wind Storm, she had to square off against the Ice Griffin.

Professor Mia immediately made 8 Ice pillars and had them block Ice Griffin.

She also was preparing to attack Ice Griffin.

Ice Griffin quickly cut down the Six Ice Pillars in a second. There was no way it could have defended itself against his claw.

However, Professor Mia had achieved her objective. She didn't believe Ice Pillars could actually stop the Ice Griffin. Her real aim was to slow down Ice Griffin and also to kill his momentum which she did.

Ice Griffin made his way to Professor Mia clearly aiming for the kill. He was inches away from Professor Mia's neck when Professor Mia disappeared.

Before Ice Griffin could land his attack on Professor Mia, she used her Movement Skill to quickly move behind the Ice Griffin.

The Ice Griffin seemed confused by the disappearance of his prey. But it was not long before he felt strong mana behind him.

Professor Mia quickly started to prepare her skill.

[ "Stellar Annihilation Waves" ]

The attack was shot at a blank position and there was no way Professor Mia could miss her attack on this huge monster.

The Ice griffin can only grit his teeth and deploy his shield.

Unlike other skills, Stellar Annihilation Waves was not from her Ice Art. It was an S-Rank skill that she got from her expedition at the Obelisk Tower.

To get such a rare skill, Professor Mia was definitely lucky. The skill was strong as per rank, but the only downside of this skill was its huge mana consumption.

As a mage, she already had a high mana stat and even then she could barely use it only Once or Twice.

That's why, until now, not many had witnessed her Stellar Annihilation Waves skill. She would only use this in an emergency.

Even, I would have no idea what that skill was if it was not for it being described in the novel.

In the novel, the user of the skill can release massive waves of stellar energy in every direction at once at almost unlimited scales. The power could be used to instantly annihilate thousands of enemies or destroy a whole town in a second.

Anyway, to continue with the battle between Professor Mia and Ice Griffin. After ranking up, Professor Mia's mana stat had been increased and she could use the Stellar Annihilation Waves skill two or three times, that was how much mana it consumed.

She fired off an extremely powerful beam of light at the Ice Griffin.


In a blink of an eye, the attack hit the Ice Griffin. There was no way that Ice Griffin could dodge something whose speed is the same as light.

The barrier of Ice Griffin was completely shattered at the part where the skill hit. The body part that was hit by the skill was charred.


Ice Griffin howled loudly with both pain and anger.

His already intense Killing intent was soaring through the sky. He was mad that someone who was an ant had damaged that noble body of his.

He deployed multiple skills which were not as powerful as Icy Wind Storm but still enough to kill thousands of Rank-B humans.

Professor Mia defended successfully against such attacks while she also attacked the Ice Griffin whenever an opportunity came up.

The battle continued for a while with Ice Griffin gaining the advantage over Professor Mia.

Professor Mia was able to deal some serious damage to Ice Griffin with Stellar Annihilation Waves Skill, but she could not use it a second time due to its mana consumption.

She saved the skill for when she was certain that it would be able to kill Ice Griffin.

Without the Stellar Annihilation Wave skill, Professor Mia could not deal serious damage to Ice Griffin.

Ice Griffin was already more powerful than Professor Mia. With its claws and some powerful skill, he was able to inflict a lot of damage on Professor Mia.

Fortunately, those injuries subsided with the help of potions.

Professor Mia would whenever possible, use a potion to heal herself and also recover some mana.

However, it was only possible to heal light injuries and a mana potion could only recover a limited amount of mana.

If the fight continues, there is no doubt that Professor Mia will be the one to die.


I watched the fight in complete tense. It didn't look like there was a chance for Professor Mia to kill the Ice Griffin as of right now.

I closed the monitor and pondered for a minute. I can't just sit around and wait for Professor Mia to die.

I know that with my measly strength I can't be of any help to Professor Mia. Even more so with my current condition but there are still some things that I could try.

[ "Status" ]


Name: Zero Elea

Rank: D

Strength: C -

Speed: C -

Stamina: D

Mana: C

Luck: B

Charm: B

- - > Skill:

[ Rank SS: Parallel Memory ]

A skill that enables the user to get memories of their alternative self from another world.

Side Effect: The user may sometimes be overwhelmed by the emotion and personality of the alternative self.

- - > Art:

[ LVL 3: Shadow Style proficiency: Proficient ]

Art that enables the user to use the sword as if the sword is a shadow. The sword slash will be faster and stronger than a normal swing. After mastering the Shadow Style, the user will be able to move and attack using the shadow.

[ LVL 9: Cryomancy: Proficient ]

Magic Art is said to have been made by the strongest Ice mage in history after fighting the Ice dragon. The user will be able to use ice magic to freeze the enemy to death. The Ice related skill will be twice effective and the user will gain tolerance to Cold. After mastering the Cryomancy, the user may be able to freeze the world.

[LVL 6: Dual Art: Practitioner]

A unique Art created by Zero. The Art combines two Art into one. The power and effect depend on the Art that has been combined.

= = = = = = = =


There has been no update to my Art list. I thought I might have the skill that I used when I was unconscious.

According to Professor Mia, at that time I was able to fight with her on equal ground. In spite of the fact that Professor Mia's current power is far beyond her Rank-A self, the fact that I can compete with her means that the skill in question was incredibly powerful.

If by chance, I could get that skill, I might have a chance to help Professor Mia. However, it didn't look like I would get that skill.

Even so, it was not like I would stay here watching Professor Mia lose her life. In the first place, she was fighting because of me.


I quickly moved to where the battle was taking place. I, at the very least, want to do my best before regretting not doing anything.

Anyways, if Professor Mia dies, it is only a matter of time before I die.

From my spatial ring, I quickly retrieved a herb. It was a Claxettle Flower that I stored after I recovered.

I wanted to take it after I was fully healed. But if I don't take it right now, I might not get a chance to even eat this.

I quickly put the herb inside my mouth and started chewing while I was still running.

Suddenly, powerful energy flowed through my body.


Shit! I knew it would hurt with my racked body but it was surprising how much it hurts.

My current body state was in no condition to receive such violent energy.

( Endure! Zero, Endure!)

But this was something I needed to endure. I would endure this pain a thousand times more than having Professor Mia die.

Even with intense pain throughout my body, I didn't stop moving.

I had no time to care about such pain.-

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