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Parallel Memory Chapter 138 Outside The Gate

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Chapter 138 Outside The Gate

***Outside the Gate***

"How long has it been"

"Roughly around 6 hours."

The agent from The Authority wiped his sweat from his brow as he listened to the answer. He was someone who was appointed to supervise Agora Town.

He manages the Explorers who are stationed here and is also someone who has to handle any emergency that may arise there. Since lots of dungeons were close to this town, this town was an extremely valuable area.

That's why he, who is also a Rank-A, was appointed here. The Authority needed someone reliable and strong to guard the town.

However, he didn't expect that he would be facing so many problems only after he was appointed here for one month.

There was a Dungeon Outbreak in one of the Rank-B Dungeons and also the appearance of Rank-A Gate. Both of the problems were beyond his capability but he had to do the job.

First, he had to call the headquarters for reinforcements to save the town from the Dungeon Outbreak. He did get three Rank-S heroes to block off the high-ranking monster, which made it possible to keep the casualties low.

Unexpectedly, when everything was progressing great with handling the Dungeon Outbreak, there was the appearance of a Gate in the middle of Agora Town. And it was not the low-rank Gate either, it was Rank-A Gate.

He had already called all the S-Rank that were available near Agora town for dealing with Dungeon Outburst. Now, it would take some time before he was able to recruit 5 more Rank-S heroes.

And the Rank-S Hero who was helping him with Dungeon Outburst needed rest after all the monsters that they dealt with. The number of Rank-B monsters was easily over a thousand.

They couldn't help with the Gate problem, although they might be able to after a few days, which he could not wait for.

Anyways, he had to first concentrate on exterminating all the monsters that escaped from the Catacomb of the Forbidden Marsh.

The Gate had already appeared which means that the people that have been sucked in could not be saved unless 5 Rank-S heroes were mobilized.

No more victims will be there as the Gate had already appeared and those who were sucked in were already beyond his help. He felt bad for the people who got sucked in but there was nothing he could do immediately.

He needed to gather at least 5 Rank-S Heroes and multiple Rank-A Explorers. He could also send in the Rank-A to protect those who were trapped but there was no guarantee that the Rank-A he sent would be able to survive.

If he made a rash decision, only the number of victims will increase. He had to handle and give commands carefully.

Though he had already sent the emergency message to The Authority about the appearance of the high-ranking Gate while dealing with the Dungeon Outburst, it would take some time for even The Authority to send more Rank-S Heroes.

The agent didn't understand why a high-ranking Gate appeared there. Previously even the appearance of Rank-B Gate was rare. And it was already the 3rd Rank-A Gate of the year.

Right after he finished taking care of the Dungeon Outburst, he frantically searched for more Rank-S. There were currently 2 S-Ranks in the area, but it was still not enough to clear the Gate.

It would have been less stressful for him if he didn't know the name of the person that got sucked into the Gate.

'Ice Enchantress, Mia Frostine'

The youngest person to ascend to Rank-A, who holds incredible power and potential to become one of the strongest humans.

However, he knows from experience that even Ice Enchantress could not clear the Rank-A Gate. Based on the rank measured, it indicated the very peak of the Rank-A gate, so he knew the Gate Boss was definitely Rank-S.

According to the latest information, he was informed that Professor Mia had been helping the team at the Dungeon Outburst entrance to hold back the monster until Rank-S Heroes arrived.

After that, she seemed to have departed from that place saying she had to find her student and then she along with a boy got sucked into the Gate.

The agent knew that the two victims that were sucked into the Gate were Professor Mia and her students.

Knowing that one of the victims was Ice Enchantress, the agent had to rapidly call for every high-ranking Explorer and Guild to help him. He could not take the responsibility of rescuing the person who could one day be protecting humanity's peace.

6 hours have passed since the Gate appeared, and nearly everyone in the Edolas has heard the information. Many news reporters were seen near the Gate, broadcasting what was happening there.

"It looks like the Explorer is waiting for more Rank-S before venturing into the Rank-A Gate. This is already the 3rd time Rank-A Gate has appeared this year. Is the world really ending"

"We got the latest information from our trusted source that one of the victims of the Gate is the Ice Enchantress."

The news reporter even got hold of the information that the person trapped there is the Ice Enchantress. A lot of commotion was going on there.

"Anyway, Finn, when is The Authority sending in the other Rank-S Heroes"

One of the Rank-S Heroes who had been there was impatiently asking the agent, Finn, who had been quite exhausted by all the things happening in his supervised area.

"I don't have the exact time but they should arrive in 4 hours. Anyway, why are you so impatient, Glenn"

The Rank-S Hero who asked the question was Glenn, the guildmaster of NightShade. He got a call from Tech Genesis that Zero had been trapped in the Gate.

He was really surprised that they got this information this fast when he didn't receive any news from The Authority. He didn't know that the department responsible for collecting information was so effective.

He quickly prepared his equipment and made his way towards Agora Town. It was time for him to repay his debt.-

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