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Parallel Memory Chapter 139 Gate Conquered

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Chapter 139 Gate Conquered

The reason for his impatience was not that he was waiting for 3 hours but because he didn't know what might happen to Zero.

He didn't worry about Professor MIa. Not only did he not know Professor Mia personally, he believed that she would be able to survive by herself.

"We can go in with the people present here. Wasting any more time would mean endangering the lives of those who were dragged into the Gate."

Glenn said impatiently. He could not wait any longer for The Authority to send in the reinforcements. They had many Rank-A on the standby as well. He thought that they could with so many Rank-A and two Rank-S could at least conquer a Rank-A Gate


"We know you are worried about them. We are too. But we need more Rank-S heroes or else there will be more casualties."

The other Rank-S approached Glenn and spoke calmly. He looked really old with white hair and a white beard.

"Professor Delvin, shouldn't you be more worried than me It is the teacher and student of Ace Academy that is trapped in the Gate."

The other Rank-S Hero had come from the Ace Academy as soon as they heard it was Professor Mia that had been trapped in the Gate. They sent out the Head Teacher who was near the area and who was available at that time.

"Ho ho, indeed I am very worried. But we need to think calmly at times like this. A hasty decision will only cause the rescue to fail. And this mission is something I can't afford to mess up."

Professor Delvin tried to act calmly while speaking those words. But in reality, he was also thinking of going inside the Gate and protecting Professor Mia and Zero by himself.

While he didn't think that Professor Mia needed his protection, he knows that Zero needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

Right now, other people might be more worried about Professor Mia because they know about her. But Ace Academy knows that they can't abandon Zero who has the potential to surpass even Professor Mia.

Professor Delvin was specifically there with the task of rescuing Zero. Zero is someone who is ranked second, though unofficially is someone that has received the highest degree of protection from Ace Academy.

That means Ace Academy will not hesitate to even deploy their Rank-S teacher if Zero was in trouble or danger. He was treated almost at the same level as Hiro.

However, Professor Delvin could not let his emotions cloud his decision. If they were to raid the Gate right now, many Rank-A Explorers might die and they could not even guarantee their own survival.

Even for a man like him who had been Rank-S - for many years, he knows from experience that Rank-A Gate was not something that could be easily conquered.

"The true danger of the Gate lies in the fact that the monsters have adapted to the environment whereas we have disadvantages. Even Rank-A monsters might give us trouble if the environment is too unfavorable to us."

Prof. Delvin tried to convince Glenn as well as himself since he was also becoming impatient as time went on. This was the truth after he had conquered many Gates.

It didn't matter whether Glenn believed Professor Delvin's word or not, but he did become quiet after Professor Delvin's explanation.


Many cameras were aimed at the two S-Rank present in that area. Rather than just showing the videos of the Gate which were not showing any reaction, the news about two Rank-S was more interesting.

A news reporter even tried to ask nearby explorers some questions about their mission to enter the Gate.

"So annoying!"

Glenn said as he showed his disdain for news reporters who only cared about getting interesting news. He knows that they don't care whether what they broadcast destroys someone's life or not, they just want more people to watch their news.

The reason Glenn didn't like them was that when his Guild was on the verge of collapsing, the News channel had only negative things to say about him and his guild, though after his breakthrough, they changed their face.



Glenn and Professor Delvin turned their heads at the same time and looked at the Gate. It is because they both could sense the fluctuation in the Gate.

"What is happening"

Glenn asked Professor Delvin who had more experience than him. It was actually Glenn's first time to be so close to Rank-A Gate. He never went inside a Rank-A Gate.

Previously, Rank-A Gate was very rare, occurring only once every 5 years. Although there have already been three this year, which is unusual.

"How can this be Im-impossible…"

Professor Delvin was astonished. He knew from the fluctuation of the Gate, what was happening.

"What Do you know something"

Glenn quickly asked Professor Delvin. He didn't know what was happening, whether it was Gate Outbreak or Gate being conquered.

"Looks like they are coming out of the Gate."

"Coming out from the Gate"

Glenn said as his eyes widened.

(That means the boss is also exiting the Gate.)

He instantly turned around to look at the Gate. The size of the Gate was shrinking, indicating that the Gate had been conquered.

Glenn instantly became happy and excited. Not only him but other Rank-A Explorers were also happy and excited to the point that tears fell from their eyes due to happiness.

Though the reason for being happy was different for Glenn and Rank-A Explorer.

If the Gate had been conquered, it means that they don't have to go into it. While they were not cowards and would not shrug off their responsibility, they were more than happy if they didn't need to do it.

"What The Gate!"

"The Gate is shrinking!"

And of course, the news reporter also realized what was happening. Whatever the reason might be, it was big news for them.

"Did the Ice Enchantress conquer the Gate"

"Someone… Someone is coming out of the Gate!"

The spectators there were all watching in anticipation. The news reporter could not hide their excitement as they excitedly reported everything that they were seeing.

When the Gate had fully shrunk, the one who appeared was a beautiful woman.

It was Ice Enchantress.-

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