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Parallel Memory Chapter 140 Outside The Gate Again!

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Chapter 140 Outside The Gate, Again!

The Gate began to disappear after Professor Mia had stepped out of the Gate.


She saw an unusually large number of people when she exited the Gate. She didn't know how much time had passed outside but she concluded after seeing all the news reporters that more than 5 hours had already passed.

It would have been impossible for so many reporters to gather if the time spent outside was any less than that.

The people around the Gate were stunned when they saw Professor Mia. Not only because Professor Mia had conquered the Gate but also because of her appearance.

Professor Mia has been revived using the Rank-S Elixir which not only healed Professor Mia's injury but also strengthened her body as well as rejuvenated her skin, making her even more beautiful than before.

Moreover, Professor Mia was wearing a beautiful dress instead of her battle equipment. She didn't look like someone who was coming out of a dangerous Gate.

If previously Professor Mia was a Rank-SS beauty, right now she had reached the pinnacle of beauty with Rank-SSS. They were all momentarily stunned by her appearance.

She appeared as if the Goddess had descended. A couple of them had already begun taking pictures of Professor Mia.

Her pictures alone were worthy of making the headline of the news.


Finn became extremely excited when he saw Professor Mia out of the Gate. Not only has Professor Mia escaped from the Gate but the Gate was also conquered.

Now, he didn't need to worry about the Gate Outbreak or the pressure to rescue Professor Mia quickly.

However, he was confused as to how the Gate was conquered. According to the analysis of the Gate, it was a high-ranking Gate of Rank-A which had a high possibility of having a Rank-S Boss monster.

It was impossible for Professor Mia to conquer it if what he knows about Professor Mia was right. In the report, her rank was shown as A . If she was Rank-A , it would be impossible to conquer the Rank-A Gate.

( Did Ice Enchantress ascend to Rank-S )

…Age 25 Rank-S, it was a funny joke that could make many Rank-S Heroes cry. The average age of Rank-S ascension was between 40-50 years.

So, for someone to become Rank-S at age 25 would be a slap in the face to those who are proud of ascending to Rank-S at the age of 40.

He was not sure but he did think that was a valid assumption considering he was talking about Ice Enchantress.

Although he was still not convinced that Professor Mia alone could conquer that Gate. Even with Professor Mia breaking through to Rank-S -, he didn't think she would be able to conquer a Rank-A Gate.

He didn't continue to think those complicated thoughts. He could already get the intel from the person herself. He was about to approach Professor Mia when,


Many people ran quickly towards Professor Mia. They were news reporters waiting near the Gate.

Previously they didn't get too close to the Gate, just in case some accident happened, but since the Gate had disappeared, they didn't need to worry about it anymore.

Additionally, the big news has appeared and they were not going to be slower than other news reporters to broadcast this news.


A Gate that would normally need more than 5-Rank-S Heroes and many Rank-A Explorers had been single-handedly conquered by the Ice Enchantress. There was no bigger news than this.

The news reporter instantly came very close to Professor Mia, only a few meters away from Professor Mia's face. They held up their mic and started asking questions to her.

"Mrs. Mia Frostine, can you tell us how you escaped from the Gate"

"Ice Enchantress, what was inside the Gate Was it really as dangerous as The Authority claimed"

"Professor Mia, please face the camera. Have you really conquered the Gate by yourself The audience wants to know the answer." …

Many news reporters simultaneously asked the question to Professor Mia. It was typical behavior of news reporters.

It didn't matter whether the person that they wanted to ask the question was unharmed or unwell. They didn't care about their feelings or their well-being and did whatever to get interesting news.

Professor Mia has just exited from a dangerous Gate but the only thing news reporters cared about was getting interesting information about Gate and how she conquered it.

"Can you make way for me I need to go somewhere urgently.."

Professor Mia immediately shut them off by asking them to leave her alone. She didn't have time to entertain the news reporters.

However, those news reporters didn't care what Professor Mia wanted.

They fearlessly ignored what Professor Mia had said. This was how the news company's employees operate.

They were fearless, believing that they had got the right to ask questions to others while not knowing that those people also got the right to be left undisturbed.

The news reporters believe that they are the voice of people, a company that reports the truth and makes society a better place.

"Ice Enchantress, could you reveal the type of boss monster"

"Ice Enchantress, were you only the one who got trapped inside the Gate We heard that there was another victim."

Professor Mia was now getting irritated by the news reporters. She was already low on time since she had to quickly bring Zero to that person.

The news reporter didn't seem to understand her words. She had already asked them politely to let her go but instead more and more news reporters were surrounding her.

Essentially, they were thinking along the lines of 'we must report this news or don't conceal information; we have a right to know that information'.

They believed that a person would never attack them since they were from a news company. One bad thing about you in the news and your whole reputation is destroyed.

That was the power of news companies and the reason why many people act politely when in front of a camera.

"GO AWAY!!!"

As Professor Mia spoke, she had the aura of Rank-S in her voice. She had to show them that she was serious.

Asking them politely was only going to increase the ego of those news reporters.

Instantly, dozens of people had passed out from hearing her voice. No one near Professor Mia was standing anymore as everyone had collapsed with white foam on their mouth.

The news reporters were all low-ranked humans. There was no way for them to resist the aura of Rank-S.

And since Professor Mia was annoyed by them, she had unintentionally released some killing intent as well.

While the killing intent was small compared to her full killing intent, it was enough to terrify those news reporters.


Even those high-ranking Explorers became alerted after hearing Professor Mia's voice. They felt insurmountable pressure from that aura.

Involuntarily, sweat began to form on their faces. They knew it was a Rank-S aura, that was also someone who was at the top of Rank-S.

Even the two Rank-S who were present there were surprised. The fact that Professor Mia had reached Rank-S, made her the youngest Rank-S which was astonishing to know.

They were of course surprised by that information but more than that, it was because even they felt that the split-second aura that they felt was much more profound than their own aura.

Glenn who was also a newly ascended Rank-S - could not be matched against Professor Mia's aura. Glenn himself was no different than a newbie Rank-S -, so it was no wonder he felt danger when Professor Mia released some of her aura with killing intent.

However, even Professor Delvin who had been Rank-S - for many years felt weaker in front of Professor Mia's aura. He was surprised that the little girl he taught was able to surpass him in just a few years.

He felt both glad and sad. He was of course glad to know that his former student and now colleague had become stronger than him but also upset to find that he was getting left behind by the younger generation.

After having those annoying news reporters out of her way, Professor Mia was quickly getting ready to leave that area.


Finn, who could see that Professor Mia was about to leave, stopped her. He was also terrified by the aura he felt earlier, even so, he needed to know some information.

"I am the Supervisor of Agora Town. We need to ask Mrs. Mia Frostine some question. We ask you to please cooperate with us."

He had already seen that Professor Mia wanted to go somewhere quickly. But he still mustered his courage to do his work.

As someone who had to watch over the events of Agora Town, it was his duty to collect the intel about the Gate and report it to The Authority.

"I will answer all the questions after I come back. Right now, I need to urgently find someone."

Professor Mia said in a less annoying voice. She knows that it was his job and that's why he had stopped her. If it was for another annoying reason, she might have frozen that person.

Seeing that he could not stop her. Finn had already decided to ask the questions after Professor Mia had finished with her task.

"Who are you trying to find You could probably find that person faster using the Ace Academy network."

Professor Delvin said to Professor Mia. He suggested that because Professor Mia urgently needed to find someone, rather than searching by herself, it was better to use the Ace Academy network.


Professor Mia noticed Professor Delvin only now. But she didn't need to ask to know why he was there.


She thought for a while. She had to admit that though she was almost certain where that person could be, it was not 100%.

Since she was in the Gate, she could not guarantee that person would not move to another place.

Right now, time is of the essence. She knows that she could not make a mistake here or else it would cost Zero's life.

If she went to the location and that person was not there, she would have wasted lots of time and Zero's life would be much more difficult to save.

She decided to answer Professor Delvin and seek help from the Academy.

"I need the Saintess."-

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