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Parallel Memory Chapter 143 Saintess Amelia [2]

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Chapter 143 Saintess Amelia [2]

The Dark Energy that she sensed had the quality that was only found in the Devil. It was not possible even for the strongest Devil Contractors to have that kind of Dark Energy, and therefore Santess Amelia was certain that the boy was a Devil.

"Calm down!"

Seeing her friend panic, Professor Mia immediately tried to calm her down. She realized that Amelia was scared because she sensed Dark Energy from Zero.

She knew that Amelia might find out that Zero could wield Dark Energy. But she didn't expect her to react like this.

"You want me to heal a Devil Are you crazy Instead of healing the Devil, Healing Magic would only do more damage to the Devil."

The Devil was hated by God, at least that is what is known. Maybe that's why healing spells do damage rather than heal them.

Elves, dwarfs, and humans were all entitled to be healed by healing spells but Demons were not.

Even monsters can be healed by healing spells. However, some monsters like ghosts and evil spirits would be killed by it. So, demons are considered the only intelligent species abandoned by Gods.

"Ames, hear me out. He is not a Devil. I don't know how he can use Dark Energy but I will guarantee that he is not a Devil."

"Mia, are you sure about this"

"Totally! Do you think I would bring a devil here to be healed"

"Sorry, I panicked."

She stood up and thought carefully about Professor Mia's words. She knew that whatever Professor Mia said made sense.

Nobody will bring a devil to be healed in a Church. It was simply killing them.

However, she was sure that Zero was a Devil since she had never felt such a dense Dark Energy from any human.

She slowly made her way toward Zero's body and began to look carefully. Regardless of how she looked at him, his body was certainly human, but she sensed a huge amount of dark energy emanating from within his body.

"Who is he anyway Why do you want to desperately save him Even if he is not a Devil, you can't deny the fact that he is a Devil Contractor."

Saintess Amelia wanted to know why her friend was willing to go to such lengths to save him. The fact that he had Dark Energy was enough to convince her to kill him.

Even if she didn't kill them, at least she would not go to such lengths to save him. Maybe leaving him to die naturally was more than enough to show mercy to a Devil Contractor.

"He is not a Devil Contractor. He said so himself."

Professor Mia refuted Saintess Amelia's words. Professor Mia wants her to know that Zero was not a Devil Contractor.

"Unbelievable! How can you believe him so easily He probably lied to you."

Smacking her forehead, Saintess Amelia wondered when her friend had become so naive to believe that nonsense.

A human using Dark Energy and not being a Devil Contractor It was impossible. She would rather believe that some humans have wings than believe that humans can wield Dark Energy.

"He is my student. I know him well."


"And he saved my life."

"Your life It can't be. You just said he is your student and looking at his appearance he seemed to be 16 or 17. How can he save a person who is Rank-A "

Saintess Amelia was stunned by Professor Mia's words. It was not that she didn't believe Professor Mia but it was just the fact that a person who would only be Rank-E or Rank-D could save a life of Rank-A .

Rather than unbelievable, how can a rank-D save the life of a rank-A If the problem is something that can't be solved by Rank-A then what can a powerless Rank-D do

It is similar to how someone has said that an ant has saved the life of a human.

"Anyway, let's discuss this later. Can you save him"


She examined Zero carefully. Zero was beyond the definition of alive. It was better to say that Zero was dead. However, Saintess Amelia was not without a solution.

As long as certain conditions are fulfilled, even bringing the dead to life was possible for the Saintess.

"Is he really important to you"

Saintess Amelia asked seriously. She wanted to know whether he was worth saving using her forbidden skill.

"Yes! So much so that I would give my life for him."

Professor Mia said firmly. She believed that Zero was worth saving even at the cost of her life.

"Okay. Since you said so much. I will trust you."

[ "Divine Light Blessing: Glyph of Mystic Restoration" ]

She clenched her hands together and began chanting. A green halo appeared on Zero's body and rapidly started to restore the body that was broken down.

Slowly all the wounds and scars disappeared from Zero's body and it looked as if he was not injured at all.

Sweat slowly started to appear on Amelia's forehead. Whether it was huge mana consumption or any other reason, her body seemed to be under severe stress.

However, this skill was not considered forbidden because of those things. The cost of using the skill was the life force of the user. Using the skill would shorten the life of the Saintess.

Due to this, Saintess would always be short-lived. The Saintess who lived the longest was 40. Most Saintesses would die before age 30.

Saintess Amelia, knowing that fact, used the skill because she could feel the determination of her friend to save the boy in front of her.

After a few minutes.

"Hah…Hah… I think that is enough!"

Saintess Amelia said, stopping her spell. She had fully restored the body of Zero to its former state. No injury, no wound, it might have become even better than before.

"Now, it is up to him whether to wake up or not."

Saintess Amelia said as she fell to the floor. She has exhausted almost all her mana. Her mana stat was only around Rank-B and the spell took huge mana to use.

"Ames, are you alright"

"Hah. I-I am fine. Check on your student condition."

Professor Mia nervously approached Zero. She examined his body. Her expression brightened when she found that his body was breathing again.

A teardrop fell on the floor. She was relieved; relieved that Zero could live again.

"Wow! I never thought that even you could cry. Guess it was worth saving him."

Saintess Amelia said with a smile on her face. She never thought that her stern friend could cry like this one day.

After resting for a bit, Saintess stood again and turned toward Professor Mia.

"So, Mia. How about you tell me about your boyfriend"


Professor Mia found herself dumbfounded by Saintess Amelia's question.

Saintess Amelia believed that Zero was Professor Mia's lover.

It was not like Saintess Amelia lives under a rock. She would watch TV during her free time and have heard rumors of her friend being in a relationship with someone.

She didn't believe those rumors. She knew Professor Mia for a long time. She knows that Professor Mia had never thought about men and was only interested in becoming strong.

Saintess Amelia also heard a lot of rumors about Professor Mia dating her student which she of course brushed off as fake rumors.

However, looking at the current situation, she had changed her mind. She had never thought that Professor Mia would be willing to do so much for a mere student.

"Now, where do I even begin"

Since the immediate problem has been solved, Professor Mia didn't mind chatting with her friend. She started telling all the events that had led up to this point.

Saintess Amelia was surprised to discover the truth about Zero. In terms of talent and power, this person surpassed Hiro, the most famous of all the students, or so Professor Mia believed and told the Saintess.

Saintess Amelia knew of Hiro, who was said to have greater talent than Professor Mia. Though she never believed that.

Professor Mia was already a monster, who could be greater than her She didn't believe that, though Hiro's rank showed that he was indeed doing better than Mia Frostine.

Now, someone who she has never heard of is said to have even greater potential than those monsters. She had a hard time comprehending that information.

She also understands why Professor Mia helps Zero. Since he had also helped Professor Mia, Saintess Amelia thought that it was no wonder that Professor Mia was willing to help Zero.

"When I regained my consciousness, Ice Griffin was already dead and the portal was open again."

Saintess Amelia didn't know that Professor Mia was trapped inside the Gate. She was surprised that her friend had made a breakthrough to Rank-S -.

But even more so by knowing that someone in Rank-D had managed to slay Ice Griffin.

( Maybe I should not have saved him. No, no, he is someone precious to Mia. I will trust her decision for now. )

She was having an extra thought about saving Zero. She still had her doubts that Zero was a Devil Contractor.

She thought having such a talented Devil Contractor would be disastrous for humanity's future. However, she had already saved him, and listening to her friend, she decided to believe in Zero.

"Anyway, when will Zero wake up"

Zero had still not regained his consciousness even though all his body functions were working again.

"It depends on his willpower. As long as his soul has refused to disappear, he should be able to wake up again."

While Saintess Amelia said that, she knows how difficult that was. Refusing to disappear was more difficult than anything.

Rather than living in nothingness alone, it was better to disappear into nothingness.

( I hope you don't disappoint her. )-

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