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Parallel Memory Chapter 157 Enacting Plan

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Chapter 157 Enacting Plan

"Hehe… They really like messing around. Vice-Principal rest assured. I will solve this problem."

Zero spoke with such confidence that the Vice-Principal decided to let Zero handle the matter regarding the scandal.

He thought that he needed to assist or at least provide some kind of help to Zero but seeing that he was so confident, he decided to let Zero handle it.

Ace Academy was not called the number one school just for show. If he used his influence and power, he could instantly make all the news disappear.

But it was not his job nor would it be going to help the student in the future. He believes that for a student to grow into splendid individuals, they need to undergo a lot of hardship.

It isn't always possible for them to support their students every time they face difficulties. They were more than willing to do anything to save their lives, but they did not want to deal with every single problem.

It was common for those who were bound to become famous to have scandals and all those things.

Students like Zero were bound to be rising stars among other people. He will always need to deal with journalists and other things.

He just wanted to wait and see how he dealt with the problem.

He didn't even want to make a big deal out of it but Professor William and other professors who were obviously on his side insisted on blaming Zero and having punishment given to him.

Some professors were just going along with whatever Professor William said while other professors were those who hated Professor Mia.

Seeing that they were adamant and also seeing this as an opportunity for him to probe the little genius, the Vice-Principal decided to hold the conference for Zero.

Regardless of the reason and whoever the professor may have been, the outcome had already been decided. He was not planning to withdraw Zero from the tournament even if Professor Williams' father came.

Among the best platforms for honing the genius' skill was the Tournament of Academies.

For Zero to miss out on that, the Vice-Principal cannot fathom the loss. Not to mention, without Zero, the strength of the Ace Academy participants was going to decrease considerably.

"Seeing that you have a plan, I would not say anything more. But if you could not accomplish it, don't worry and just get the help of this old man."

"Thank You, Vice-Principal!"

Zero bowed in gratitude.

He could distinguish who had malicious intentions and who had ulterior motives. Speaking with Vice-Principal, Zero could feel that he was truly trying to help him.

From the beginning of the meeting to talking to him, he could feel that the Vice-Principal was worried about him and was looking in his best interest.

So he was grateful and kept his word in his mind. Though obviously he didn't need Vice-Principal's help to deal with some stupid people but having a backup was always great.

After leaving the place, Zero decided to mercilessly teach them some lessons. To have disturbed his life was enough for him to label those people as his enemy.


"Haha… To think that we could have them lose their participants with just a news. You did a great service to the guild."

"Thank you for the praise. It is because of the guildmaster plan and the spy in Ace Academy that things are going smoothly according to the plan."

According to the guildmaster of Titan Storm, the journalist said. Having someone whose position is high, such as the Guildmaster, praise someone as weak as him made him feel very good.

"We should also thank those morons for helping us. Not helping their own students and thinking about dragging them down, Ace Academy sure is declining."

His eyes were filled with hidden ambition as he spoke.

"I am glad that I decided to enroll Noel at Arcane Academy. With this year being his last chance to attend the Tournament of Academies, I believe that winning would bring honor to both him and our guild."

Omar Noel was the son of the Titan Storm guild. The Guildmaster was willing to do anything to have his son Noel win the tournament.

Being able to win the tournament means breaking the long winning streak of Ace Academy.

The fame and glory won by winning the tournament will be incomparable to anything else they will do. It was their chance to rise in one fell swoop.

That's why the Guildmaster of Titan Storm is willing to do anything to achieve this goal. He was, therefore, willing to consider the Arcane Academy arrangement to deal with Ace Academy.

They were not explicitly told to kill the student or do things that would bring danger to the guild. They were just instructed to make a mess of Ace Academy if possible.

However, he didn't expect the opportunity to present himself in front of them. The problem itself was small but it was enough to keep Ace Academy busy.

To smear the Ace academy name with a student oppressing journalists was not good enough.

That's why they added another lie by having it seem like Zero had harassed some girls. They had already collected data on Zero and knew that it was not an unbelievable thing for Zero to do so.

After all, he is called 'Romeo' because of his habit of harassing girls, or so he heard from his report. So, they hired some powerless girls and had them testify to those claims.

In fact, that news had done much more to affect the Ace Academy than they initially anticipated.

They were just trying to have Zero be someone who would disturb the atmosphere of the Ace Academy.

They didn't expect that luck would be on their side and the Professor of Ace Academy would be hell-bent on having Zero out of the tournament.

Just having remembered those things, Guildmaster of Titan Storm could not help but grin. His guild was on the verge of rising to become one of the top guild.

"Haha… We are going to rise after this tournament."-

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