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Parallel Memory Chapter 158 Enacting Plan [2]

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Chapter 158 Enacting Plan [2]

The next day after Zero was called to the conference, Zero was absent from the school.

"That shameless person finally decides to hide after committing those atrocities. I would have long dropped out of school if I were him."

"Even if he has strength, he is not a noble character like us. He was bound to do something like this."

"I knew that professors would not let barbarians like him be left unpunished. I also heard that he will be withdrawn from the tournament."

"He should be! I don't know what type of underhanded tactic he used to qualify as the participant. He should have long been removed."...

The Zero haters were happily talking about how Zero has not shown up. They decided to guess that it was due to him being punished by the professors for committing the crimes.

The rumor has also spread that Zero will be removed as a participant for the Tournament of Academies.

Seeing that Zero was not present, they decided to badmouth him as much as possible.

Despite how much they hated or attempted to appear superior to Zero, one thing they had to admit was Zero's power.

As long as Zero was present, even if they exerted all their willpower, it was difficult to talk badly about him. They were scared that Zero would kill them if they did so.

So to summarize, the students proudly badmouthing Zero were nothing but cowards who took the opportunity of Zero's absence to badmouth him.

The rumor spread from one student to another and the whole Ace Academy heard it.

The Tournament of Academies is one of the most important events that is going to be held next month. People paid extra attention to the rumor related to that.

Zero as the participant was obviously someone, who many people were paying attention to.

Having Zero removed from the tournament was a big loss. It could affect the overall outcome of the tournament.

Zero was, after all, acknowledged as the second most powerful student of Ace Academy, on par with Lisanna, the number one student of Ace Academy.

Having him removed from the tournament would likely result in Ace Academy losing in the upcoming outcome.

This fact was something that even Zeros' haters find difficult to argue. Those who had seen Zero's power would acknowledge that Zero's strength was unfathomable.

The student felt that having Zero removed from the tournament was a big risk. No matter how bad the news was about Zero, they thought it was better to punish him differently.

"What do you think of this"

She solemnly asked her friends who were the main characters.

Right now, the rumor about Zero being removed from the tournament was circulating, and the main characters, being the participants of the tournament, were more worried about this than others.

"I don't think they will remove Zero. Those things are only rumors and have not been officially announced."

Lisa said. The rumor didn't seem credible to her.

Even if the whole school talked about it, unless an official announcement was made, it was pointless to believe it.

And she also thought that the rumors were highly unlikely. The tournament will not only affect the students but also the teachers.

Their reputation and resources depend on the tournament. She thought there was no way that they would be messing around with the tournament.

She knows that Zero is one of the strongest participants in the tournament. If the Ace Academy wants to win the tournament, they have to let Zero participate.

Unless the professor does not care about the tournament at all, which is unlikely.

"Really But how to explain Zero being absent It is rumored that he will be suspended from the school."

"He might be suspended but not removed from the tournament. There was no way that Ace Academy would be foolish enough to remove Zero."

Ace Academy could punish him by suspending him from school but he will definitely not be removed from the tournament unless they want to lose the tournament.

"Hmmmm… It seems reasonable!"

Sylvia thought.

"It all started with the news, right"

Hiro inquired. He was not that up-to-date on the latest rumors. He rarely paid attention to them, though he was interested in the rumors related to Zero.

He had heard that the problem that Zero was in all started during the day news reporters started appearing on the campus.

"That's right! This is all because it is alleged that Zero used force against the journalist and harassed some girls. Using his power to make several demands from them or so says the news."

Sylvia replied to Hiro.

"The news is probably a lie or something. They always tend to exaggerate things."

Hiro said. He has been on the news several times and many times the news about him would be exaggerated or a blatant lie.

"Maybe. Anyway, he is not here today. I don't know how he is planning to deal with this problem."


"Haha… Let me give you a taste of your own medicine."

While others are discussing Zero's absence, Zero was actually planning on getting revenge on the people who dared to mess with him.

To dispel the news about him, he needed to prove that he was innocent. It was more difficult to do that.

This will only get him to turn the situation back to how it was rather than take revenge on those people who dared to slander him.

Zero thought of a plan that could take care of his tarnished reputation and also get revenge at the same time. What was a way to dispel news It was to introduce even bigger news.

As long as there is a new story that is more interesting than the previous one, the previous one will be forgotten. As the owner of TwitFlick, it was not very difficult for him to spread news like wildfire.

As long as he uses his authority to promote the news that he wants, he could instantly make millions of people aware of certain things that he wants.

The type of news that is desired is obviously the bad one about the journalist that had framed him.

At the moment, most people are focused on Professor Mia, which is why the news about me has become a major deal.

As a result, the news about the people in that news would make a lot of headlines right now.

As long as I make some kind of news about the journalist and the girl who framed him, he could turn the situation around.

He ordered his information-gathering department to find out the identity and other information of the journalist who had messed with him. He specifically asked for things that would destroy his reputation.

He also told them to look at the guild behind him. The journalist's actions could be very closely connected to the guild he is in.

If the guild behind the journalist interferes or had something to do with the journalists' actions, he wanted to make them suffer.

Though Titan Storm was a Diamond Graded Guild, it didn't mean that Zero could not deal with them.

Even if exterminating them is impossible, he could at least drag their name down. There was no way he was willing to leave the guild alone if they had messed with him,

Additionally, he had to find the girls who had accused him of harassing them. Whether they were blackmailed or whether they were paid to say so did not matter, he was determined to make them pay.

Since they decided to make an enemy out of him, he decided to take his revenge on them as well. Anyone who dared to mess with him was not innocent.

Even the professor who seized the opportunity back then in the conference hall was on his revenge list. Since they had done something to anger him, he had to pay them back severalfold.

"Hehe… Let's see whether you all can maintain the same expression when I get back to you."-

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