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Chapter 161 Power Of TwitFlick! [2]

In less than a day, the news was known by millions of people.

Especially by the people of Ace Academy as they were particularly concerned about the news related to Zero.

"Looks like Zero was wrongly accused by those people. I can't believe that a journalist dared to mess with a student of Ace Academy."

One of the students bellowed.

He was angry not because he liked Zero or anything. It was just that the journalist dared to frame Zero which was equivalent to neglecting the fact that Zero is from Ace Academy.

From their point of view, it will be correct to say that Fal undermined the power of Ace Academy.

It was something that students at Ace Academy couldn't bear to handle. They were the number one school in the whole world and there was someone who blatantly dared to mess with one of the students.

"Aie ya, I have wronged Zero too. We should not have believed in them in the first place. Alas! I didn't expect there to be someone who had the guts to frame one of the Ace Academy students."

"With all that evidence, Zero's punishment is likely to be lifted."

Students still had a misunderstanding that Zero was punished by Ace Academy.

Now that the post about the victim being such a bad guy is released, they feel disgusted that they ever felt pity for them.

The news also spread among the academy's professors.

Some were glad that the problem of wanting to remove Zero from the tournament will be solved. With that evidence, Zero will likely not be punished.

They didn't need to worry about Zero being removed from the tournament.

While others were quite hostile to Zero, especially Professor William, who had a grim expression on his face ever since he had heard the news.

He believed yesterday that he had succeeded in taking his revenge against Zero who had repeatedly humiliated and taken his woman from him.

Yet he didn't expect that the next day all his happiness would be snatched away from him. He didn't expect that another news that was obviously in favor of Zero would come out.

The post had already rendered previous news useless. No one would believe that Zero had used power on the journalist.

And even if Zero used force on the journalist, what difference would it make The journalist Fal was a bully and to have him bullied was just his karma.

Nobody was going to care that Zero bullied such a person.

"Zero, don't be happy so soon. I will make sure that next time you will suffer excruciating pain."

Professor William bellows as he grits his teeth.

He knows that his plan had failed and Zero would get to participate in the tournament. He could only find another opportunity to remove him.

Even with his father's influence, it was difficult to make trouble for Zero as long as the other party did not make trouble.


"Shit! I didn't expect a boy to get so much information about me."

Fal smacked his hand angrily against the wall.

It was just a few days ago when he was gloating about his victory and how he messed with the disciple of Professor Mia. The fact that he managed to ruin Professor Mia's student satisfied him.

A few days later, the tables turned and this time it was he who was in a lot of trouble.

With all the evidence and the victim talking about Fal committing his misdeed, it will not take long for the Authority to come here to give him punishment.

If it was one or two people, then it might have been possible to use the guild name or his rank to make the rumor disappear.

But the news about all the previous crimes he committed was shown to millions of people and the evidence was all solid enough to guarantee that he would spend his life in jail.

Even his guild would not be able to save him now from The Authority.

He knew right away who was responsible for his misery. Who else but Zero would have reason to make trouble with him

He started to regret messing with Zero. It was all because he wanted to take revenge on Professor Mia that he was in a tough spot.

He should have let all his hatred fade away like many others. Now, all he can do is wait for the agent of The Authority to take him away.

Those who testified against Zero also had lots of problems due to Zero's post. They were able to make a huge sum of money a few days back by just telling some lies to the news reporter.

They didn't care about the repercussions of their actions as they didn't recognize the boy, which meant that the boy didn't belong to a big guild or be talented like Hiro.

They had no problem testifying and lying against such a person for money. They only cared about the money they received and had already forgotten about that issue.

However, today they felt the impact of their action.

First, they didn't understand what was happening when people were glaring at them. At first, it was similar to the time when the news became widespread and they gained some fame.

People will show sympathy towards them which they find funny.

But this time that attention had turned into hostility. All the people around them were looking at them in anger.

They didn't understand the reason for their behavior until they saw the news about them. The information about them was being reported in the news.

So the lie that they told previously was known to the whole world. They had lied and were about to succeed in making the life of an innocent boy miserable.

Whenever they walked outside, people would whisper to each other while glaring at them.

"Look! It's the shameless girl who tried to mislead us. Saying that a boy tried to molest them when they themselves were working in that shady place."

"I should have known by looking at the appearance of them and the boy. The boy was handsome enough to get a hundred of such girls. He didn't need to use force or anything. Alas! My sympathy led to my misjudgment."

The whisper was loud enough to be heard by the girls.

Insults are thrown right in their faces sometimes. Before they could even do anything, their reputation had already hit rock bottom.

They thought that the money that they got was not enough for them to go through this.

They regret their action but it was already too late. There was only endless suffering waiting for them.-

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