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Parallel Memory Chapter 162 Titan Storm Guildmaster

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Chapter 162 Titan Storm Guildmaster

Zero continued to have his information-gathering team keep their eyes on Fal and the girls.

He wanted them to report him if they did anything suspicious. He might even get information on the people who conspired against me.

He also had another team to keep their eyes on Titan Storm.

With Fal being in the Titan Storm guild, there was a huge chance for him to be commanded by them or may be receiving support from them when he is in trouble.

Though Titan Storm didn't seem like they were about to do something. But even if they did try something, I was not going to let them do whatever they wanted.

I already have my information-gathering department look into the people involved in making that news. I already dealt with people who were directly involved.

Now, I had to see whether it was planned by Fal or if it involved other people who were controlling the situation in the dark.

Right now, I was in plain sight while the enemy was in the dark. I have no idea who was involved in this plot apart from Fal.

I could only wait for my people to gather more information about the situation.

"Geez-! I hope they show themselves like idiots."

It wasn't a strange plot for the mastermind to show up in front of me and provoke me. That was how some villains were when their plan got wrecked.

It would be very easy for me to handle the situation if I knew who my enemy was and their motivation.

Though it was only a dream.


"Haha… So you are the person who dared to bite back."

A bear-like person laughed while speaking.

I didn't expect my thoughts to come true. The next morning, I was intercepted by the person who is the Guildmaster of the Titan Storm.

Judging by the words, it is confirmed that he was involved in the plan to make trouble for me. Looks like he came to provoke me or something like a typical idiot villain.

"Don't be happy that you have managed to escape our clutches. Whether you participate in the tournament or not, the results will be the same. My son will beat your ass in the Tournament of Academies."

Not only did he provoke me, but he also gave me some more information. That is why I appreciate more stupid enemies like him.

He didn't only come to confirm that he is my enemy but also gave me information on his motivation. It looks like he is making trouble for me because of me being a participant in the tournament.

From his word, his son is probably one of the participants in the tournament and he made trouble for me in hopes of hindering Ace Academy.

He may be a Rank-S Hero, but he is extremely stupid. I guess there is no way to look at one's intelligence stat and no intelligence stat is increased even when one ranks up.

So even the Rank-S hero that everyone enviously admires might be just as dumb as the Rank-F bandit you see everywhere.

Though I guess he has a little self-awareness as he didn't start killing me right after seeing me. He was right now in the enemy's territory which is the Ace Academy.

He would probably be killed by the Ace Academy Professors or The Authority if he killed me. To die in exchange for Rank-D was absolutely not worth it for a Rank-S hero.

Even more so when the conflict between us was small. Just ruining one another's reputation which is not a big deal.

I might be troubled by it for a bit and even Professor Mia would be affected by my reputation. However, it was not a big deal compared to killing each other or even worse killing each other's family in hatred.

The only problem that this whole ordeal has given me is making my parents worry. They have been calling me each day asking me whether I was okay.

They wanted to help me, which I refused. They persistently asked but I convinced them by telling them to give me one week to solve the problem.

Titan Storm guildmaster went away in the direction of the office of the professor after finishing his business with me.

I guess he had some business with Ace Academy to come here. He would not just come here to make trouble with me.

He would not have been allowed inside if he didn't have an appointment with Ace Academy. Although he could break through with his strength, it was not worth it if his aim was to merely provoke me.

Though I don't know why he was even invited here, I have my assumption. It's likely that Ace Academy is aware of his involvement in the problem I faced and will issue a warning to him.

Ace Academy would not interfere much with students even when they face problems. But it was a different story when people from Rank-S got involved.

I still need to know who his son is. Even though I do not hold grudges against the Titan Storm Guildmaster, I do need to teach them a lesson.

It was not my policy to let someone who messed with me be excluded from my revenge.

What could be more satisfying than to have his proud son's ass kicked by me

I would very much like to see the expression he would make when I do so.

Although it may seem arrogant to believe that I can beat anyone in the upcoming tournament, it is the truth.

I know from my knowledge of the Parallel self that the highest rank of students at the upcoming tournament would be C .

Though I am Rank-D , I believe that I am capable of defeating someone in Rank-C unless the said person was someone as talented as Hiro. If Hiro was Rank-C and had a fight with me, I might be in trouble.

With his skill and stat, fighting him at Rank-C would be similar to fighting someone at Rank-B.

Anyway, beating his son is one of the objectives of this tournament. Though I hope that he is as strong as his dad believes him to be.

If he was eliminated right from the beginning, my hopes of taking revenge will be crushed.

Soon, Zero would find out that his worries were for naught when he discovered the name of Titan Storm Guildmaster's son.-

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