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Parallel Memory Chapter 166 Challenges Before The Tournament

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Chapter 166 Challenges Before The Tournament


I didn't know what to say so I just accepted Lisanna's challenge.

Anyway, rather than fighting amongst ourselves, the first round of the tournament would need the cooperation of students from the same school, or else they might not even make it to the next round.

Lisanna seemed satisfied with my response as she went back smiling. She does not know what type of competition will be there but still thinks that she would get to fight with me.

We might fight but not unless we get past the first round. First-round is also something that Ace Academy is at a disadvantage.

Well, I will have to first see whether the rules for the first round are the same as in the novel.

Though even if the rules change, the thing that you would need to rely on in the tournament is ultimately your strength.

"Humph! How can Lisanna challenge Zero instead of me He is still in Rank-D. I think it should have been me whom she should have challenged."

Lyon said to Toby, feeling quite disappointed.

Toby can only sigh inwardly at his friend. Why should she challenge us when we can't even fight with her for a minute

He could keep those thoughts to himself as he didn't think Lyon would change his mind even after getting reminded of it.

Lyon had challenged Lisanna 20 times since the selection and the longest he was able to fight her for was 5 minutes. That was nowhere near Zero who had fought for more than an hour with her in the selection.

Though Lyon said that Zero is only at Rank-D that might be just something that we assumed. Due to the nature of Zero, he has never updated his rank unlike many who would update their rank the next day just to show off to the world.

Who is to say that Zero is not in Rank-C - like them. Though the chance is slim but Toby with his sharp institution always felt some kind of inferiority while probing Zero rank.

And he knows that even if Zero was just in Rank-D or Rank-D , they would be no match for him. Even Lisanna who was at Rank-C - could not really gain any advantage against Zero who was just Rank-D - at that time.

"Humph! I will also go and challenge him then."

Lyon said as he made his way towards Zero.

Lyon was helpless against Zero during their fight in selection. Zero didn't even struggle to make him lose. He was beaten like any other contestant at that time.

He could only blame himself for being so weak. He has trained hard in the hope that he could beat Zero and Lisanna in the Tournament of Academies and claim the championship.

Lyon was not arrogant and knows that it will be more difficult than trying to beat Lisanna. He still could not win against Lisanna, not to mention that Lisanna is not even considered the strongest person in the tournament.

But as the saying goes, if you don't believe in yourself from the start then you have already lost.

Toby can only shake his head and follow his friend.

He could not stop his friend from doing what he wanted. And it was not bad for Lyon to challenge Zero. Even if he stood no chance, at least he was working harder than anyone to achieve that goal since the selection.

"Zero, you had defeated me in the selection. Although I admit to my defeat, I will avenge myself at this tournament. You will see my new power."

Lyon said radiating confidence. He was in a new rank and compared to the difference between Rank-D and Rank-D -, the difference between Rank-D and Rank-C - is immense.

He believes that even if he can't defeat Lisanna, he at least has a chance against Zero.

Zero stood there dumbfounded.

(Have all the students turned into muscleheads )

They don't know what kind of competition it is going to be and all they care about is fighting with me.


Zero just said, feeling nothing more than annoyance at the challenges of two of the best students of Ace Academy.

Lyon waited for more words from Zero like I will see whether you are worthy or maybe something like I have already defeated you once, don't dream about the impossible but Zero has already finished his sentences with one word.

Zero began moving away from him, and he could stop getting irritated. He knows that Zero didn't mean to annoy him as even Lisanna got 'sure' as an answer but he was provoking him, unlike Lisanna.

He expects some kind of response like a challenger should receive, not like this one.

"Okay, you have finished saying what you want. Don't disturb him further."

Toby dragged Lyon who was just standing there lost in his world. Zero turned back and saw it.

Toby waved to Zero showing no intention of fighting him unlike the other two top students in Third-year.

Zero nodded.

"Oh, I was so nervous. Zero, you sure are famous for being able to make Top students challenge you."

Misha said feeling somewhat envious.

She felt nervous when Senior Lisanna came and challenged Zero. She knows about the conflict they had during the selection. She thought maybe Lisanna was trying to get her revenge on Zero.

Then came Senior Lyon accompanied by Senior Toby. Senior Lyon was a bigger problem since Zero had beaten him.

However, unlike her expectation, they were just issuing a challenge to Zero which is normal for those who acknowledge each other. She was surprised that they were challenging Zero and not the other way round.

Weaker challengers will normally challenge the strong. It surprised her. It was acceptable for Lyon who once lost to Zero to challenge him but for Lisanna, who is currently number one in Ace Academy to challenge Zero seemed inappropriate.

They had treated her like air but she was not sad or angry. It was totally normal since she was weak and didn't know them whereas both Lyon and Lisanna were super famous and strong.

"Tsk. They are just two annoyances."

Zero said with a frown.

He was feeling that they were not looking at the bigger picture. Making Ace Academy win should be the goal of every student in this school. Looks like he is the only one who has the goal of contributing to the school.

If Professor Mia heard this, she would have puked at his word. Contributing to school For the bigger picture If not for Professor Mia promising the rewards if the Ace Academy wins, Zero would not have even thought about participating in the tournament.

He will look at the bigger picture because as long as Ace Academy wins, he will get the reward from the school.-

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