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Parallel Memory Chapter 167 I AM RANK-B!

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Chapter 167 I AM RANK-B!

Misha seemed baffled by Zero's response.

Lisanna and Lyon who are both respected and admired by many students were just annoyances in Zero's eyes. The students idolized them and could not wait for them to praise and acknowledge them, while Zero despised the attention from those two.

Though she knows that Zero's fame and the number of students who respect and admire him is no less than theirs.

With the strength shown by Zero which is acknowledged as the best in the first year, even Zero had a fan base. He was not bad-looking either, and lots of girls liked him.

Zero was strong and had an attractive face and his background was not too shabby. The gold-graded guild was considered elite, and Zero was heir to it. He had everything a girl could ask for.

If not for his tendency to stay alone, many girls might have already jumped on him.


"Yo-Ho! Zero. Misha, what are you talking about"

Sylvia appeared out of nowhere and asked.


Misha said excitedly.

They hugged each other while talking to each other, totally ignoring Zero. Not that Zero mind.

Zero was surprised to see both of them treating each other like best friends. He didn't know that those two were so close to each other.

Misha and Sylvia were already life and death partners who had gone through a dreadful experience together. They both showed trust and refused to betray each other even when facing death.

So to say that Sylvia considers Misha as a friend who she can trust on an equal level as Hiro and Lisa would not be a lie.

Despite the fact that they come from different backgrounds, Misha considered Sylvia trustworthy and a good friend.

Due to them being in a different class, Sylvia does not seem close to Misha, and Zero does not pay much attention to Sylvia and Misha in recent times which had led to him not knowing this.

He was most of the time relying on his knowledge of the novel to guess the relationship between important people and would have never guessed that Misha and Sylvia were such close friends.

"Zero was being challenged by Senior Lisanna and Sr. Lyon."

Misha answered after they had finished talking.


Sylvia was surprised.

Though she found it normal after a few seconds. Zero was essentially the only student who never lost to those two.

She then glanced at Hiro and thought that even Hiro who is receiving much attention from the world does not seem like someone that they need to challenge. She knows that them challenging Zero is a rare case and they would not go so far as to challenge another first-year.

That only shows that Lisanna and Lyon treat Zero as equals. Not as their junior, but as their equal.

"Zero, what is your rank"

Sylvia asked excitedly.

She does not know the rank of Zero. Zero is still registered as Rank-D but she didn't think that rank was very convincing for a man like Zero. She knows that he is much more talented than her.

She was already Rank-D . It would be weird for Zero to be in Rank-D.

"No comment!"

Zero replied.

"Eh Why not"

"It is not wise to reveal your strength to your enemy."

"Enemy ~You surely don't mean me"

"Ahem! Mrs. Sylvia of course you are not but I don't know about the future."

Zero said.

When he said that Sylvia probably knew that he was referring to when the tournament started. Who to tell that she would not be his opponent

"You could tell me. I am no threat to you and I would not tell anyone."

Sylvia said.

She was a bit happy that Zero seemed to look at her as his opponent. Previously she thought that maybe she did not even fall into his eyes.

It is not that she thinks Zero is an arrogant person but when you see a person who could not even react excitedly to being challenged by Top-ranked.

You would definitely feel that you would be ignored by that person since that person does not seem to care about even the top-ranked whereas she was even below them.

Even so, she was self-aware of her own strength. There was no way that she could beat Zero if she encountered him.

"Definitely not!"

( Like I will believe you. )

With her mouth, Sylvia would definitely not keep a secret. With how much of a talker she is, the whole school will hear her as soon as she hears something interesting.

"~Eh! Come on, just tell us."

Sylvia asked persistently.

"Then I will only tell you two."

Zero said seriously.

Misha and Sylvia were both surprised. They didn't think that Zero would be willing to reveal his rank so easily. Sylvia just wanted to tease him a little.

They came closer since that type of information can't be heard by others.

"Listen closely. Don't be so shocked, okay"

Zero whispered to the two with a serious expression.

They nodded.


Both of them were feeling nervous for some reason. Just looking at how serious Zero was, they thought they were listening to some top-secret information. They looked at Zero and expected some kind of surprise from him.

( Is he Rank-C- or maybe Rank-C Don't tell me he is Rank-C )

Sylvia thought. She felt that with Zero's talent it might be possible. She knows how little time he had to advance from Rank-F to Rank-D. Since he could reach that rank in 3 months, she didn't think it was impossible for him to achieve Rank-C .

"I am Rank-B"

" "WHAT RANK-B!" "

Sylvia and Misha both shouted simultaneously.

Rank-B! They didn't think that anyone who is a student could reach that rank. Not to mention a first-year who is just finishing one year of studies.


Sylvia asked.

"Of course NOT!"

Zero pour water on their heads.

"Hahahaha… "

Looking at the two girls who were all serious, he can't hold it back anymore. Taking whatever I say seriously.

"Did you two really think I would reach Rank-B How old are you to believe that 5-years Haha…"

How could somebody take those words seriously Even with heaven-gifted talent and Hiro's system, it would be impossible to reach Rank B in such a short period of time.

The two girls blushed after realizing that Zero was just making fun of them. Zero's laughter only added to their embarrassment.

That's right, how can they just believe Zero They should have already known that when he said that he reached Rank-B.

( Serves you right! )

Zero thought to himself watching Sylvia. Sylvia most of the time would be the one making fun of him or teasing him. Since she had the upper hand with information about my activities during the first day of school that is me being a total idiot.

( I am a very petty man. I need to pay back every debt. )

I was very satisfied with her reaction. Who told you to play with fire You would only get burned. I finally had a chance to pay her back.

"Zero, I didn't think that you would play with maiden hearts."

Sylvia said with a sad expression.

"Haha… Serves you right! So what if I play with your heart"

Zero laughed again as Sylvia was the object of his teasing.

"Lisa, you have to avenge me."-

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