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Parallel Memory Chapter 169 Goddess Is Angry! [2]

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Chapter 169 Goddess Is Angry! [2]

"Ahem! Goddess Lisa, listen to me, I didn't really do anything to her."

Zero said.

He has already seen through Sylvia's acting. He didn't think that Sylvia would resort to using Lisa for getting back at him.

"Oh, really! Then why is Sylvia crying"

Lisa totally didn't believe Zero.

Zero has sensed that Lisa seemed to be angry at him though he has no idea why.

"No, really! I was just joking with her."

"You shouldn't joke after seriously telling us to reveal your rank."

Lisa angrily said.

"Huh How did you know that"

( I don't think I told her that. )

"Th-That That is not important! What I want to tell you is that you should not play with innocent souls like Sylvia."

Lisa changed the topic immediately. There was no way she was going to let Zero know that she was eavesdropping on their conversation. She would be too embarrassed if Zero knew.

Zero also seemed to not care about that. It was not important how she knew anyway.

"A-Ah, Yes I will be careful!"

Seeing that it was his chance to drop the matter, Zero quickly admits his fault. Whether he was right or wrong was not important, getting out of the problem was what mattered.

"Then that's good!"

Lisa said as she covered her face which was turning red.

She, earlier due to her being angry, came and wanted to scold Zero due to him making fun of them but thinking carefully, that statement was not even directed at her. How can she be angry just because of that

And she herself was to be blamed for eavesdropping. Now she was trying to act like an educator to Zero. When she realized that, she became embarrassed.


"I thought Lisa would scold Zero more for bullying me."

Sylvia said.

She was a little disappointed at the outcome. She was able to get back Zero a little but not as much as she thought.

She didn't think that Lisa had seen through her acting. With Lisa acting protective, she thought that she had managed to deceive Lisa, never expecting Lisa to play along only to get back at Zero who had fooled her as well.

Anyway, the thing about Zero bullying Sylvia was finished. Lisa stopped pursuing it, so Sylvia dropped it as well.


Misha felt relieved seeing the conflict die down.

When Lisa came, she just observed Lisa and Zero from the side. She naturally knew that Sylvia was acting and trying to get help from Lisa.

However, she didn't intervene because she was also angry at Zero. How can he turn her sincere expectation into ridicule

She also wanted to get back at Zero. Though she was ready to intervene if the matter got out of control.

While watching the two, Misha noticed Zero's change in attitude. Zero was acting nervously and answering Lisa like he was commanded by God. Maybe it is a little exaggeration to say that but he definitely looked like someone who would not disobey her.

She began to remember the rumor about those two. She has naturally heard the rumor about Zero chasing after Lisa. Nevertheless, she thought that was just something made up because she knew Zero unlike other students at that time.

But looking at the scene before her, she thought otherwise. If Zero didn't have any feelings for Lisa, it is impossible for him to change his behavior.

( But then… It's not possible. )

Misha violently shook her head. Even if Zero seemed a little different in front of Lisa, she was certain that Zero would not have any feelings for her. If he did, she would not forgive Zero.


The atmosphere reverted back to normal and Sylvia started to tease Zero. With Lisa near them, she definitely had to reiterate everything that Zero did the first time they met.

Since Misha who didn't know the details was there, Sylvia took her opportunity to explain in detail what happened embarrassing the hack out of Zero. Zero tried to stop her but Sylvia would just hide behind Lisa and continue to speak.

Zero could only endure while Sylvia made him listen to his embarrassing history.

Slowly all the participants made their appearance. The time for them to depart was close.

"I would like to remind the student to behave properly once we arrive at SpiritMeadow. You will represent the Ace Academy from now on and whatever you do will reflect on our school image."

Professor Mia said.

She was one of the professors accompanying the student to the tournament venue. In this case, it was for the safety of the students as well as to ensure Ace Academy's students don't cause problems.

Professor Mia continued for a minute.

"And stay out of trouble! Understood!"

Professor Mia lastly said.

"Yes, mam!"

The students replied.

All the participants and the teacher accompanying them boarded the school bus.

Zero was also about to board the bus when Hiro approached him.

"Zero, let us do our best in the tournament. I hope that I will get an opportunity to compete with you."

Hiro said.

"Yeah! I will definitely do my best."

Zero replied.

Zero got a different kind of feeling when challenged by Hiro. Zero, with the memory of a parallel self, knows the importance of Hiro in this world more than anyone else.

He is the main character, the one to which the world revolves. The man who would eventually become a hero.

So for that same person to challenge a person who was destined to be an insignificant character, it gave him an indescribable feeling.

Hiro smiled and boarded the bus after having done what he came for. Zion, who was behind Hiro, snorted and left.

( I will definitely make the world acknowledge me. )

Zion thought as he boarded the bus.

Zero also followed him. He was searching for a seat once he got onto the bus.

Sylvia waved at him and signaled that he should come to and sit beside her as she kept one seat empty.

Zero was about to go in the direction of Sylvia when someone dragged his hand and made him sit down. Initially, he was a little surprised by the amount of power possessed by the person who dragged him.

In addition to being dragged without him noticing, he was also unable to resist the power. There were only a couple of students who could do this to him.

He wanted to find out which student had the guts to do this to him.

And sure enough, it was not a student but Professor Mia.

"Sit here!"

Professor Mia said.

I nodded.

Anyway, it didn't matter whether he sat here or there.


Yes, countless eyes are looking at me but even if I sit with Sylvia, the result would be similar. In any case, I was used to these stares, and it was not like there was someone stupid who dared to offend me.

"MOVE! How dare you sit with her"

Oh! There was someone who was stupid. Even without looking at the person, I already knew who the person was.

Professor William. He was fuming with anger as he ordered Zero to get out of the seat. It was supposed to be his seat. How can he let others sit with Professor Mia

Zero looked at Professor William and immediately lost interest. He didn't want to argue with someone who would not listen to anything he said.

Ignoring Professor William, Zero continued to sit. It was not like Professor William could do anything to him. And with Professor Mia seated next to him, he doubts whether Professor William will even try something here.


Professor William trembled and pointed his finger at Zero unable to contain his anger.

Zero had repeatedly taunted and ignored him. He, who is respected and feared by many, has been continually mocked by this student who obviously has no background to rely on.

"Professor William, the seat is already taken. It would be best that you find another seat."

Zero responded seeing that Professor William is refusing to go. Due to him, all the students were currently paying attention to us. Even the bus could not start because Professor William was standing near me like an idiot.

Professor William also noticed the stares of others. He doesn't want to fight with a student under everyone's eyes. It will damage his fame. ( I don't think he has any. )

"Humph! Don't be happy. I will sooner or later claim what is mine."

Professor William declared and left to find another seat.

While he may be trying to sound cool or scare Zero with his words, it didn't matter to Zero. The only thing Zero knows about it is that it was just a rant from a loser.

But Zero or at least one of his personalities was a petty person. He was not willing to let Professor William continue to provoke him.

Professor William has already offended him many times. Zero stared at Professor William back with a cold glint in his eyes.

In truth, it was not very difficult for him to kill Professor William. Professor William, even with the rank of B was less powerful than the average Rank-B -. His rank was all due to potions, he himself was not that powerful.

He could kill him if he used everything in his arsenal. Despite being Rank-C -, he was still confident that he could defeat Professor William.

However, Zero hides his murderous intentions. He didn't want to ruin his life over a clown. Removing Professor William was easy but dealing with the aftermath was hard.

Professor William is still a professor at Ace Academy, and his father works for The Authority. Killing him will only get his life screwed, though it was not like he was going to let him scot-free.

"Sorry Zero! Professor William will not stop pestering me."

Professor Mia said.

She was very sorry for what she did. She knows that what she did had made the relationship between Zero and Professor William sour. Though it was already sour due to her previous actions, she escalated the problem again.

"No problem! He would have kept a grudge against me regardless of what you do."

Zero said.

He knows Professor Williams' personality well. Even without Professor Mia, he would not be kind to him.

Take Hiro for example. Professor William hates Hiro to the core just because Hiro is powerful and famous while having no background.

He, himself, stood in the same position as Hiro. Zero had a little background, being in the Gold Graded Guild, though it will not be enough to offset Professor Williams' hate.

Professor William only considers guilds with a Diamond grade and above to be noble. Anything less is probably something he considers beneath him.

It was already destined for me and Professor William to be enemies!-

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