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Parallel Memory Chapter 170 Strongest Students From Top-5 Academies!

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Chapter 170 Strongest Students From Top-5 Academies!

"You should also be careful if you encounter the ace students from Demacia Academy and Britelts Academy. Although they are weaker than Omar Noel of Arcane Academy, they are still very strong."

Professor Mia warned.

She was reminding me about certain things that I need to be careful with. Demacia Academy, also known as the Academy of Knights, and Britelts Academy, also known as the Academy of Spell, were Top-5 schools, and their students were stronger than most.

The tournament participants are already given information about the students from other Top-5 schools that are likely to participate in the tournament.

By looking at the participants of last year's tournament, people could pretty much guess who would be the strongest student of each Academy this year.

It is because the strongest student in the second year who competed in the tournament last year is very likely to be the strongest student this year.

Even though there may be some changes, listening to the rumors and analyzing student information about each academy, they know pretty much who the best student is going to be from the Top-5 schools.

The news companies also release the list of students who are likely to win the tournament. They also rank the students from the different academies according to their rank.

The prediction lists of most news organizations are similar and only slightly differ from one another. But all the top-5 students who are likely to win were the same for all news articles.

Omar Noel of Arcane Academy was ranked number one who is likely to win. Then Lisanna Lockser of Ace Academy, Adamscat Phillipower of Britelts Academy, Luciano Elderik of Demacia Academy, and Jeremy Vincent of Skyline Academy.

The students were all participants in the previous year though they didn't play any major role in the last tournament because third-year students, who were more powerful than them, were there.

But this year, they believe that those five are the strongest students. They were also considered the strongest in their respective schools as well.

From what they achieved in their previous tournament and also looking at their current progress, those five were considered the strongest in the tournament. They were all students of the top-5 Academy.

Omar Noel was considered the strongest with Rank-C which is the highest rank in the tournament. Because of Omar Noel's impressive performance in the last tournament, combined with his ranking, many were certain that he was going to win this year.

Lisanna and the other two students that Professor Mia warned were all in Rank-C. Lisanna was considered more powerful than the other two even though they were in the same rank.

The last student reached Rank-C - peak, which can be considered quite strong for a student, but not much in the tournament considering the fact other students from Top-5 schools are also in Rank-C-.

Only students from the top-5 Academy were discussed extensively. Other students didn't come close to their strengths.

Most students who are considered the strongest in other schools were just Rank-D. Rarely would there be a student in Rank-D in other schools. Rank-C - and above-ranked students were almost all from Top-5 academies.

The students who reached Rank-C - and above were less than 15 in the entire tournament. They were the ones who got the chance to win the tournament.

Nevertheless, the descriptions of those students and other outstanding students from different schools were collected and presented to the participants.

Ace Academy collected that information in the hope that the participants don't get careless while facing those students. The same things were done by other schools too.

The information about Omar Noel was particularly detailed.

Omar Noel was the opponent that would be the most difficult to beat in the entire tournament. However, if one is aiming to win the tournament, they need to face Omar Noel.

The Art that Omar Noel practices and the skill he has, were all written and explained clearly. His habit of attacking and also how good he is at planning were all written.

Omar Noel uses Spear and has Art that focuses on destruction. His attacking power is similar to Rank-B - and could easily break any defense of the same rank. It is better to avoid than suffer in a head-on clash.

It was also written that his personality is aggressive and most of the time depends on force to deal with problems. In other words, a blockhead who only knows how to use the spear.

Professor Mia talked about the tournament, what to expect, and other things.


The students could only feel envy looking at Zero who has the privilege of sitting with not only the girl who is considered the most beautiful but also the most talented.

They were glaring at the person who got to sit with beauty while they had to look at the ugly faces of their friends. They couldn't wait to drag Zero and let him feel the power of single dogs. They wanted to beat Zero until their jealousy settled down.

Though like Zero previously thought, no one was stupid to underestimate his power and do anything to him. They could only keep those negative thoughts inside themselves.

No one would implement those thoughts unless they wish to get themselves kicked in their a*s by Zero.

While listening to the warning from Professor Mia such as the power of Omar Nole and other students, Zero didn't show much emotion.

Professor Mia knows that Zero is not afraid of those students.

Compared to facing Ice Griffin, fighting with those students is nothing to speak of.

Zero had been training with her and he also got the valuable experience of fighting with Ice Griffin. It would be weird if Zero got scared away by a bunch of kids.

While the student that is called the strongest could send a shiver to any student by just mentioning their name, in front of Zero, they were just someone who he needed to defeat.

Professor Mia was anticipating a great fight from Zero. She hopes that Zero could bring in the championship and knows that she would not be disappointed by his performance.

Professor Mia didn't fully grasp the limit of Zero's power. However, based on what she saw, Zero's strength is far greater than Lisanna's and Omar Noel's. However, she was not so careless as to think that Zero could easily beat them.

They were also considered geniuses and had many tricks up their sleeves. You never know what type of strength they will show you until you face them yourself. That's why she was reminding Zero again and again.

Moreover, she was worried that Zero might go berserk like the time in the Gate. She didn't know what triggers that power and whether Zero could control it or not.

However, she would keep an eye on Zero in case something happened. She knows how powerful that power is; She, who was in Rank-A peak was pushed back by Zero at that time and even the Ice Griffin was slain by it.

The power was all well and good for Zero but it seemed that Zero could not handle that kind of power and had even endangered his life. She was not about to let that same thing happen again.

Not to mention that if other people notice the Dark Energy then Zero could be executed as a traitor by the law.

The bus went on smoothly and it would not be too long before they reached the SpiritMeadow.

The students were all looking forward excitedly as the scenery changed from forest to city.

They all had all kinds of expectations from the tournament. Some want to spread their name as far as possible through this tournament while others are thinking about the prizes that they would get from winning.


"Do you understand"

A solemn voice asked.

"Yes, mam!"

A group of students replied.

"You have to win the Tournament Of Academies. Omar Noel! You will lead this group of students and no matter what, bring the trophy to Arcane Academy."

"Hehe... Don't worry, those students are nothing compared to what I can do. Winning is absolute! I just hope that they don't disappoint me too much."

Omar Noel said.

He didn't think that winning the tournament was anything difficult. It was not only because of his arrogance but because he had already experienced participating in the tournament once that he knows the standard of the Tournament of Academies.

Last year, if not for him being ranked lower than the Ace Academy's students, he would not have lost miserably. Now that the previous third year had already graduated, there was no way that he was about to lose to anyone who was ranked lower than him.

There was a cold glint in his eyes as he eagerly waited to take revenge against Ace Academy. He was determined to humiliate the Ace Academy and redeem himself in the tournament.

"And also don't forget that student. You have to make Zero Elea humiliate himself as much as possible. Don't show any mercy to him."

Professor Frey said angrily.

She has a grudge against Professor Mia and those resentments only increased when she heard the news about Professor Mia's ascension.

Not only did Professor Mia catch up to her rank but now she has also surpassed her. How could she take it without hating Professor Mia

She always thought that she was the most talented woman, not Professor Mia. Although she could not do anything to Professor Mia, it was different for Zero.

She already considers Zero as Professor Mia's lover. She has already seen Zero together with Professor Mia during the party hosted by Sophia.

Since Zero is someone Professor Mia loves and cares about, Professor Frey directed that hatred toward Zero.

She could have her students humiliate and beat Zero in front of all the people. She could not wait to see the expression that Professor Mia makes when that happens.

She believed that her student, Omar Noel, who is already considered the strongest student in the tournament, would have no problem dealing with Zero.

Zero was someone that they didn't even bother considering a threat. Lisanna and Hiro from Ace Academy were some of the students that Professor Frey believed could pose a threat to Omar.

Lisanna was of course because she is the next student who is considered the strongest while Hiro was because of his fame. The talent shown by Hiro has alerted many higher-ups of many schools.

They don't know the extent of Hiro's power and being so talented, they of course need to be more vigilant towards him.

Though they were still confident that Omar Noel was the strongest and would not lose to anyone in the Tournament of Academies.

Professor Frey believed no one in the tournament could defeat Omar.

"Soon, our goal will finally be achieved!"-

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