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Parallel Memory Chapter 171 Popularity Of Ace Academy!

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Chapter 171 Popularity Of Ace Academy!

Our bus entered the city and made its way towards the hotel where we were going to stay.

A large crowd had already gathered before the hotel even opened its doors. Looks like it is going to be noisy for a moment.

"Look! It's Ace Academy! Ace Academy is finally here!"

"I believe that the Championship will be theirs!"

"I have been waiting for them! I can finally see their participants."

Looking outside the bus window, I saw many people who were waiting for us. Whether it be the curious citizen or the journalists.


They started to take pictures. I already feel like some kind of star looking at the atmosphere.

Maybe because of the crowd outside, some students who were not used to attention were getting nervous as they straightened their backs and kept a straight face.

Though most of the students were used to this kind of crowd. Hiro, who is always in the center of attention, is already used to this kind of crowd, and even Lisa, Zion, and Sylvia were all famous and got this kind of treatment everywhere.

They didn't even show any kind of excitement or nervousness when the bus got through the crowd.

The bus had finally reached the stop after a long period of time. I could feel my shoulder and back getting stiff. I guess I am more likely to suffer exhaustion from riding a bus rather than from training.

"KYAA! It's Lisanna Lockser!"

"WOW! She looks cuter than I expected and also a lot shorter. I can't believe she is one of the most powerful students."

"She is going to lead the Ace Academy to victory."

Outside the bus, people made a huge commotion when the students were leaving the bus especially when Lisanna came out.

Actually, I wanted to laugh a little seeing how people were calling her cute and small. She only appears small and harmless until you actually meet her on the battlefield.

She is absolutely terrifying when fighting with her. She does not underestimate others since she gets underestimated most of the time due to her appearance. Therefore, she does not get careless when fighting with any opponent.

Lisanna ignored those people and without showing any emotion on her face walked to the hotel where the participant will be staying. The hotel which we are going to stay at is for students of Top-5 Academy.

Lisanna calmly led the other students through the crowd. She is used to getting this much attention. Even though Hiro is a lot more famous than her, Lisanna being the top student at Ace Academy does get a lot of attention from others, especially the guilds who are looking to recruit her.

The sound of the crowd just got bigger when Hiro and his group made their entrance.

"Hiro Ernest is coming!"

"Hiro Ernest, the youngest to reach Rank-C -, he looks as handsome as shown on TV."

"He is definitely going to get one of the Top-10 positions. Being the first year, it would be incredible to be ranked so high."

Oh! And in the ranking of the students in the tournament by various news companies, Hiro Ernest is at number 8 most of the time. Many believe that he has incredible talent and hoped that he would get in the Top-10 of the tournament.

"Here comes the Top Student of the Golden Generation!"

The Top of the Golden Generation is obviously Hiro Ernest, Zion Maxwell, Lisa Kyelpas, Sylvia Mavis, and one other student from the Academy of Spell.

Now that I think of it, that 'guy' is as strong as Zion and becomes one of the antagonists of the novel. He should also be participating in the tournament.

"Princess Lisa is definitely the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen."

"Sylvia Kyelpas is also a beauty. Damn! Ace Academy took all the beauty. I wish I could also accompany them to class with them."

"Zion Maxwell, he is also considerably talented. If not for Hiro Ernest, he might be the most talented student of this year."

"Ace Academy should be able to win the tournament next year with such talented students."

"Huh Why not this year"

"Are you an idiot Don't you know that this year Arcane Academy has Omar Noel He is a savage beast who shows no mercy to others. If not for the third year of Ace Academy last year, Omar Noel might have won last year. This year, he is guaranteed to win."

The man who said this then sighed. He was also there to watch the tournament last year where Omar Noel severely injured multiple students.

The only good thing was that he didn't kill them due to the rules of the tournament but the students who were injured by him had many of their limbs cut off.

He became disgusted with Omar Noel after witnessing this savage act. He, himself, was very weak, and seeing Omar Noel bully other weak students reminded him of many of his unhappy memories. Omar Noel was cruel but he could not deny the fact that Omar Noel was unbelievably strong.


The people who were shouting and making noise instantly turned silent and looked at the person coming out of the bus.

Professor Mia was getting off the bus and I was behind her.

The people who were seeing her for the first time in real-time were surprised at how pretty she is. She looked 10X more beautiful than on TV.

Not to mention, due to the Legendary Elixir, she seemed to have become more beautiful than before. If her Charm was at Rank-SS before, it is definitely Rank-SSS now. Maybe the only one to have such rank in charm is Professor Mia in the whole world.

"I must be dreaming. Absolutely Gorgeous! Ice Enchantress is definitely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Huh Did you not just say that when you saw Lisa Kyelpas"

"They both are the most beautiful girls that I have ever seen."

Looking at his friend who had lost his mind, the man just slapped his forehead and continued to observe. However, he had to admit that the school with the most beauty definitely belongs to Ace Academy.

As a matter of fact, even a student who is unknown has beauty above the norm, not to mention Professor Mia whose beauty is acknowledged by the world.

Professor Mia continued to walk under the gazes of the crowd. Looks like Professor Mia is pretty used to being stared at by the crowd as well since it does not seem like she cares about their gaze.

When the crowd was mesmerized by Professor Mia's beauty, I got off the bus behind Professor Mia. Luckily it didn't seem like the crowd was paying attention to me due to Professor Mia.

Due to the scandalous news last time, some people should be able to recognize me as long as they look at me carefully. However, it does not seem like they are planning to shift their eyes from Professor Mia.

Well against Someone who is as beautiful as Professor Mia, who got the time to look at a potato like me

I would also prefer to look at Professor Mia than at myself.-

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