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Parallel Memory Chapter 177 Starting With Bad Luck?

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Chapter 177 Starting With Bad Luck

( Don't tell me I will fail due to my luck )

Zero will not pass the first round if he does not meet with any students as only students will have a token.

What's the use of killing several monsters and having such great strength in the tournament If you don't meet any students, all the power and strategy will be useless and you will not be able to obtain the tokens.

Just when Zero started to worry,

"Hehe, hand over the token and we might spare you!"

A group of students suddenly appeared in front of him.

"We won't hurt you out of respect for Ace Academy. But if you dare to refuse our mercy, don't blame us for going overboard."

They were a cautious group of students who would only attack someone when they had an absolute advantage.

Fortunately, they were instantly able to group up and the number of teammates increased to five. They had enough numbers and were waiting for a chance to steal the token.

They were hiding and were ready to ambush others when they felt Zero's presence. Initially, they were alerted by the fact that Zero was wearing the school uniform of Ace Academy.

Ace Academy was the number one school in the world and all the students there were significantly stronger than the participants in their school. They would have been scared if they had encountered him alone.

But they were soon relieved to see that only one student was coming toward them.

Fiay Ziao was Rank-D - which was the highest rank among the students present in that group. He was the leader of that group and the one who had decided to ambush Zero.

They thought that Zero would be hopeless in front of five of them and would quietly hand over the token.

However, contrary to their expectations, right now, Zero was genuinely smiling with happiness.

Zero never thought that one day he would be happy to meet people who would be threatening him. Zero found hope in them. Not seeing a single participant had really worried Zero to death.


Zero was so happy that his voice involuntarily escaped from his mouth.

The person named Fiay Ziao's eyes were bloodshot as he angrily said.

"Ignorant brat! Out of respect for Ace Academy, I was going to spare you. But you dare to laugh at us. Guys beat him up!"

Fiay Zaio thought that Zero was underestimating and mocking them. He thought that even when they outnumbered him, Zero had the audacity to laugh at them and not take them seriously.

He didn't like Top-5 Academy students because their students would show direct contempt and make fun of other schools. They also take the most resources which he thinks has led to him not getting enough resources from the school even though he is so talented.

His friend seemed reluctant. They were not afraid of Zero but they knew which school he belonged to. They thought that if they beat Zero up, then the next time they meet Ace Academy students, they would be screwed. Still, they listened to their leader as he was the one to make decisions in that group.

The students approach with various feelings such as worry and fear.

On the other hand, Zero was happily looking at the participants making their way toward him. He only sees them for their token and nothing else.

Already, he sensed that the strongest student was only at Rank-D -, while other students were all at Rank-E . They were nothing more than students gifting their tokens to him.

"Don't blame us kid! It is the rules of the tournament after all."

One of the students said. He then threw a straight punch at Zero's face. The air in the atmosphere seemed to be pushed back by the power of his punch.

Zero was still smiling like an idiot even when a punch was making its way to his face.


Fiay Zaio and his friends thought that Zero would be knocked out by the punch.

However, the next second they found that their friend's wrist was yanked behind his back.



Zero then instantly knocks out the guy by striking his neck.

Fiay and his friend were completely stunned by this. They clearly saw their friend punch Zero but instantly it was their friend who was knocked out.

( How did he do that )

( He is damn fast! We have provoked a strong person! )

They could not see how Zero did that because of how fast he was. But one thing that they knew was that Zero was strong. Unbelievably Strong!

Fiay Zaio gnashed his teeth and took out his sword.

"Snap out of it! He is only one man. Even if he is strong, there is no way they can defeat all of us."

The men nodded at his words and displayed their weapons.

Zero raised his hand, signaling them to stop.

"Give me all your tokens and I will not bother you all."

"Hehehe… Scared now"

Fiay mocked.

"Scare Hardly! I am merely warning you and giving you a chance."

Zero said.

His voice was calm and there was no panic on his face.

"Don't listen to his words. He is just shamelessly boasting!"

"Attack! Show him our power!"

Fiay ordered.


Brandishing their weapon, they charged forward at the same time.

"Kid, if you give us your tokens then we might consider letting you go."

Fiay gained more confidence as he talked. Fiay had almost completely forgotten about the power Zero had shown earlier.



Zero shouted.

Zero unleashed his mana aura and the mana in the surrounding changed. The four participants who were charging forward felt immense pressure on their backs and they all fell down.


They were just average students with Rank-E and Rank-D - which was way lower than Zero's rank. Not to mention, even among the same rank, Zero's mana aura is far superior.

The four students felt suffocated and were even struggling to raise their heads.

"Th-This is…"

The four students all shuddered and watched Zero in horror. A dense mana aura emanated from Zero, making them feel utter dread and even robbing them of any will to fight back.

They finally thought of something that just added to their fear.


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