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Parallel Memory Chapter 182 Academy War! [2]

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Chapter 182 Academy War! [2]

Omar Noel became fed up with waiting for them to surrender and started to take the matter into his own hand.

Omar Noel unleashed his mana aura with his bloodlust, which was directed at all the students, including his own allies.

He wanted to show his dominance to both his enemy and allies. To make them realize who he was.

Weak-willed students started to collapse in fear. Even those in Rank-C felt dread in front of Omar Noel's display of power.

Subconsciously, Lisanna and their group took a step back. In contrast, Omar Noel slowly made his way toward them.

Omar Noel was one man, yet he alone instilled complete fear in all the students that were present there. Even Hiro Ernest and his friend felt the threat from the aura emitted by Omar Noel.

"For how long do you intend to continue to resist Just hand over the tokens and be done with it!"

Omar Noel demanded.

Lisanna and Adamscat gnashed their teeth in silence.

While handing over the tokens might give them the chance to advance to the next round but for the Top Academy to surrender was a total humiliation. The same was true for Britelts Academy. Being in Top-5 Academy, how can they give up before even fighting

They would be mocked by everyone for their cowardice. Giving up was more shameful than losing the battle.

They had to fight!

"Omar Noel, it is better we take a step back and reconsider the situation. We would be willing to give you half of the tokens that we have."

Toby said.

While it was shameful to give even half of the tokens away, it was still not as shameful as losing all the tokens or giving up. They could still maintain some kind of dignity.

"Haha… What makes you think you can bargain with this Omar Noel Just do as I say or …"

"Or What Fight"

Lyon roared.

He has had enough of this humiliation. How can he cower and avoid a fight when he is the top fighter at Ace Academy Even if he loses, he wants to lose like a man.

He took out his spear showing his determination to fight. Toby shook his head thinking that Lyon's attitude was hasty but still gave a smile because he also had enough of being humiliated.

Omar Noel didn't plan to let Ace Academy leave with dignity anyways. He should still be thinking about revenge due to last year's defeat he suffered at Ace Academy's hands.

Omar Noel sneered. He just glared at Lyon. Lyon was not strong enough to make him take the fight seriously. How does Rank-C - compare with Rank-C

It might be possible to win if the person at Rank-C - was incredibly talented or Rank-C was incredibly mediocre. But both of those statements were false here.

Lyon was talented but not to the extent of being incredibly talented and Omar Noel was not mediocre rather he was one of those incredibly talented people.

Lyon stood no chance against Omar Noel.

Lyon also knew his chances of winning were slim, but despite this he still chose to fight with Omar Noel.

He displayed an incredible aura of power that would be enough to stun most people, although, in comparison to Omar Noel, it was pale.

[ "Twin Night: Brisk Strike" ]

Lyon shouted as an incredibly powerful mana thrust containing destructive power made its way towards Omar Noel.

Omar Noel just put his spear in front of him and shot out an energy beam.


Lyon coughed out blood. Omar's casual attack not only destroyed Lyon's attack but also hit him at an incredible speed.


In the stadium, people were frantically shouting at the top of their lungs. The confrontation that they had been looking forward to has finally started.

Lyon is also famous and many people recognize him. The fight ended in one move but the hype was still high. They know that that fight was just an appetizer for the main event.

They were eager to watch the battle of the top students from the Top-5 Academies.

"Looks like one of the Ace Academy students is just about to collapse from Omar Noel's casual attack! Did he really think he would win"

Professor Frey who was in the stadium mocked and laughed at Lyon. She was trying to make Professor Mia angry.

However, Professor Mia's indifferent expression scuttled her plan. Professor Mia does not seem to feel angry at Professor Frey's words.

Professor Mia just continued to stare at the screen even after hearing Professor Frey's words.

Though her words have managed to anger the other professor from Ace Academy. They glared at Professor Frey. Professor Frey just sneered at them.

She didn't care about what other professors of Ace Academy thought, she just wanted to make Professor Mia miserable.

The professor of Arcane Academy was beaming with happiness. They were finally going to win the tournament and become the number one academy.

Omar Noel was the hope of Arcane Academy. He was someone who could help Arcane Academy achieve greatness by making them become the number 1 Academy.

They weren't stingy when helping Omar Noel grow. They used their highest quality potions and mana herbs, and even gifted one with an Art of his choice.

They wanted to recompense their effort through the Tournament of Academies for all the resources that they spent on Omar Noel.

Arcane Academy professors were all gloating at the moment. Right now, Arcane Academy is the most dominant academy in the tournament.

Omar Noel has exerted his dominance over other Top-5 academies which shows the power of Arcane Academy.


Omar Noel put his spear down and laughed at Lyon who was vomiting blood.

"Haha… An ant trying to fight with me An ant should know their place!"

Omar Noel fired another one of his attacks which was aimed at Lyon's stomach. He wanted to injure Lyon beyond healing.


However, his attack was blocked by a sword.

Lisanna appeared before Lyon in time and blocked the attack.

Omar Noel glared at Lisanna before laughing.

"Haha… So you have also decided to fight"

Omar Noel laughed.

Lisanna raised her sword ready to use her skill. With this, it was confirmed that Ace Academy was Ace was going to fight Arcane Academy Ace.

"You asked for it. Don't regret not accepting my offer."-

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